DK – Ch 320

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The Dark King – Chapter 320

It was curfew time outside. Dudian flew forward along the street as he relied on his keen senses to avoid the soldiers in advance. He came out to the wilderness and passed the whole line. It didn’t take long for him to reach the small town on the outskirts. It was a dilapidated town with soldiers who had meager salaries. Some of them dozed off while the others chatted at the entrance of the town. Most of them were lazy to control the area because of their duties on the prayer day.

Dudian was wearing a mask as he reached the butcher. He was still going to buy an ironback pig. The middle-aged butcher had long recognized Dudian. He gave the ironback pig which was slaughtered in advance to the Dudian. Butcher’s youngest son who hadn’t slept came out and saw Dudian. He almost called out in fear but was scolded by the butcher. His wife took back the child to the room. Only whispers came out from the room which naturally ordinary people couldn’t hear, but they couldn’t escape Dudian’s ears.

Dudian heard that butcher’s wife wasn’t talking about him so he was assured. He took the ironback pig and went away. The butcher was more assured that he shouldn’t expose the transaction between them. If this matter was spread out the one who would suffer would be him.

Dudian went along the river outside the town. He didn’t see any patrolling soldiers. He used the same smuggling route to get into radiation zone. However this time there were more people at the border. He looked for some time to find a gap to pass through.

After passing the barrier Dudian went to the old building.

Dudian saw splitty was sleeping on its tummy. However, the moment he entered the basement it stood up. Its scythe-like front limbs touched the tungsten steel. The tinkling sounds echoed from the iron pillars as if countless swords were hitting and scratching each other.

Dudian cut down the ironback pig into many parts and threw it inside as usual.
It took moments for splitty to finish eating. It looked down as if it was aware that there will be no more food for tonight.

Dudian was happy to see splitty act obedient. Moreover, he wasn’t using the blood from the newborn splitter that he had killed back then. It seems that splitty wasn’t relying on the smell and knew that Dudian wasn’t a stranger to it. Even if Dudian sat close to the cage it didn’t have any intent to attack him.

Dudian smiled as he sat close to the cage. Although he was aware that splitty didn’t understand him he opened his heart to it as he talked nonstop.

In the desolate night in this broken house in the barren mountain one beast and a one person whispered.

Dudian left the basement after half an hour. He went in direction of the ‘death passage.’

There was a fortress that was the small headquarter for the Knights of Light that were in the middle of the mountain and the ‘death passage’. It was meant to prevent the hunters from going into the city without permission. However, it was very difficult to stop hunters like him who had special latent abilities.

Dudian stopped far away from the fortress. He took out the telescope he made himself to observe. Everything seemed as usual and it was like the destruction caused by splitty was nothing but an illusion.

He hesitated for a while but at the end gave up the idea of taking an extra risk. He knew that if he wanted to move freely then he had to have a better background in the Holy Church.

Dudian went to another fortress as he went back. His direction was the Fort King which was occupied by the barbarians.

He spent more than an hour in a hurry to arrive close to the fortress. Along the way, he met some barbarian teams which were marching in the direction of the fortress.

Dudian didn’t attack. He couldn’t find information about the barbarians from the library. He knew very little about the barbarians and most of his knowledge was through gossip. In addition, he didn’t know the language spoken by the barbarians. That’s why even if he caught one and tortured him he wouldn’t get any results. If he had caught a barbarian with a high position and status then maybe they would be able to speak the language used in the residential area. However kidnapping such a person would be a problem.

Dudian came to a stop ten kilometers away from the Fort King. He smelled the thick smell of blood in the area. It was not difficult to see how many people had died during the war in the day. He sneaked a bit more and saw that one of the tall walls that were meant as a barrier was broken down. There were many hazy black silhouettes that walked along the gap into the fortress.

Dudian didn’t expect that the military hasn’t snatched back the fortress. Did they give up on the fort?

“Behind the fortress were the plains, which lead to living area of the commercial district. Some nobles and wealthy businessmen lived there. The military should have their final defenses over there. Once that defense wall is broken then the barbarians will flock into the area as wolves. The casualties would be difficult to count in that case.” Dudian’s eyes lit up. Although he was aware of military’s background and he knew that they should be able to hold on in the case of such an attack, but underestimating the barbarians would not be a smart move either. The first to be affected by the war would be the town at the forefront. Although it is an economically backward town in the commercial area but its population should be in tens of thousands. If the military doesn’t make a counterattack then it means that they have abandoned all those people.

Dudian’s eyes narrowed as he quietly turned to leave.

Dudian returned back to the hotel in the early morning. He called out to the coachman and went directly to the Temple.

Dudian went back to the hall to buy materials. He asked the youth behind the desk: “How much in gold do I have to pay if I don’t want to use points?”

The youth from previous time recognized Dudian even though he was still using a mask. He spoke in a polite tone: “We will give you it at discount rate. Only ten gold coins.”

Dudian said: “Give me two bottles.”

The youth smiled: “You are able to get only one thousand drops at a time. That is one bottle.”

Dudian’s brows wrinkled: “Alright, one bottle then.”

The youth thought that Dudian was acting as if he was buying a wine. He knew that Dudian didn’t have a shortage of money as he had recently come up with a new invention: “Alright, please fill in the form and I’ll make the application for you.”

Dudian filled the form, paid the money and left.

Dudian came to the 13th castle. He got off the cage and ordered the coachman to wait for him. The guard stopped him: “Hello, are you Mr. Dean?”

Dudian nodded.

“This invitation letter is meant for you.” The guard handed out the letter in a respectful manner.

Dudian looked at the envelope. He opened it and pulled out the letter from inside. He skimmed through the content. It was an internal letter and invited him to participate in a seminar after three days. The invitation was sent in advance to make sure that the architects would have a buffer time to make extra time for the seminar.

Dudian took another large bag of letters from the ground and slowly went into the castle.

Study room on the second floor of the Ryan castle.

The figures stopped before the door of the study room. One of them knocked on the door.

Sander opened the door and invited them inside. Sander was personally responsible for Old Fulin as his legs weren’t healthy anymore as his age was getting older.

“Come.” Sander smiled as he saw the three people.

All three of them were flattered: “Greetings young patriarch.”

Old Fulin sat in the rattan chair as he looked at the three: “Your friend, Dean has sent us a letter. He now lacks help. You guys have been here for a long time and have grasped the basic rituals, rules, preferences, living style, and clothing of the aristocracy. Now, Dean needs you. I hope you will be useful to him.”

Old Fulin smiled: “Go on, good luck.”

“Yes.” Barton and the other two bowed.

The trio left the study room and used the Ryan family’s carriage to leave for Dudian’s castle. All three of them were excited. Barton spoke in a low voice: “Finally, we are able to work with Dean.”

“Well.” Joseph grinned from ear to ear: “But we can’t call him Dean anymore.”

“Ah, we should call him Mr. Dean or young master. I can’t think how we would end up without his help. Most probably our lives would be no different than a pig’s if we had taken a different route.” Kroen’s eyes lit up.

Barton smiled: “You are wrong… The pigs would have much more to eat than we would.”

Joseph laughed: “Dean…oh no… We should call him Lord. He had said that he would take us to do some big business. Now he is a senior architect at the Temple of Elements. According to daily reports, he is an as bright character as a gem. We really haven’t made the wrong choice. Our future is going to be good.”

Kroen smiled: “Don’t forget the reason young master has taken us in. The first is that he trusts us and the second thing is that we are clean. You remember the things from the past… If we have an error then we may…”

Barton spoke in a serious tone: “If exposed we will be arrested or even executed. We can’t involve young master in that case.”

Joseph and Kroen patted his shoulders. Kroen said: “Look what you are talking out. Are we kind of people who will sell out our brothers?”

Barton’s expression softened: “I’m aware of you guys…”

“Well.” Joseph continued: “We should be careful. He is a rising star and other consortia’s eyes are on him.”

“Master, three people have come to see you,” Nicholas reported.

Dudian closed an envelope: “Let them in.”

“Yes.” Nicholas turned away. After a moment he returned back with Barton and the other two.

Dudian stopped looking at the letter and looked up at the trio. It has been a long time that he had seen them. They were looking totally different to their cowardly looks from the past. At a first glance, it would be very difficult to think that they had come out from the slums. However, if you looked carefully you could see their defects. Barton had pimples at his neck which were caused by radiation. Kroen’s left arm has grown up to his elbow and it was hidden under his sleeves.

Dudian knew that Nicholas should have noticed all these points. He calmly said to the trio: “Long time no see. Sit down.”

Trio noted down Dudian’s temperament. Barton called out: “De…Young master. What would you want us to do?”

Dudian didn’t correct his call. He saw that they had grown a lot and their characters were more cautious. They didn’t recklessly expose each other’s relationship: “Barton, do you believe in the Holy Church?”

Barton was startled. He didn’t understand why Dudian asked this question. He glanced at Nicholas and honestly said: “I have my doubts…”

Dudian smiled as he heard his answer. Nicholas also smiled as he curiously looked at Dudian: “From now own you are a firm believer of the Holy Church.”

“Ah?” Barton blinked his eyes.

Dudian smiled: “You will enter the Holy Church as a Knight of Light.”

Barton spoke in an embarrassed tone: “Master, I would love to but they won’t accept me…I… ”

“That’s my problem.” Dudian smiled: “You are only responsible for entering the Holy Church and making an allegiance to the system.”

Barton realized: “Master, do you want me to be an insider?”

Dudian shook his head: “No, just do what I say and nothing else. You will not know me again for a time. ”

Barton was at a loss. He seemed to understand but was perplexed at the same time. He hesitated as he wanted to ask for more details but he held back: “Alright.”

Dudian looked at Joseph: “Do you want to be a mighty general?”

Joseph was stunned: “Master, do you want me to enter the military?”

“Yes.” Dudian laughed: “You should forget about me like Barton and have good results in the military. You should concentrate on being a good general. ”

Both of them glanced at each other in a loss. They nodded: “Alright.”

Dudian looked at Kroen: “Follow me.”

Kroen nodded.


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  1. Finally! The long-term plot advances! I honestly forgot about the existence of that trio.

    Thanks for the chapters! 😀

  2. I love you guys… I have never commented up to this point, but WHOA. This novel is the apple of my eye~ I can’t wait to see how Barton and Joseph develop, and what Kroen’s gonna do!

  3. Aya! Hus laying hus fingers on bug food… Skin it first, separate the good from bad, chose to chew big ir small tgen take a bite !

  4. He spent more than an hour in hurry to arrive close to the fortress. Along the way he mate some barbarian teams which were marching in direction of the fortress.
    He spent more than an hour in hurry to arrive close to the fortress. Along the way he MET some barbarian teams which were marching in direction of the fortress.

  5. lol, I think Kroen will be his assistance in research or infiltrate the Black Church because Dean can’t attend the “party” anymore after that event.

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