DK – Ch 32

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The Dark King – Chapter 32

Noble party


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“If I’m not mistaken commission on extra material was mention to be 30 percent. Isn’t that three times our limit?”

“Temporary residence permit for ten years!”
“Wow. If I knew this, I wouldn’t have eaten and slept for the last three years to study and exercise only!”

Mason, Zach and Sham were crying out in envy.

Other children attention was attracted by their loud voices. More students came to surround them and most of them saw the terms of the contract specially made for Dudian. They were looking at contract with envy and jealousy.

Lorian who was next to the Noni wrinkled his brows: “He selected the Mellon consortium. Does this guy know something which I don’t?”

There was a bitter taste in his heart. He asked Noni: “Why is his contractual benefits so high? I was second on endurance results, third on comprehensive knowledge and there was not much of a difference with him”

Noni looked back at him, smiled sweetly: “This is always like that. The first will always have preferential treatment.”

Lorian had an ugly look on his face. He did not care much about 30 percent commission that Dudian had got but ten year period temporary residence permit in the commercial district made him extremely jealous.

“Kid, I see you are not convinced. Although your results are excellent, but this kid called Dudian had the best performance almost in every examination. We value the results of examinations a lot, the results of training’s such as stamina and endurance level are secondary. “At this time, a man standing by Noni lightly laughed.

Lorian’s face darkened when he heard him.

“Are you satisfied with the conditions in this contract? ” The elegant man representing gently asked Dudian in presence of people that had gathered over.

Dudian quickly glanced at the terms of the contract, pondered a moment, said: “It is written that every three months I have to comply with the consortium’s arrangement for a ‘scavenging’ trip. In addition, the rest of the time I have to stay in the consortium for special training. Is it possible to amend this?”

The Elegant men was surprised for a moment. He didn’t expect in the face of such rich welfare for Dudian to negotiate. He smiled and said: “If you feel to tight with the three month trip, then we can add another month. Four months are the limit”

Dudian shook his head: “Even once a month is not a problem. You misunderstood me. What I mean is I would like to have my own free time.”

Elegant man was startled for a moment. He hesitated but replied: “This has to be approved by the people above. I can’t make a decision on my own. Especially you will be the object of seed cultivation… ”

“Hey, little guy. If they can’t comply with your condition in the Mellon consortium, we can in Huasheng consortium.” At this time, another burly middle-aged man laughed.

Elegant man face slightly changed, angrily said: “Bolton, stop the foul play!”

“How I haven’t thought about it?” Another mature woman smiled: “We Green Foundation can also accept the conditions of Mr. Dean.”

Elegant man face changed, biting his teeth he spoke to Dudian: “Well, I promise you!

Dudian was relieved. In his heart he was secretly thanking the other two.

“After we go back to the consortium the contract will be modified.” Elegant man said: “I haven’t brought God’s blessing so it will be provided to you when we go back. For now stand behind me while I register others.”

Dudian nodded slightly.

Representatives of other consortiums gave up in regret as they saw the foregone conclusion. Only the burly middle-aged man hadn’t given up: “Little man, if they breach the contract when you are back in consortium, don’t lose your hope. Come over to Huasheng consortium, as my words will be effective at all times”

Elegant man looked at him angrily, “Bolton, stop with your slanders!”

The burly middle-aged man shrugged, turned and continued to draw other students.

Elegant man’s eyes fell on Mason, Sham and Zach. “You are together, right?”

Macon nodded and said: “Yes ah … erm… give us some benefits to improve the contract.”

Elegant man turned silent, helplessly said: “really can not be modified. The rules are set.”

Mason looked up and saw no other consortium to compete, to help drive up their own worth. He was disappointed, said: “Well.”

Elegant man saw through his move, can not help but be angry.

Soon, all the seven consortia and the military finished with the registration process. Each consortium led their recruited students towards the respective carriages which stood outside the school field.

Dudian opened carriage’s curtain to look the school field. This place would be imprinted in his memory forever.

“Goodbye……” He murmured.

Carriage galloped away through bustling area. The pedestrians who saw the flags inserted on the carriages quickly gave way to them for fear of blocking the movement of carriages.

A few moments later, several carriages that belonged to Mellon consortium came to stop on a busy street. Recruiter was the first to jump down the carriage to take the lead. He took them into a huge building. Eight young girls came out to greet him. Afterwards they turned towards the carriages and opened their doors: “Please follow us”

Dudian came of the carriage to the elegant man standing close to him: “Let’s go. I’ll be the one to take you through the procedures.”

Dudian went after him to keep up. Mason and other two followed after Dudian.

The other carriages were led by the girls, and followed.

“After claiming identity cards, you will be the personal of Mellon Foundation. From now on you will enjoy the Mellon Foundation’s welfare, but also will have to comply with the rules of the Mellon Foundation.” Elegant man told while they were walking on a path: “Dean, you are the seed selection of this session. There is a noble party tonight, you can come to attend. You should meet up with the upper class people who belong to our Mellon consortium.”

Dudian surprised a moment, asked: “Is it possible I don’t go?

Elegant men startled back, said: “Why?”

“I want to go back and look for my parents first,” said Dudian.

Appreciation was reflected in elegant man’s eyes: “Its understandable, but don’t be in hurry to meet your parents. This is a rare opportunity. There are lots of people who crave to participate in this party. There will be hunters too.”

“Hunters?” Dudian immediately thought back to three years ago. Fernando and the other one had taken him to hunter castle for test. It was a confidential information back then. However it now appears that although the identity of hunters and scavenger are hidden, but its limited to only ordinary people and normal guards.”

“OK,” said Dudian, coming down.

Mason spoke in envious tone: “What a luck! All the good things are falling onto your foot. I’m going to die of jealousy! ”

“You shouldn’t! When we go back, Dean should treat us for meal!” Zach suggested.

“Agreed!” Sham immediately attached.

Dudian turned a blind eye, ignored them.

“Saying, what is a hunter?” Mason curious authentic.

Elegant man smiled and said: “Let’s go into the hall”. A beautiful woman greet them over there for registration. The elegant man turned towards Dudian and said: “You come over with me”

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  1. After claiming identity cards, you will be the personal of Mellon Foundation.
    After claiming identity cards, you will become personnel of Mellon Foundation.

  2. You should check this chapter again, there are so many mistakes it was hard to read. There have been grammatical mistakes in many chapters, but this one was truly bad.

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