DK – Ch 318

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The Dark King – Chapter 318

“The price of a superior grade five-star item?” The representative of the Green consortium almost bit off his tongue as he heard Dudian’s words. He couldn’t help but say: “Mr. Dean. Did I hear it wrong or you…?”

“That’s the price. You haven’t heard it wrong and this is a one-time opportunity. Will you buy or not?” Dudian’s patience has been exhausted and he got lazy after receiving messengers from several consortia. Making business wasn’t something that could be learned from the knowledge of the super-chip and wasn’t like practicing the flexibility of his left hand.

The representative of the Green consortium smiled wryly as he saw the intolerant expression on Dudian’s face: “Mr. Dean, you are asking for a very high price. I need to go back and report it to the consortium directors. I can’t decide on it on my own.”

“There are only two ways for you to reply.” Dudian was too lazy as he looked at Nicholas: “Send the Mr. off.”

“Yes, master.” Nicholas’s attitude was respectful and his face was calm. But in his heart, he was very shocked. Green consortium, Krylov consortium and the others which controlled the entire commercial district and mainstream economy of the outer wall were begging Dudian. These were the well-known super giants and anyone who could pull a hair from their legs would get endless joy. Now all of them were very humble as they talked with Dudian. Even a fool could see the influence and worth of Dudian.

“Mister.” Nicholas turned towards the representative as there was a regret in his heart. Nicholas understood that he has made a big mistake by trying to be clever with Dudian. If he had earned Dudian’s trust then he would be a prominent character in the future too.

The representative shook his head, sighed in regret and turned away.

Dudian ordered Nicholas to get the carriage prepared after this person left. He was going to go to the Temple to receive his own senior architect medal and while at it, he was planning to get some of the necessary materials.

Conference hall. Scott consortium.

More than a dozen figures were sitting on both sides of the table. The chief was an old man who was dressed in a black costume with golden embroidery. The unique man was Chai Rostov. He was a restrained old man with a majestic temperament and was the head of Rostov family. The Rostov family was the largest shareholder of Scott consortium and had an influence in the voting of decisions.

“Are you sure?” Chai stared at Rosie.

“I have repeatedly confirmed the price with him.” Rosie continued: “He even said that this price he gave to us was because of the friendship between us. Moreover, he wasn’t planning to give this opportunity once again.”
“He is crazy!” A middle-aged man’s face was red in anger: “A price of a superior grade five-star item? Friendship? It’s craziness!”

“Too much exaggeration.” Another old man sighed and shook his head.

An elegant lady next to the old man said: “If I’m not mistaken then his age is only sixteen years old. I really admire him as he was able to continuously produce three outstanding products. But he bears such an honor at such a low age. His foster parents are still living in the residential area. It’s a pity that no one has taught him manners. I hope he won’t be depressed when the time comes that he suffers a blow… ”

“All kinds of geniuses will have their downfall.” Another middle-aged man slowly spoke up.

Chai listened to everyone’s opinion and slowly said: “Go and tell him that we will offer a normal price for a five-star item. The superior grade is impossible. It is the only opportunity that I’ll give to him.”

Rosie wryly smiled: “He will not agree, I understand him well. Moreover, I have tried but his attitude was absolute. I don’t think he is deliberately playing a price game. ”

Chai’s mouth twitched: “It’s alright then. You contact the people and get information about Mellon consortium’s plan regarding Mr. Dean. The next invention will wait for then. I assume he will give the same price to other consortia so no one will agree. Unless there is some crazy fellow out there.”

“Alright, I’ll work on it.”

The others looked at each other but didn’t continue to voice out their opinions. Although they have heard about Dudian’s attitude from Rosie but the latter was a senior architect of the Temple of Elements. Moreover, his potential was extremely high. No one dared to talk too much. After all, although all of them were part of the consortium but they belonged to different families.

Temple of Elements.

Dudian ordered the coachman to directly drive the carriage to the Temple of Elements. The driver had plugged the banner of the Temple which made them access the vast majority of the Temple with ease.

They were unimpeded along the way as they weren’t recognized. The moment they reached the hall Dudian took a mask and covered his face. He went into the Temple Hall and found an exchange point. After seven or eight minutes of selection, he found three things that he needed. Although the quality and effect were not up to his standard but he was going to cover it with weight.

Nowadays there were countless people checking him and there was a possibility that other consortia would send people to lurk around and investigate his movements. So he didn’t want to go to the Dark church to buy these things. Although the quality of the materials would be much better from the Dark Church in comparison to the Temple, but his identity would be easily exposed. Moreover, he wouldn’t be able to buy so much in quantity in the Dark Church, however with his identity as a senior architect and ‘epoch’ medal winner many doors were open to him.

“One hundred pounds for all three,” Dudian told his order to the youth standing behind the counter.

The young man who heard the names of items that Dudian wanted to buy was stunned. He asked to confirm: “One hundred pounds?”

Dudian nodded: “I’ll need them by tomorrow.”

The youth was silent. Normally people bought these things in ‘grams’ and the masked architect wanted in ‘pounds.’

“Sorry sire but these things are limited in inventory. If you want to buy a hundred pounds of each then you have to ask for your master for help. If you are buying for your teacher then please show the teacher’s medal.” The youth talked in a polite and tactful manner.

Dudian took out his own ‘epoch’ medal: “Does this count?”

The youth was startled. His eyes shrank as he was shocked: “The ‘epoch’ medal…this…this…” He loudly said in shock: “Are you Mr. Dean?”

Dudian was stunned because of his loud tone. He whispered: “Not so loud.”

The youth recovered and understood why Dudian was wearing a mask to cover his face. He laughed as his face reddened in embarrassment: “Sorry, sorry…I-I couldn’t control…Don’t mind me…I didn’t recognize you… I am sorry…”

“It’s all right. I am in a hurry so can you solve out the documents.” Dudian said.

Youth reacted and delivered the papers for the orders.

After a short while, everything was finished.

The youth put away the invoice which had ‘Dean’ inscribed on it. He knew that he wasn’t wrong about Dudian’s identity. There was only one person with the ‘epoch’ medal who was so young.

He carefully received the order for the goods: “Mr. Dean, it’s all settled now.”

Dudian nodded: “I’ll trouble you then. I have other things to do so goodbye.” He bid farewell, turned and left.

After leaving the hall Dudian returned to his own research room in the castle. He looked at the mailbox which had tons of letters: “Is there a letter for Dean?”

The Temple’s staff was surprised to see him: “Are you Mr. Dean? There are so many letters that they don’t fit into the mailbox. I’ve taken them out and have put them into another box for you.”

Dudian was startled. It seems that there were also other people who wrote letters to him. After all, he was now a celebrity. He said: “Is there an official letter from the Temple?”

“The Temple?” The staff member scratched his head: “I do not know.”

Dudian thought for a moment: “Give me the letters from this morning.”

“The ones from this morning up to present are still in the mailbox. I didn’t have enough time to clean it up.” The staff member took out a key and opened the mailbox. There were a lot of envelopes. He swept through at least hundreds of letters and bent over to check them one by one. He picked out two envelopes from the inside and gave the rest to Dudian: “This is all yours.”

Dudian nodded as he picked up the stack of envelopes. He was about to turn away when he thought of something. He took out a golden paper from his pocket and handed it to the staff member: “I’ll be troubling you. Please send the letters belonging to me to my research room.”

“Thank you, you are way too polite.” The staff member was surprised as he thanked Dudian again and again.

Dudian met some architects as he went into the castle. These people were astonished to see Dudian holding onto a thick stack of letters. One of them asked: “Are you, Mr. Dean?”

Dudian felt that he was urgently in need of an assistant who could improve his work efficiency a lot. But it was hard to find such a candidate because of the trust problem. Barton and the other two were infected way too seriously by the radiation and weren’t meant to be part of the Temple in his plans.

“It’s me, I’m in a hurry so let’s talk the next time” Dudian kindly said.

The architects gave up on the idea of catching up to Dudian.

Dudian was about to open the door to his research room when Haisong went out from another room. The latter saw Dudian and was startled for a moment. There was a bit of embarrassment on his face. He came over and smiled: “Congratulations! I didn’t expect that you will be promoted to a senior architect so soon. Congrats. Congrats.”

Dudian smiled: “I believe you will have a breakthrough soon too. I’ll be waiting for the day you will become a senior architect.” Haisong had tried to beat Dudian’s spirit on his first day in here but now they were on totally two different levels.

A trace of hope flashed through Haisong’s eyes as he heard Dudian’s ‘encouragement’: “I will.”

Dudian nodded slightly and pushed the door. He put the letters onto the ground.

Haisong paid attention to the stack of letters in Dudian’s hands. His mouth twitched as he said: “again.”

Dudian went through the letter to find the envelope send by the Temple. Although it was published in the newspaper that he was promoted to a senior architect but the Temple should have sent an official envelope. He found the envelope which had a golden cover. There was a logo of Silva covered by nine stars. IT was the official logo of the Temple. If other people were found copying this logo then the punishment would be very big.

The staff member brought a large box of letters which seemed to be sent by ordinary civilians.

Dudian was stunned as he saw the big box. There were at least thousands of letters inside.

He wryly smiled as he asked the staff member to put down the box. Dudian opened the envelope sent by the Temple. He skimmed through the content. It was written that he was promoted to a senior architect.

Dudian closed the envelope but didn’t put it on ground. He went to the castle where he was going to replace his own medal.

As Dudian went to change his new medal and an urgent message was passed to the Holy Church and the top level directors of the other consortia.



Mount Er. Burong Family. Rudolph was shocked as the butler stood in front of him: “How could that be? It has many years but barbarians were never able to capture a fortress! How did they do it?”

“Yes, master.” The butler bowed: “Today is the prayer day. It seems the barbarians were aware of the occurrence and took advantage of the opportunity to attack the fort. Now there is an emergency on the frontline. The military is sending a large number of soldiers to block the gap. The situation seems very dangerous.”


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  1. March, 13, 2017
    Novel World

    Dear Cliff Hanger,

    We know you are working very hard for your job. Day and Night you didn’t stop working. So hopefully you will take a day off.


  2. [“Do you buy or not?” Dudian’s patience has been exhausted and he lazy after…] Do you see what I mean? No improvement whatsoever after 300+ fckin chapter

  3. The novel is going downhill and lost its beauty imo, We see the same thing happening over and over for the last 100 chapters, and that is for Dean to make an invention, some people call him ‘arrogant and won’t be able to take the fall bla bla’ , he makes his new invention public and bam they’re surprised.
    Hunting/Outside wall is no longer the main subject of the novel and no longer cared about, Characters that were foreshadowed to make a huge contribution to the story are forgotten in less than ten chapters..

    Overall conclusion is that this novel isn’t going to make it for more than 400ch to lose most of its followers..

    1. I like it. He’s taking the time to build stuff. What do you want? 24/7 hunting? Nah. He’s using his past knowledge to get money and fame. It’s realistic, unlike some other stories.

      1. It’s fine that he’s building stuff but i don’t want to read how shocked everyone is every frikin time he invents(copy old designs from chip) stuff… Once or twice is ok but how long is this going to continue? I don’t want to see how shocked everyone is anymore! Just briefly go over it and be done with new invention releases in a single chapter! There are infinite number of inventions he can pump out and if every one of those takes so many chapters with so much useless repetation then i’m affraid for this novels future…

    2. I dont know why dont stard back when he was a hunter to do it invent ? He was great like a hunter , but he was from the stard a genius .I think that was the faul of the author do it Mc very late a architect , and the the gild was other problem from the stard because she dont have charm and personality .

  4. What do you want? The writer has flaws but he is making Logic. Guy has all the knowledge of 300 years ago. And he cant do it all, hunting? Cool but he already is one of strongest hunters. And don’t forget the guy is suposed to be a genius, ginius are not outstanding on physical aspects. At best they are average. Electricity, steam engine, what do you want?
    Main character to be accepted as ginius 3 days later. Fuck galileo was burned becouse he said earth was round. Einstein was misunderstood for years to defend newton laws, Nicola tesla (god on fucking earth) died poor, sick and alone in a motel room eating nothing more than cookie and milk.
    Sorry but autor is giving some reality to a fantasy history. Pretty much a hint of Alexander Dumas count of montechrist.
    Keep going dude maybe you drop maybe you create a master piece, fuck if SAO made it, you already won.
    Cheers bro.

  5. Dudian nodded as he picked up the stack of envelopes. He was about to turn away when he thought of something. He took out a golden paper from his pocket and handed to the staff member: “I’ll be troubling you. Please send the letters belonging to me to my research room.”
    Dudian nodded as he picked up the stack of envelopes. He was about to turn away when he thought of something. He took out a golden paper from his pocket and HEADED to the staff member: “I’ll be troubling you. Please send the letters belonging to me to my research room.”

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