DK – Ch 317

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The Dark King – Chapter 317

Prayer day.

Three pastors from the Holy Church boarded the high platform to begin the ritual of worship. They began to recite the words of blessings from the book of light. Thousands of words were said in a manner that was poetry like that praised the God of Light. Almost everyone knew by heart the content since every household had a book of light and every year they heard the worship prayers.

Even in the old era days things such as this were happening as people gathered as crowds in support of their religion.

People had crossed their fingers as they clasped their hands. They carefully listened to the pious prayer.

In the castle.

Dudian stood in front of the windowsill as he looked at a crowd of people gathered in groups in the nearby square in front of the castle. These people were the residents of the nearby town who had come over for the prayer. He was aware that his reputation and status hasn’t been passed to the ears of ordinary civilians yet. Today should be regarded as the second day of the last three months and the days that had the worst sales of the newspapers. However, his fame should already be spread throughout the top brass of the consortia.

After a day all these civilians and second rate nobles would be aware of his name.

In many cases, money can’t buy fame but fame can be converted into wealth, privileges, convenience and other things.

“Master, there is someone looking for you.” Nicholas respectfully said as he came to stand behind Dudian.

Dudian nodded as he had already seen through the window that an aristocratic carriage had come over. The banner of Scott consortium was plugged on top of the carriage’s compartment. It was a clear sign that Scott consortium had the best intelligence which was working more intensively in comparison to the other consortia.

He walked downstairs back into the hall. Dudian made a hand gesture for Nicholas to go out and meet the guest. Even if Scott was a large consortium right now they weren’t able to personally drive him out to meet them at the door. It wasn’t related to arrogance but majesty and etiquette.

After a few moments, Nicholas led the way while a young woman followed after him into the hall. She was slender and had expensive jewelry on her neck. She looked simple and elegant.

Dudian saw and identified her.

“Mr. Dean, it’s me, Rosie. We meet again.” The young woman saw the teenager sitting inside the hall. She took the initiative to move forward to greet him.

Dudian smiled and slowly got up. He waited for her to reach out and he gripped her hand in a shallow manner and released it afterward: “Please have a seat.”

“You have treated me very kindly each time as a guest.” Rosie smiled and sat onto the seat opposite to him. Her eyes observed the hall and she looked back at Dudian: “I like the style of your castle. It has a minimalist atmosphere which is my favorite.”

Dudian smiled: “Since you like so much then move over to live here anytime you want. I have plenty of rooms.”

Rosie was polite but didn’t expect Dudian to be so hospitable. Rather than hospitality, it could be said that he was too offensive. She quickly responded with a smile: “Well if my husband allows then I will certainly move over. It’s just I’m afraid that my temper will cause a headache to you. I wouldn’t be able to die in peace if I interfered with your inventions.”

Dudian smiled: “Miss Rosie shouldn’t have come today to look at my castle. Did you?”

Rosie giggled: “There are two different reasons. But the main one is to congratulate you for promotion to senior architect. As far as I know you are the youngest senior architect in the last 150 years of history of the Temple. Tracy was the senior architect at age nine years ago. If not for her then you would be the record holder. Even if you don’t do anything for the rest of your life, your name will be engraved with big letters in the Temple’s history.”

Dudian nodded as he was no stranger to the name Tracy. Although it has happened hundred and fifty years ago but the girl was a genuine child prodigy. She had produced two pieces of four-star items at the age of nine and was appointed as a senior architect. Unfortunately, she was suffering from a rare disease which couldn’t be cured and had died at the age of ten.

Whenever her name was mentioned people would sigh. Some think that if the girl didn’t die she would have become a master by the age of 20!

“Mr. Dean, would you be willing to sell your lightning rod to Scott consortium?” Rosie looked at Dudian.

Dudian pretended to be hesitant as he looked back at her.

Rosie’s eyes lit up as she continued: “Scott consortium is willing to offer the price of a five-star item. Moreover, half the net profits from the new textile machine would be given to you too. If there is anything else that you would need then let me know and I’ll do my best for you. We are old friends, aren’t we?”

Dudian replied: “I’ve heard that your consortium and the Mellon consortium have been competing in the mineral industry in the recent times. I presume that your consortium has infiltrated deeply into Mellon?”

There was a trace of awakening in Rosie’s eyes: “Oh, I almost forgot. The Mellon consortium had tried to frame you several times. Now as your reputation is this high then they would worry about your revenge. You can rest assured that our Scott consortium will support your to overcome the insidious ways used by the Mellon consortium to harm you. Directly they can’t even touch your hair but they may use covert ways for an attack. I’ll make sure that our consortia will pay high attention to the internal actions of Mellon against you. Moreover, we will send messages to inform you about any updates.”

Dudian nodded slightly: “Alright, we will talk about the deal when I get the news.”

Rosie was confused: “Mr. Dean, what do you mean?”

“Ms. Rosie is smart so you should have grasped the meaning behind my words.” Dudian calmly said.

“Mr. Dean, don’t you trust us? Do you mean that we have to wait until Mellon consortium makes a move?”

“I trust you, but business is business. We have to act according to the rules of business. The payment is made when the goods are delivered.” Dudian faintly smiled: “Today the message of my promotion and invention will be known to all and Mellon consortium will act. If you provide effective news for three times then you get the deal. I’ll sell the rights for the lightning rod even if I have to wait for the next year’s rainy season. You can rest assured that I’ll keep my word and won’t be involved in talks with other consortia.”

Rosie was startled as her face became stiff. She could barely laugh: “Mr. Dean if you sell the lightning rod to us now then we will begin to spread the information about it to the three areas beginning tomorrow. We will use this month to promote the role of the lightning rod and produce it. If we wait until the rainy season then I’m afraid…”

“I believe in the intelligence gathering capabilities of your consortium.” Dudian said.

Rosie wryly smiled as she saw that there wasn’t a place for further negotiations. She sighed: “Alright, I hope that Mr. Dean can keep your promise and decline the offers of other consortia.”

“I will.” Dudian smiled.

Rosie saw his smile and thought that it was not a practical deal. But she knew that she couldn’t anger Dudian or else she would be having a headache back at home. She thought for some time and slowly breathed. There was a trace of a smile on her face as she said: “I’ll believe in you, Mr. Dean. Since it is like this then I wish for a happy cooperation.” She stretched out her slender hand for a handshake.

Dudian lightly held her hand: “For the cooperation.”

Rosie continued as they loosened their hands: “I should have agreed last time for a four-star price. Because of this, I’m getting scolded back at home.” She looked back at Dudian.

Dudian calmly replied: “If you had agreed at that time then I assume you would have been scolded back then.”

Rosie sighed: “In the end, it’s my eyes that are not fit for the evaluation. Mr. Dean, don’t take offense as I’m not underestimating you, but I didn’t think that your abilities would be so amazing. ”

Dudian waved: “I don’t care about trivial things.”

Rosie smiled: “Mr. Dean I would like to pre-order your next invention for Scott consortium. No matter what you make we are willing to pay the price of a superior grade four-star item right now.”

Dudian saw the cunning move by the Scott consortium. They didn’t care much about money and deliberately used such an offer to get him signed with them. It was a business move which was more than money and wealth. It was about the face that they would get in the eyes of wealthy businessmen and the public.

“It is too low of a price.” Dudian shook his head and refused.

Rosie’s eyes lit up as she saw the determination with which Dudian refused the offer. It was a proof that there was a new idea for the invention and he was very confident about the result. She deliberately took a deep breath to make it look like she was thinking through his reply: “That being the case then we can increase the offer to a five-star item’s price. What do you think?”

“You seem to be willing to spend money.” Dudian couldn’t help but sigh. Five-star item meant millions of gold coins. It could support the whole slums for more than three decades. If the money was used for construction then the slums could be remade into the same degree as a residential district. Moreover, the Scott consortium was willing to pay such a big fee without knowing what the next invention would be.

This was the wealth that architects could earn!

This was the fame and influence that was brought to the word “genius.”

However, this money can be made only by the upper level of the commercial district. There was a serious imbalance of wealth within the giant wall. A casual businessman in the commercial district was an emperor in slums. However, it wasn’t possible to make money in the slums which population was made out of the cheap labor force. Moreover, the businessmen didn’t want to move into the slums. The fish would suffocate in stagnant waters.

“It’s still.” Dudian slowly shook his head: “too low.”

Rosie was confused.

Not enough?

Still too low?

She couldn’t help but look at Dudian’s eyes. Even with her restraint she couldn’t help but reveal what was going in her heart. Does he want the price of a superior grade five-star item?

Dudian shrugged his shoulders as he naturally read through her: “I’ll give you opportunity only this time only if you want to pre-order the invention. Pay me the price of a superior grade five-star item.”

Rosie almost choked out blood. Superior grade five stars? Also only this time? She was going crazy and wanted to beat the kid’s head. She was aware that the kid had invented three high-quality products so she controlled her anger. If it was someone else then she would not hesitate to chop off their head.

“You …” Rosie swallowed back the unsightly words that were going to come out of her mouth. She calmed her mind and controlled her temper. She slowly continued: “You… The price you mentioned is too high. Don’t be offended but the price is a bit… ”

Dudian said: “Is it the official refusal by the representative?”

I’m refusing to become a madman! She wanted to shout out but there was a smile on her face: “It is not a refusal but the money involved is too much. It’s not something that we can get.”

“It seems that you wouldn’t be able to afford it since your consortium is so poor.” Dudian shrugged his shoulders: “The opportunity is gone so don’t tell me that I didn’t intend to sell it to you.”

Rosie’s eyelids and mouth twitched at the same time. She couldn’t control the murderous intent so she bowed her head not to look at Dudian. She feared that she would spin out of control: “Mr. Dean, I’ll leave now. The next time I come over I’ll bring the news from Mellon consortium.”

“Take care! See the visitor.”

Nicholas who was standing close by approached immediately and left the hall with Rosie.

It wasn’t long before Rosie was gone that the representatives from the Huasheng consortium came over with lots of gifts.

Dudian allowed Nicholas to accept the expensive herbs and watches brought by them. He politely declined Huasheng consortium but didn’t directly refuse their offer and left a chance for future negotiations.

Huasheng consortium was very disappointed but played the same game as Rosie had done. They wanted to pre-order Dudian’s next invention. Dudian gave them the same price.

The person in charge heard the price and asked a second time to confirm that he hadn’t heard wrongly. He was stunned and had declined. Afterward, he bid farewell and left.

After the people from Huasheng consortium left the visitors from Krylov and Green consortium came over. In total five out of six consortia came to visit him. Although the Krylov consortium used to smear Dudian’s reputation because he bailed out Sergei the problem wasn’t as deep so that it couldn’t be overcome. Their main aim was to come for an apology. They were aware that it would be impossible to buy the rights from Dudian so they didn’t even go for negotiations.


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