DK – Ch 315

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The Dark King – Chapter 315

July 29th.

Cloudy weather.

Dark clouds had covered over the area within the giant wall. The weather was cold. Pedestrians had wrapped themselves in clothes as the Black Death season was ending. The members of the Holy Church were in the huge squares in the slums, residential and commercial districts. They even came over to the Temple. The members were worshiping God of Light. The second day of the August would be the first day of the annual snow season. It was a routine prayer day where civilians, nobles and high-profile members of the Holy Church amassed into crowds to pray for the protection of humans from suffering.

Several architects were busy as they built a giant steeple at the highest place of a castle which was on top of a hill. The cold wind hit their faces as their hair fluttered in the air.

“Hurry up! Hurry! Bury the wires properly!” An old man in high spirit was commanding them. It was master Eivissa.

Architects rapidly pulled the wires.

“Eivissa, do you really think this thing will work out?” Another old man who was shorter than Eivissa casually asked.

Master Eivissa slightly shook his head: “It’s hard to say at this point. We will know when the lightning hits it. Anyway, the concept that is put forward is breathtaking. Even if it fails, the invention shall be no less than a three-star item.”

“This is true.” Short man nodded: “Whoever the inventor is he has studied the power of lightning very deeply. Moreover, he knows how to use the wires as insulators. Perhaps it is the work of Bel. He has studied lightning for decades so it should be time for him to be promoted to the master level.”

Eivissa faintly smiled but didn’t answer. Bel was a friend of the short old man. Naturally, the man was going to favor the latter but in his viewpoint, it was an architect from the next generation. The problem was that there were no more than three talents who could be a candidate to produce such an invention. The only thing that made him regret was that for the past two days he had asked all his students but none of them were the inventors. Otherwise not just his student but he would come into the light because of this product too.

Rumble ~ Rumble~

Low roars of thunder echoed from the sky.

Eivissa and the short old man were startled. But their eyes lit up as Eivissa quickly said: “Everyone come back! Quickly prepare for the outcome!”

The architects made the final touches to the work and quickly retreated back. Eivissa and the old man left together to the neighboring high-rise. Both master Eivissa and the short old man were using telescopes covered in a protective plastic layer as they looked up at the gloomy dark clouds. The rain was going to pour at any minute.

A staff from the temple produced few large umbrellas so that they could use them when the rain began.

Eivissa looked back in fear. He screamed out: “Bastard! Get these things away! Do you want to kill us?”

The architects noted the mistake of the staff from the Temple. There were tension and loss in the latter’s face. They quickly approached and snatched the umbrellas from his hands and threw them back to the corridor. The umbrellas had a metal skeleton which could attract the lightning. One of the architects said in a ridiculing tone: “Idiot! Do you have the brains of a dog? How dare you bring such things out here when a lightning could strike us at any moment! Roll away and get several sets of raincoats!”

The young staff from the Temple suddenly realized his mistake. His legs trembled as he turned away and ran in haste.

After a moment, Eivissa and others put raincoats as they stood on the floor.

Rumble~ Rumble~

The lightning jumped from one cloud to the other as if it was a snake. The heaven and earth shined like in the daytime because of it.

The short old man looked at the steeple opposite to them. He whispered: “Even though that item is made out of fine iron it’s sure to split after the lightning hits it!”

Eivissa narrowed his eyes as he looked at the lightning rod.


The sound of the thunder echoed out.

The air pressure dropped as the moisture got stronger. In about seven or eight minutes Eivissa felt the coolness of the air. The first drop of rain fell and he looked up at the sky. He put on his hat as he quietly waited.

Boom! Bang!

A thick purple lightning split out from the clouds and dropped down along with the rain. It shot down and hit the metal rod at the top of the giant pole. A dazzling purple electric light burst out. It seemed like the giant pole was a hand which captured the snake from the clouds and clutched it in its hand.

Eivissa and the others narrowed their eyes as they intensely looked at the sight. Their scalp and skin were numb and they got goose bumps. Their blood boiled at the sight. They weren’t just affected and shocked be the strange image in front of them but also stimulated by the electrostatic field attached to the pole by the lightning.

The image gradually disappeared after less than two seconds. However, the giant steeple was still intact.

Eivissa and the short old man raised their telescopes to observe the iron pole. There was no trace of damage. The ground below was no different. They jumped in euphoria! They knew that the test was successful!

Boom! Bang!

Another lightning shot down and wrapped the metal road.

Once more it disappeared and the ground was still unscathed.

At this point, the rain gradually intensified as the lightning got fiercer.

Rumble~ Rumble~

The sound of thunder echoed as the lightning from the clouds was pulled down and hit the giant pole. Ordinary lightning rod couldn’t have such a possibility to attract so many bolts of lightning. However in order to verify the effect of the lightning rod master Eivissa had arranged a number of iron ores close to the pole. It would increase the probability of lightning striking down at that area. Moreover, because of the giant wall, the climate within was different than outside. The height of the clouds was generally lower within the wall rather than outside. That was one of the reasons for major natural disasters to have more effect inside rather than outside of the giant wall.

The lightning rod was unscathed after continuous thunder and lightning.

Eivissa and other observed the shining picture which happened because of the lightning. They were initially shocked but gradually immersed in the magnificent thunder and lightning. It was like they were watching a great art exhibition.

The rain lasted for more than three hours. Eivissa and the short old man stood there and looked at the rain for more than three hours. Even the best operas or musicians couldn’t force people to willingly stand in the rain and watch for three hours long.

In the castle.

The oil lamp quietly burned on the wall. Fragrant light warmed the whole hall. All the windows were closed as rain gently knocked down on the windows. Two maids quietly stood still. Their legs were hurting but they insisted. Sergei, Gwyneth, and Jin were sitting close to the sofa and eating fruits. Dudian stood in front of the window as he looked out at the rain. Although it looked clean and bright but the water on the floor was colored light black.

“Master, are you cold?” Nicholas respectfully asked as he came forward.

Dudian didn’t look back: “Thanks for coming.”

Nicholas took a small step forward.

Dudian asked: “What do you see?”

Nicholas looked outside through the gap of the window. He was puzzled: “The rain?”

“Where does the rain come from?”

“From the dark clouds, of course.”

“Where do the dark clouds come from?”

“Uh … this slave doesn’t know.”

Dudian seemed like he was lost in thought. He whispered: “What do you think? What’s the purpose of our lives?”

Nicholas’s eyes lit up: “This slave doesn’t understand the answer to the philosophical question. But this slave knows that my purpose is to serve you. Although I have offended you before for many times and my heart was rebellious but I’m an old man who no longer wants to fight. I hope you can trust me once again.”

Dudian retracted his eyes and looked at Nicholas. Nicholas’s eyes were calm and full of sincerity. Dudian took his eyes and patted his shoulder: “Go and prepare my carriage. I’ll go to the Ryan family.”

“Yes,” Nicholas replied.

Sergei and others heard that Dudian was going to go out. Jin said: “I’ll go with you.”
“No need.”

Sergei cut the fruit: “These days you have been going to the Ryan family every night and coming back at dawn. Who is the lucky lady from the Ryan family?”

Dudian didn’t reply to him as he waited for Nicholas to prepare the carriage. He put on the raincoat and got on the carriage.

He went to a butcher in a remote town. Dudian spent two silver coins and bought an iron back pig which weighed two hundred pounds. It was a high-end pig whose meat rivaled beef.

As like the last time Dudian asked the butcher to slaughter the pig. Afterward, he put the parts of the pig in the compartment. He drove the carriage to a small town hotel near the fortress and parked there. He dragged the pig through the grass outside the town. It didn’t take long for him to reach the barrier. As he had expected the patrols were looser in the rainy days. The barbarians never attacked this part of the fortress because of its terrain. There were not so many garrison members in here.

Dudian quietly passed the barrier. The weight of two hundred pounds was nothing significant for him. After crossing the barrier he quickly went towards the location where splitty was kept.

Dudian drilled into the desolate building. He opened the hole covered with the leaves and branches from the trees. He jumped into the basement with the ironback pig. Splitty was sleeping inside the cage.

Splitty looked at him the moment it heard Dudian’s movement. It ‘squeaked’ few times in excitement. Its scythe-like arms gently rubbed the cage.

Dudian pulled out a dagger as he cut the ironback pig into small parts so that he could throw them through the iron pillars of the cage.

Dudian cut the ironback pig as if he was cutting tofu. He cut it into many parts and threw them into the cage to feed splitty. After a few days, splitty’s body color looked darker than the previous color. However, the color of its shell was looking unevenly coated.

For the past five days, Dudian had brought an ironback pig to feed Splitty. He had seen it change in the last few days. Its scythes looked stronger and harder in comparison to its newborn state. However, it still looked miserable. It hadn’t grown much and its crust hasn’t transformed at all. The main reason was malnutrition and less food.

“Little guy be obedient for a few more days. I’ll kill you mother and we will be able to go outside the giant wall. I’ll let you roam around freely afterward.” Dudian murmured as he threw the pork meat.

Splitty quickly ate the pork meat in excitement. After all, it was the only meal which it had every day.

Splitty was fed and Dudian put on a raincoat. He removed the sachet from his neck. It was different from others as it was had a dry shell of blood.

Dudian rushed back to the barrier wall after leaving the basement.

Because of five days of experience, Dudian was very familiar with the route. Half an hour later he bypassed the desolate mountain. However, he saw that shadows were moving at the foot of the mountain. It was like ghosts were moving around.

There was a trace of fear in his eyes as he observed a dozen silhouettes as they moved. They had long sticks in their hands as they walked towards a different direction.

Dudian quietly looked at them: “Barbarians?” He quietly poked the grasses as he went close to the figures. He saw that all of them were tall but had a dark complexion. They looked like the tribes from India from the old era. They had collars made out of animal teeth hanging on their necks. The sticks that they held onto were made out of bones from beasts. There were fine knives on their waists.

Dudian saw that these knives were the same as the knife he had picked up back in the battlefield.

The barbarians didn’t use raincoats as the rain freely spilled onto their bodies. They didn’t seem to care about rain at all.

After a moment the barbarians reached a weedy cliff. The one in the front poked the weeds and drilled inside. The other followed the first one. The last one carefully put back the weeds. Dudian thought that if he hadn’t seen them enter the place he would never think that this place would be a barbarian den.

He gently sniffed. Although the rain would dilute the odors but he was still able to sense the smell which was a mixture of human and beast. He remembered the odor and quietly left the place.

Although people had always had hatred against the barbarians and they thought of them as enemies but Dudian didn’t have strong feelings about them. In his eyes, the only enemy were the monsters. He wouldn’t provoke the barbarians if there wasn’t a collision of interests. Moreover, his intuition told him that the foundation of the barbarians was no worse than the military.



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