DK – Ch 313

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The Dark King – Chapter 313

The Lightning department?” Eivissa was startled.

Arsen couldn’t help but smile as he saw Eivissa’s expression: “Congratulations. Although there aren’t much of items in your faction but every time a new invention is made it’s rated at least two stars. If the new work is a military item, then it is bound to play a great role in the battlefield.”

I heard Halley’s work was almost completed. I assume it’s his research. ”

Alright, I’ll come back later on.” Arsen got up.

Both of them left the castle. Arsen went back to his castle while Eivissa’s carriage went to the Temple’s hall.

Dudian returned to his castle. He ordered Sergei and Gwyneth to continued smelting tungsten steel. This time he wasn’t making a cage but preparing spears which were ten meters long. The tips of the spears had sharp shark fins. The end of the spear had a hole which would have a chain made of tungsten steel attached to it. The steel chains would be more than 150 meters long. Including the chains, every spear would weigh thousands of kilograms.

Gwyneth, Sergei, Jin, Nicholas and others were taken aghast as they saw the first finished shark spear. Its size was extraordinary, and it was the first time that they saw such a thing.

Are you going to use this for the hunt?” Sergei was shocked as he looked at the shark spear. He looked at the teenager who had come up with another extraordinary weapon.

Dudian didn’t answer as he continued to carve out the mold. It was necessary to keep the use a secret. The main reason he was making the shark spears was to hunt the adult splitter. Maybe he could use them to hunt other giant monsters in the future too. He learned from the super chip that in the middle ages of the old era some fishermen had used large spears to hunt white sharks, whales, and other marine beasts. However, the sizes were not so big, and the materials used weren’t so solid.

Sergei and the others were taken aback but continued to work.

It didn’t take long for seven thousand kilograms of tungsten steel to run out. Dudian contacted the Temple to buy another batch of tungsten steel. This time he didn’t find Eli but looked for someone else. He was worried that the other consortiums would misunderstand his contact with Eli and it would be a headache for her.

Dudian made the molds while the shark spear production continued from the afternoon until the evening. He let Sergei, Gwyneth, Nicholas, and others do the smelting. Although they didn’t have experience, but there was not much of skill involved in the process.

Dudian went back to his room as Sergei, and the others continued to melt the tungsten steel. Dudian took out a few pieces of snow paper. This was the best quality paper which was produced in this era. He poured ink into the quill pen and pondered for a while. Afterward, he began to sketch the drawings on the snow paper. The other architects would be surprised if they saw what Dudian drew. His hands were stable, and his painting was very accurate. Even Sergei and Gwyneth would have been surprised too, because not so many hunters had such fine control of power.

Dudian had long been accustomed to exercising his right hand along with his left hand. He did exercises even in the prison. The prisoners in the Thorn Flower Prison, most of the time, would abandon everything, but Dudian would plan his escape and think about a variety of hunting skills. He would exercise the flexibility of his body too. The main reason was that he believed that one day he would get out of the prison, while others were firm on thoughts of their death in the prison!

Persistence is an advantage in some situations!


A silhouette of a model gradually appeared as the pen drew on the snow paper. Only Dudian was aware of the change that this item would bring into the world. It would not completely change the world but the Temple too! It would be the first step that he would take to conquer the world!

All the snow papers were painted after a few hours. There were no alterations. All the nuances of the structure were in the details. As well as the specific roles of the various parts were explained. There was a sense of harmony to the design.

After drying them up, he put the snow papers into silk bags and placed them back in the black box.

Dudian came to a stop in front of the windowsill after he finished the design. He looked back at the training field where Sergei and others continued to melt the tungsten steel. They were not slacking so he retracted his eyes and took out the wood. Dudian continued his daily exercise of carving. Although he had been carving for a long time, there was not too much of a significant effect on his left hand.

Dudian didn’t lack patience.

The next day.

Dudian found another person and ordered another batch of tungsten steel. This time he wasn’t planning to refine a shark spear, but a crossbow. Throwing the heavy shark spear at the enemy would be impossible. To accurately hit the target, he had to use a crossbow. The structure of the crossbow was more or less same as cannons. However, it relied on ropes to pull the spear.

The best quality rope that could be found was called ‘reinforced eagle tendon rope.’ It was a synthetic rope mixed with different materials. The army used it on giant crossbows in the border war. However, that giant crossbow was trivial in comparison to the one made by Dudian. The one that army had was more traditional and could be used to kill barbarians. Often a shot would kill seven or eight people as it would pierce through their chests. However, Dudian’s aim was to shoot an adult splitter.

Moreover, the arrows used by the army were made out of wood while Dudian made everything from tungsten steel. The weight of the product was totally different from army’s item.

Dudian engraved the mold and produced the crossbow first. After the other materials had been shipped back, he put on the reinforced eagle tendon. They came back to the hill at the back of the castle to test the new spear and crossbow.


The sharp spear flew as the steel chain followed behind it. However, in about 100 meters the momentum was greatly reduced. The spear fell and stabbed onto the ground. It ran through for four or five meters before coming to a stop.


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  1. Just gonna say this, even though it’s obvious, but there’s no way you could create a ballista big enough to shoot bolts that weigh thousands of kilos lmfao. Not to mention the fact that tungsten steel probably isn’t flexible enough to be used as a bow in the first place…

  2. In fact, even if he created a cannon to shoot the giant spears… It would be practically impossible. Unless… unless he used electromagnetism… Or if he just dropped the things from orbit lol.

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