DK – Ch 312

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The Dark King – Chapter 312

Young man, do you think that by getting the ‘epoch’ medal you can have such an arrogant attitude? When the sun rises the darkness hides away. Why a war? You should work on your research and create items of the Lord. How many people can benefit from you if you spread the word of the Lord? If you focus on killing monsters then how many will benefit from it? Can’t you tell which is more important out of the two?”

I have already said that I’m going to quit being a hunter and concentrate on my research. But I hope that you don’t despise the hunter profession. If there were no hunters to go outside the giant wall and kill the monsters what would you research? Would you mind explaining me that?” Dudian asked.

Presumptuous!” The seventy-year-old man shouted in anger: “How can you speak like that without following the etiquette? No wonder, that even though you have joined the Temple, you still can’t get rid of bad habits!”

Dudian face was cold as he replied: “If you want me to respect you because of your age then act in accordance with it.”

You!” The seventy-year-old man’s eyes went wide from anger.

Well, Mr. Dean let’s not be rude! Arsen Mr. Dean is from a civilian family and has been a hunter before. It’s normal that his temper is different from yours. You should forgive him for that and don’t dwindle on it.” The previous master interrupted their talk and even advised the old man.

Arsen looked at him and restrained his anger. He coldly looked at Dudian: “Because of your remarks I will say my conclusion, that it will be very difficult for you to touch the tips of Lord’s shoes!”

In the Temple of Elements, the term ‘lord’ referred to God of Light while ‘tips of shoes’ referred to the master. The origin of the phrase was stamped a long time ago when the Temple was constructed. It was a self-deprecating and humble reference used by the masters to refer to themselves. It meant that even though they were masters, they could only see the tip of the iceberg, but weren’t aware of the whole picture. Afterward, this phrase became popular as masters began to use it.

Don’t make an early judgment as life is long.” Dudian took it lightly.

The seventy-year-old man sat back on the chair and no longer replied.

The previous master wryly smiled as he looked at both of them. He thought of Dudian’s temper, so he didn’t want to persuade him. He didn’t want to lose face because of Dudian’s sharp retorts. Moreover, he had seen many geniuses, and all of them were proud and arrogant. In this case, Dudian was undoubtedly the most dazzling one. The youngest architect to be awarded the ‘epoch’ medal. He took a deep breath: “Both of you…forget it. Mr. Dean has already agreed to withdraw from his hunter career and will no longer go outside the giant wall.”

Arsen sneered and turned away.

In addition to this matter, we have another, which is more important. The second problem at hand is the battle that is happening at the border. The continuous fighting has caused pressure on the military and the people. Representatives from the military hope that we can create new military items to defeat the barbarians completely. All of you who have been invited here had made achievements in the military field. I hope that you will focus your research on military items, either to create new products or improve the old ones.” The master smiled as he looked around the crowd.

Dudian’s eyes lit up, but he kept silent.

The masters were silent as they delved into their thoughts. The previous chunky old man touched the beard on his chin and slowly said: “I haven’t been involved with military items since the last time I created the ‘shadow bow.’ I had heard that an intermediate architect made an improvement and enhanced the item. Right now it should achieve a four-star level.”

The master (the guy who runs the circle) smiled: “Four-star item is more than enough. I didn’t expect that shadow bow would reach such a height. It is a substantial improvement.”

The chunky old man smiled and waved his hand.

The master looked at Dudian: “Mr. Dean your military crossbow is very good. It would be very helpful on the battlefield if it can be improved once again. I hope you will research it after you go back. ”

Dudian nodded: “I will.”

Well, this is the end of the meeting.” The master announced.

Everyone got up and walked by Dudian’s side. Some of them slightly nodded as they passed by him but the others directly went past without taking a look. As the master architects, they were proud and arrogant. Even though Dudian had a great potential as an architect, but unless he becomes a master, they wouldn’t make advances and make contact with him.

After all of them departed, the master patted Dudian’s shoulder: “Arsen has a bit of temper so don’t take it to your heart. I trust in your abilities, but don’t forget that etiquette has to be followed.”

Dudian knew that the man didn’t have bad intentions and could be considered as a friend.

Yes.” Dudian nodded but didn’t say anything more.

Their students met the masters that had left the council room on the first floor. They escorted them until the masters reached their carriages.

The people waiting in front of the castle made way for them to pass. Most of them looked at the glorious masters with awe in their eyes. There were more than a hundred people, but you could hear the wing flaps of the mosquitoes.

Dudian and the master came out from the castle side by side as the other masters left in carriages.

The crowd went into a stir as they saw Dudian with the master. Apparently, no one had expected the genius boy from the recent newspapers to be able to walk side by side with a master.

Dudian regretted that he hadn’t come with a carriage as he looked around the crowd.

I’ll go first. Take your time and work on new items.” The master laughed as he sat in the compartment.

Dudian nodded.

The crowd was silent until the old man’s carriage began to move, but afterward, it turned into an uproar. Everyone looked at Dudian with envy and jealousy.

Dudian dashed out as the carriage went away.

The crowd immediately reacted to catch up, but Dudian quickly ran away. The frail architects didn’t have a chance to catch up with a scavenger let alone a hunter.

Dudian came back to his own research room in the castle. He dismantled the lightning rod and packed the parts into suitcases. He directly took them out of the castle.

Dudian used the carriage to carry the suitcases back to the hall.

There were more than a dozen architects in the hall standing in line to submit their own works.

Dudian came to stand in the queue too.

Huh?” The man standing in front of him was puzzled as he saw Dudian. He was surprised: “Are you, Dean? The genius Dean?”

Hello.” Dudian politely greeted the man.

The man was pleased with Dudian’s polite attitude: “Hi, Hi, are you here to submit your new research?”

Dudian nodded.

Please, go on.” The man sidestepped as he gave his place to Dudian.

Dudian quickly refused, “No, you first.”

It’s alright. I have lots of time.”


Dudian and the man changed the position. The three people in front of them heard the man’s conversation with Dudian. The girl standing in front of Dudian was excited as she said: “I’ll change my place with you too.”

Dudian saw the primary architect medal on her chest. Such an achievement at a young age was considered an excellent result. He exchanged the places with her too.

The other two standing in front of him gave their positions to Dudian too.

Please submit your work …” The young man behind the counter turned back to get the form and saw that the youth from behind the line had appeared in front of him. He was startled but felt a bit familiar with the tender youth: “You are?”

Dudian handed over the suitcases: “My name is Dean, and this is my work.” Afterward, he handed out another folder: “There is a sketch of the design and drawings for the assembly.”

Dean…” There was another woman beside the young man. She was surprised as she suddenly remembered something: “Is it your new item?”


The woman was excited. She received the luggage and quickly handed another form. She said in a pleasant tone: “Fill in this identity table and brand it with your medal.” (I think they use medals to make a stamp)

Dudian quickly filled the form. He removed his medal and put it in the pink box on the counter. Afterward, he pressed his medal onto the form, and soon his name and pattern on his medal appeared on the form.

Assessment usually takes from one to three days. If there is a prayer day in between then, the evaluation will be delayed for one day.” The woman smiled.

Thank you.” Dudian smiled and thanked her as he left the counter. Moreover, he thanked the other four who had given their places in the queue and returned to his castle.

The woman didn’t wait for the other four architects to submit their works instead picked out the form filled by Dudian and went into a small room in the back. There was a middle-aged woman in the room. She excitedly spoke to her: “Lisa this is the new invention by architect Dean. It’s that genius Dean!”

Lisa was surprised: “Him?” She reached out to take the form from the woman’s hand. She saw the stamp on the form: “Alright, you go back.”

The woman nodded and left the room.

Lisa called out to guards to help her with the suitcases: “Carry those suitcases and follow after me.”

Yes.” The guards replied.

Half an hour later.

Lisa and guards appeared in front of another castle. They submitted the folder and suitcases to the staff at the counter.

The staff saw that the trunk of the suitcases was marked with the red logo. They knew that it meant priority over other works during the assessment.

The dining room in the ninth castle.

A slender woman sat in front of the piano and played a melody. The music was like a gurgling spring that flowed through the hall.

There was a tea table in front of the piano. Master Eivissa was enjoying tea as the seventy-year-old Arsen was sitting opposite to him.

Aren’t you annoyed?” Arsen took a few sips from the cup: “He thinks that he can look down at everyone because he got ‘epoch’ medal! Humph!”

All of the geniuses are like that.” Eivissa laughed.

Arsen was in a gloomy mood: “What genius? All of us were considered geniuses when we were young. Did we act this way too?”

There was a sly smile on Eivissa face: “It took sixty years for old Copenhagen to soar from primary architect into a master.”

It is what I’m talking about!” Arsen rolled his eyes: “Today there are primary architects who are older than 40. They burned out years ago as they have indulged in the way of nobles. All they think about is singing and dancing which confuses their minds. They are the parasites in the Temple! They should be fired!”

It is indeed a long and boring road. But there are a few who are like Copenhagen.” Eivissa exclaimed.

Arsen snorted: “Without a determination, the only result will be a failure! Like this kid. He is just too arrogant! He won’t amount to anything in a few years!”

Eivissa smiled but didn’t say anything.

At the same time, a butler came and respectfully said: “Master Eivissa there is a new invention from Lightning department. You have been asked to evaluate it.”


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