DK – Ch 311

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The Dark King – Chapter 311

Hello, Mr. Dean.”

Hello, Mr. Dean.”

Dudian met one architect after another as he passed through the slope. These people would take the initiative to greet him. After all, it has been a long time that Dudian has been a celebrity. The military crossbow invented by the teenager would make sure that he would be a senior architect shortly. Moreover, there was a trace of hope that he would become a master!

Dudian talked to them one by one and went directly towards the castle where the council was going to be held.

Mr. Dean, are you going to attend the council?” A brown haired intermediate level architect carefully asked Dudian.

Yes.” Dudian smiled and nodded but didn’t feel surprised. Although he hadn’t read today’s newspapers, but he presumed that the invitation to attend the council would have already spread throughout the Temple.

The youth’s eyes brightened with respect and awe as he saw Dudian admit to the occasion: “Mr. Dean is worthy to be called the outstanding genius of the last fifty years! I’ll walk with you.”

Although the identity of the man was same as Dudian’s, but his attitude towards Dudian was more polite than he would act towards a senior architect.

I’m flattered.” Dudian was polite as he answered to the youth.

The brown haired youth continued: “The Temple has recognized the contribution the military crossbow had made in the recent regional war. It played an important role in solving the urgent needs of the military. It is a great item! ”

Dudian kept the smile on his face, but wanted to end the conversation: “I’m flattered.” He knew that if he said more, it would be like pushing a stick at snakes. The others would rush at him without end. At this time he suddenly understood why the masters preferred to move with their assistants. They would keep the others away from them.

Soon there were about a dozen architects following after Dudian. In addition to primary and intermediate architects, there were two senior architects too. But both of them were from a civilian background. Their status was low in the Temple, and the connections they had were far less than architects from noble backgrounds.

There were approximately hundreds of figures in front of the castle where the council was going to be held. Without a doubt, they were waiting for the end of the council. The outsiders were prohibited from watching the process of the council. However, in the end, a summary would be announced by the council members. So if there was anything big that was happening, then the people could get information from the source.

Dudian’s arrival attracted everyone’s attention. The previous brown haired youth escorted Dudian as if he was his personal bodyguard.

Dudian passed through the crowd and stepped up the stairs. He stood in the front of the council’s building.

There was a primary architect at the door. He still indicated for Dudian to show his identity. After verification Dudian was respectfully invited into the building.

This was the first time Dudian had come to the council. The building was extremely magnificent and solemn. He knew that the few who could determine the fate of all architects would be sitting in the council.

A maid guided him inside the building. They came to the second floor where the meeting was going to be held.

The council was to be held in a rectangular room which was ten meters long. The items placed inside were colorful and gave a different rendering to the room’s style.

At the same time, he saw four people sitting in the room. All of them seemed to be over fifty years old as their hair had white in them. One of them even looked seventy years old, all because his hair was fully white and his skin was wrinkled.

The people who were discussing stopped and looked at him as Dudian entered the room.

Dean greets the predecessors.” Dudian took the initiative to greet them with a modest attitude.

One of the old men who had a mustache and chunky body frame stood up: “I didn’t expect the genius from the rumors was so young.”

Another one laughed: “Dean. Wait for a while as the others haven’t arrived yet.”

Dudian saw that there was no maliciousness in the person’s smile. Moreover, he wasn’t called to a seat, so he smiled and stood at the side.

The chunky old man didn’t order him to be seated which meant that Dudian hadn’t done anything wrong in their eyes. However, his identity wasn’t big enough to be seated in front of them. So he didn’t want to be rude and ask for a seat.

The ritual rules were particularly important in some places. And the council was one of them.

After a moment three people entered the room. Two men and a woman joined the other four.

Everyone is here!” The chunky man glanced at Dudian and swept through the crowd: “The council is called to discuss two things. First is the youngest genius of the temple. Mr. Dean.”

Dudian didn’t move as he quietly listened.

Dean, please come over.” The old man said in a gentle tone.

Dudian nodded and walked to stand beside the man.

It’s our first meeting. My name is Cedley Lun.” The old man smiled: “Today this small meeting is held to discuss a thing with you. We knew that you were a hunter when you joined our Temple. The latest newspapers have been focusing on your identity. Although it’s only circulated in noble circles and civilians aren’t aware of your identity, but your identity is questioned in the eyes of the aristocracy!”

Dudian’s eyes lit up as he knew that his guess was not wrong.

We hope that you can give up the hunter profession and focus on being an architect. Of course, if you want to learn or study something else then there are other hobbies such as music, poetry and so on. We are welcome to such professions and hobbies. Moreover, I have heard that you are quite talented in poetry and won the praise of master Taize. Even my granddaughter likes your poem!” Master Cedley laughed.

The chunky man added:” You are way too young and being a hunter is very dangerous. If an accident occurs outside the giant wall, it will be a loss to all of us!”

You should wholeheartedly focus on research and spread the word of God.” The former seventy-year-old man indifferently said.

Dudian smiled. He knew that the aristocrats deeply loved musicians and poets because of their art. Moreover, it would give a better aura to his identity.

Alright!” Dudian promised them: “But you should also know that Ryan family has been very kind to me in the past. Now, the Ryan family has founded the New World consortium, and had rented a passage to the outside of the giant wall. Now there aren’t other hunters under their command, so Ryan family hopes that when they can recruit new hunters, I will teach them through my hunting experience and tell them about the world outside the giant wall. They don’t need me as a hunter, and I’ll completely give up on hunting!”

Hmpf!” The seventy-year-old man snorted: “Hunter! You are a dignified architect! How can you mix with such low people as hunters? They are crazy! Haven’t you heard the proverb: “The eyes that spy at darkness will get used to it.” If you dwindle with them for a long time, you will become violent and brutal as them too. You should completely stay away from such people and focus on your research. Purify your mind!”

First of all, I don’t think my mind needs purification! Secondly, I don’t distinguish people as low and high! Finally, I have heard a proverb that says ‘light will eventually defeat the darkness.’ If the light doesn’t touch the darkness then what kind of a war are we talking about? How can light win?”



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    1. they dont hate the hunters, they just loathe them, because they are afraid of what a hunter is. an entity that is capable of kill creatures that could only be described as monsters. Cruel, violent, arrogant, and most of the time brutes.

      Isnt strange that for people who use their brains such thing is low people. Same goes for the nobles.

    2. Pick one:
      Because hunters are in a lower position.
      Because they are rumored to be violent and brutal.
      Because they know nothing about surviving outside the wall.
      Because they are weak and the weak fear the strong, even more when they cant 100% control the strong.
      Because they are idiots.
      Because they dont understand that without hunters there will be no information, resources or anything from outside the wall.
      Because its culturally correct to hate the hunters.
      Because there where cases where hunters killed nobles. (it doesnt matter if they were right or wrong, killing nobles is a `sin`, so they are sinners)
      Because something else that I didnt think XD

  1. Lol what a good liar! Only on the surface hes not a hunter. He is going after the peak of human evolution. Hunter is only the step.

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