DK – Ch 310

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The Dark King – Chapter 310

The remaining seven thousand kilograms of tungsten steel were sent to the castle as Dudian returned. He ordered Nicholas to arrange people to transport the raw materials behind the castle. As for the already melted three thousand kilograms of tungsten steel, they were stacked next to the training ground.

Dudian commanded Sergei and Jin to carry the furnace from the basement to the training field. It was a small melting pot about three meters high. He had bought it for ten gold coins from the market. Although ten gold coins weren’t worth mentioning to him, but for civilians, it was the amount of savings in the span of seven or eight years.

Sergei brought the coals that were bought by Nicholas. In the absence of electricity, they were using coal as fuel for the fire to weld steel.

“Master, why are you making such a big cage?” Jin asked out of curiosity as he saw the length of steel columns.

Dudian poured raw materials into the furnace: “It will be used as a trap to hunt monsters outside the giant wall.”

Sergei laughed as he used the blower: “It’s going to cost a lot if you are willing to use such a rough method.”

Dudian didn’t answer as he concentrated on welding.

In about an hour the cage was made. It was six meters long. Dudian had made it twice as tall as splitty’s height as he took into account its super growth rate.

Dudian engraved eight chains to the sides of the cage. He linked the chains to the cage and bent them.

Sergei and the others were curious about what type of monster Dudian was planning to hunt because of the size of the cage.

Dudian had ordered a beast carriage. This type of carriage was prohibited from entering the commercial district’s main streets. It could only move through the suburbs, because of the size of the beast that pulled it. It was a mammoth about seven meters high. It was a tamed beast, which was as good as a horse if tamed. Its nature was brutal, but because of taming them from youth they would rarely attack humans.

In spite of this, the mammoths were still prohibited from entering the main area of the commercial district. The first problem was that they were worried about losing the control over the beast. It could stampede over pedestrians as if walking over ants. The second problem taken into account was its weight. It would easily cause damage to the street pavement.

Dudian commanded Gwyneth and Sergei to put the cage onto the carriage. They fixed the cage using more than ten rough ropes and covered it with a huge black cloth.

It was dusk, and the sun was setting in the west.

Dudian sat alone as he didn’t bring the others with him. The coachman was a 30 year old middle-aged man. He was wearing strange clothing and instead of a whip, he was carrying a flute. He played a melodious song as the carriage began to be pulled by the mammoth. Dudian learned that the mammoth had a strong voice recognition ability and it was controlled through the melody.

Dudian chatted with the driver all the way. Although the other man was a small time business owner, but he had benefited a lot.

They reached the border fortress by night.

“Mr. Dean, I can only travel up to this point.” The coachman stopped using the flute.

Dudian nodded in understanding. Because of mammoth’s footprints, it would be very easy for barbarians to track them. Moreover, if the mutant beasts attacked them in a group, then the mammoth would easily fall under the attack. It would only end up as a large piece of meat source for the beasts.

Dudian jumped off the beast and showed his hunter medal.

The guard checked the medal and handed it back to him. He looked at the black cloth covering the carriage: “What is inside?”

“It’s a tool for hunting.” Dudian took off the black cloth. He dragged the cage from the carriage and gently put it on the ground. It was difficult for him as the cage weighed three thousand kilograms.

The coachman was stunned as he saw Dudian lift the cage on his own.

The guard was also surprised. There was a deep fear in his eyes as he looked at Dudian: “Please, please…”

Dudian grabbed two columns and began to carry the cage on his back. He walked out from the large gate of the fortress into the radiation zone.

Dudian walked for thousands of meters when he reached a windy area. He sniffed shortly to capture the odors. After walking for an hour, he smelled a familiar odor. It was splitty’s smell.

Dudian’s eyes lit up as he lifted the cage and walked in the direction of the smell. It didn’t take long for Dudian to reach a location where he smelled the odor that was coming off from a few miles away. Splitty was somewhere close. He paused and threw the cage onto the ground. His hands were sore and stiff. He was wearing the hunter armor from the last time which had the blood of the dead young splitter on it. The blood had stiffened, and the distribution of the smell was weak.

Dudian lifted the cage again and went towards splitty’s direction.

Many beasts had come out to hunt in the radiation zone.

Dudian met several of them on his trip and easily killed them off.

“Huh?” Dudian sensed the smell of the splitty getting richer with every passing second. He knew that the latter was aware of his existence and was closing down on him. His eyes were cold as there was a trace of tension in his heart. But he was excited too. Dudian put down the cage. After a moment, the rustling sounds echoed as a huge shadow jumped out. All of its body was like razor sharp scythes.

It was a hideous creature!

Dudian was surprised as he didn’t expect that in a time less than a day the splitty would grow up so much. Isn’t its growth rate too fast?

Splitty stood in front of the cage as its two emerald green eyes stared at Dudian.

Dudian was nervous as he couldn’t figure out the changes in the behavior of splitty. If it tried to attack him, then Dudian could only hide in the cage.

Splitty slowly moved around the steel cage.

Dudian’s heart was relieved as he saw splitty act so. He grabbed the cage and began to drag it away towards the abandoned building from the last time. Although he could trap splitty inside the cage, but he wouldn’t be able to drag it away if its weight was added. He had decided that the abandoned building was an excellent place to hide splitty.

Splitty took few steps back as it saw the cage getting dragged. However, it reacted afterward and chased after. From time to time it would raise its scythe-like arm and try to cut the cage. Dudian would be scared each time he would hear the sound issued from the metal.

Radiation clouds covered the sky as the black snow season was getting closer. The sky wasn’t visible, and neither were the stars.

Dudian was fortunate that he had a night vision.

Dudian sensed a lot of smells belonging to a variety of beasts as they moved according to the direction in his memory. But these mutant beasts seemed to be aware of splitty’s existence and lurked away from them without taking any action.

It didn’t take long for Dudian to find the mountainous area. He dragged the cage close to the abandoned building. After a close inspection, he brought the cage into the basement. However, he couldn’t take it to the second room as the passage from first room to the second was too narrow.

Dudian used the hooks on the chains to pierce them onto the ground. The place was made out of cement, but it was moist and soft. He wasn’t planning to rely on the cement which had lost its quality. Instead, he went out and cut off some trees. He cleaned their branches and sharpened their bottom. He dug out pits in the basement and buried the wooden frames in them.

Splitty was always around. It would hone its scythes once in a while as it used the cage as a practice tool.

The pits were seven or eight meters deep. He hooked the wooden frames onto them and connected two chains from each corner. Afterward, he closed the pits with the soil. He used big stones to pressure the soil.

Dudian was tired and sweating after the hard work. It was already three or four in the morning.

Dudian saw that splitty was lying on the ground and sleeping. He took out a bit of gauze from his shoulder which was mixed with blood. He sprinkled it into the cage and went out of the basement. He found the snake hole in the entrance to the basement and poked the hole with the short knife. He pulled out two sturdy soil snakes.

Dudian cut them off and carried them back to the basement.

Splitty woke up because of the smell of blood. It rolled over as it stared at Dudian.

Dudian threw one of the snakes to its front while throwing the other one into the cage.

Splitty ate the snake in front of it and went into the cage to pick the other snake to eat.


Dudian instantly closed the door of the cage and tightly locked it.

Splitty hurried back in an instant as it heard the sound of the door. It hissed loudly as it waved its scythe-like arms to hit the columns. Occasionally metal sparks would fly out.

Dudian heard its anxious call and slowly retreated. He was relieved to see that its attacks would only leave shallow scratches on the steel pillars. He didn’t expect that everything will go so smoothly.

“Squeak~~!” Splitty called up as it attacks the cage. However, there was no effect as it fiercely struggled inside the cage. The cage gently trembled as the soil on the ground cracked.

Dudian’s brows wrinkled as he saw the scene. He left the basement and after moments came back with large rocks.


He pushed the rocks onto the chains.

Splitty struggled fiercely as the other three chains violently shook.

Dudian immediately went out to bring more rocks. He pressed them to other corners. After being suppressed by the huge stones, the chain was no longer pulled out.

There was an inexplicable feeling in his heart as Dudian heard the anxious, low roar of the splitty. It seems that it was asking for help from him. He sighed as he turned around and went out. He found some leaves and covered the entrance to the basement. He hunted few mutant beasts and brought back to the basement and threw them into the cage.

Splitty began to eat them up as it detected their bodies.

After eating it made a low growl. It seemed that splitty had restored strength, so it continued to hit the cage.

Dudian turned and left the basement. He looked out at the sky. It seems that dawn was upon him. He didn’t expect that the night would go away so fast. He thought of the Architect Council that was going to be held today. He quickly went back to the border fortress.

He passed through the border without officially entering it. If he wanted to go through normal procedures, then he had to show proof from the detention center.

Dudian didn’t return to his castle, but instead took off his hunter armor and found a small pub. He ate and drank. Afterward, he directly went to the Church Mountains.

The carriage arrived at Mount Church in a few hours.

Dudian walked through the mountain path as he carried the hunter’s armor in the baggage. He went back to his research room and checked the materials inside the room. He looked at the lightning rod. Afterward, he directly went to the Temple’s hall.


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    1. At this point I don’t know if it would be better for him to have its magic marks or a trained level 68 attack mantis

      1. The manits, as long as he can say “yo…don’t actially kill that fool” ’cause, if he can’t, fools will be killed.

  2. I mean what do you expect ppl we need the worm to grow stronger right? Thats what dark king is about he didnt become the dark kind from being betrayed nor did he become the dark king bcz of torture and prison but bcz he killed slitty
    Stay tuned for the next chapters
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