DK – Ch 31

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The Dark King – Chapter 31


“It’s Lorian,” Mason said, “what’s he doing?”

His body’s color changed to blue and veins popped up all on his face. Lorian shouted in pain. In a moment, his dark complexion disappeared. It was as if with this roar, Lorian had recovered. His muscles gradually relaxed, veins were hidden. He took a deep breath and looked down at his palm. His face was a bit surprised.

Suddenly, he suddenly a squat and jumped into the sky.

“Wow!”, everyone exclaimed in surprise.

Lorian had actually leaped up two meters high!

Not his head but his feet were at least two meters high off the ground!

The silence was spread within the audience.

All were aghast looking at Lorian. They had gone through hellish training for the last three years. Although their physical condition were many times better than their peers, but all of them had limits. Jumping up for two meters was nothing but a simple nonsense.

However, Lorian had done! He had jumped and broke those physical limits.

Dudian knew that Lorian’s performance throughout the three year training was very good but was way too far from such a super physical condition.

“Is this God’s blessing?” Dudian muttered.

Sham heard his words and was stunned: “What?

At this time, the graceful woman who saw the surprise on Lorian’s face, smiled and said: “This is the blessing of God. From now on you will get a blessing every month. I hope you will make good efforts to create more wealth for the mankind by giving your best!”

Lorian was agitated. He bent on one knee and spoke in respectful manner: “For life, Lorian will be loyal to God!

The graceful woman smiled, held him up, and looked up to the others: ” Everyone will be blessed by God after joining Stirling consortium.”

After she spoke, the other children understood clearly that the sudden increase in Lorian’s physical power was due to God’s blessing. For a time, all the children were stirred up by the spectacle.

“Noni, aren’t you so kind?” said the other, a slender man, “We all supply God’s blessing! ”

Grace woman smiled: “The rules did not say that I’m not allowed to take the first step, did they?”

The other man was stifled for a moment but continued to speak out in loud voice: “Anyone who joins our Green consortium will get God’s blessing as soon as signing agreement. You will get your share when we return to consortium so do not be worried.”

Hearing this, most of the children were relieved. However the ones who were hesitating moved towards Noni to join the Stirling Foundation.

At this time, is a cry echoed.

Dudian saw a short boy standing in front of Noni. The same things that happened to Lorian, were repeated. He also jumped to reach more than two meters of height.

Children were excited by the thought of having access to such an extraordinary power.

Dudian’s heart was shocked. This time he had clearly seen the woman called Noni injecting an old-fashioned syringe. There was pink liquid inside the syringe. She had injected it into the boy’s arm which led to the latter’s physical power to rise in an instant!

God’s blessing, ah! Its clearly a genetic agent!

Dudian was shocked not that they will use gene agents called “God blessing”. But with the technology of this era, how could they produce such significant effect of genetic agents? Extraction of genes is already a nano-level technology. They don’t have microscope, electricity or precise instruments. How could they produce them?

“It’s called God’s blessing. So it must be provided by Holy Church! ” Dudian was brainstorming. He always had felt that Holy Church held great secrets. Perhaps this gene extraction technology is one of the secrets of Holy Church?

“so amazing!”

“It is God’s blessing!”

“Do you know how long it lasts?”

Mason, Zach and Sham were excited. Thought of having power beyond the ordinary person’s capability, had given them an unbelievable ecstasy.

At the bottom of his heart, Dudian was worried as he didn’t know about the side effects of this medicine. He hoped that they wouldn’t be too much.


The alchemists such as Rosyard had given their life to work on alchemy to get results such as this. It was a gene agent, in hands of alchemists it is devil’s power. Only the same thing when appeared in hands of Holy Church, it is just and legal!

“Look, it ‘s Beiwei!.”

“She has chosen the Mellon consortium!”

At this time, Zach and Sham suddenly cried, pointing towards a girl. She was same age as with them. She was tall and white. Her breasts were still budding. She had been able to seize the eyes of many boys. The most attractive thing about her was her exquisite oval cheeks.

Mason blushed and said, “What do you mean?”

Zach laughed and replied: “Come on. Why are you so shy? Don’t you like her?”

Mason stared at him, said: “Do you want to be strangled to death?”

“Geez! ” Zach look at him in contempt.

Dudian smiled. He knew the Beiwei was one of the most dazzling girls from the training camp. She was Mason’s secret crush. Dudian didn’t expect her to select Mellon consortium. He thought of Tobu’s recommendation and said: “We should choose Mellon consortium then.”

Sham was shocked: “really?

“Dean, you still think about everyone.” Zach shook his head.

Mason flushed and cast a grateful look at Dudian.

Dudian smiled and the lined up for the registration.

Soon, it was their turn.

“You are Dudian?” Elegant man seemed to recognize Dudian. There was a trace of cordial smile shown on his face: “I have read your information. The results are very good. You were first on endurance results and comprehensive knowledge. Also you have shown quite impressive performance. Especially a year ago the assessment where you had search for the materials. You were second to find all four required materials. ”

Dudian smiled and said: “Anything special for me?”

“I did not expect you will join our consortium.” Elegant man smiled and said: “With us, you will be the object of seed cultivation. I believe if you had joined another consortium you would have the same options. This is your contract. ” Then, from the bag he took out another contract.

Mason, Sham and Zach were full of curiosity. They stretched out their necks to look.

Dudian looked, the general content was same with the normal contract. But several of these benefits were better than the normal contract. First, once a month he will be given God’s blessing before his mission. In addition to the monthly limit of tasks and missions, he would be given 30% reward on excess materials after the identification.

The most eye catching this was that he also received a temporary residence permit in commercial district!

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  1. thanks for the chapter

    I wonder if he will accept god blessing or refuse it in case there is too many side effect

  2. Damn, I’m addicted to this novel! It’s just so good. I don’t know, it’s not exactly a masterpiece, but it leaves me on the edge waiting for a new chapter every time haha

    Thank you very, very much for the translations <3

  3. How can there be a gene changing drug that can show effect immediatelly… It’s simply impossible. Even if there was such a drug, the changes would happen in a very long time. Bio engineered viruses would slowly change the cells in the body one by one. An instant power up is impossible. It would take atleast months to change and stabilize the body…

    It would also be impossible if it was nanomachines. Nanomachines might be able to provide quick results but simply a small syringe full of them wouldn’t be able to make someone jump 2 meters high… Rather such a small ammount wouldn’t make much difference at all… You would need to atleast fill a quarter of your body mass with nanomachines for such an effect…

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