DK – Ch 309

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The Dark King – Chapter 309

cage-cage-cage-cafe-cafe-cafe-cafe… subconsciously I was craving for coffee which had affected my typing in the last few chapters 😉

The recommendation is still there don’t read unless 313 is published.

One more thing I’ll be out tonight so in about 13-14 hours I’ll release the chapters due tonight!


The blonde youth and Eli turned around at the same time to look at the gentle and handsome boy. He was wearing a white robe, but his clothing was different from a general architect’s robe. There were two black dragon badges on his shoulder.

The blonde youth was angry, but he pressed down his impulses as he saw the twin black dragon pattern on the youth’s robe: “You have come to the wrong place. Why have you come here at all? He isn’t from the wood faction.”

“Just wait.” Eli quickly interfered: “Mr. Dean is here. Why are you looking for him?”

The blonde youth was stunned as he heard Eli’s words. An electric current passed through his mind as he remembered the medal on the chest of the youth who was sitting on the chair. The wood faction… The legendary genius Dean from the wood faction!

His face became ugly as he took a deep breath: “Do y-you mean that person is De-Dean?”

Eli sighed: “Yes, your impulsive character hasn’t changed!”

The noble youth’s face turned blue, then white: “I won’t give up on you even if he is Dean! Although I’m not as good as him regarding research, but I’m a nobleman while he is just a civilian. I’m a better choice for you!”

Eli was startled.

“I’m sorry…” The newcomer spoke up as he interrupted the quarrel of two: “Can you please take me to see Mr. Dean? I have a message for him from my teacher.”

Eli looked back at the youth as there was a trace of shock in her eyes: “Your teacher? Master Black Dragon wants to see him?”

The noble youth was shocked too. He felt another severe slap on his face. He knew what a master meant. Even if he was a noble, it was possible that he would never communicate with a master in his lifetime. It was like the difference between earth and sky. Although the latter (Dean) was a civilian but his identity was already nobler than many aristocrats. Now, even a master took the initiative to seek him.

“Yes.” The newcomer nodded.

Eli said: “Come in. Mr. Dean is inside.” She went sideways and gestured with her hand towards Dudian.

Dudian had long heard the conversation that happened outside while he was checking the book. His eyebrows had wrinkled slightly as he was surprised. Before joining the Temple, he had learned about the status and position of masters in the Temple. For example, master Eivissa was pioneering bio-energy, and his nickname was ‘greedy’. It referred to his thirst for lightning research.

Master Black Dragon’s real name was Manta. He was involved in research of coals, so he got the nickname ‘Black Dragon.’

Eli led the way in, and the trio entered the room.

“Hello, Mr. Dean.” The newcomer looked at Dudian who was sitting on a chair: “My name is Adrian. Teacher ‘Manta’ asked me to find you and invite you to the Architect council.”

“The Architect council?” Dudian’s eyes lit up as he was startled.

Eli and the noble were stunned.

Adrian smiled: “Teacher said that you shouldn’t be tense about it as it isn’t a major event. There will be a meeting of architects to talk about your business. The council is going to be held at 10 am tomorrow. Please make sure that you attend.”

Dudian calmly said: “I will.”

The youth smiled: “I’ll go back then.” He bid farewell to Dudian, Eli, and the noble youth.

Eli and the young noble recovered after the youth went away. Eli was shocked to see Dudian be invited to Architect council. Only master level architects were invited to the council for participation which showed the ‘weight’ of the council. Most probably Dudian would be the lowest level architect to be invited to the council in the history of the ‘Temple of Elements’.

The young noble’s facial expression was complex as he whispered: “Mr. Dean, I’m sorry…I’ve…offended you.” He lowered his head in humiliation. He didn’t want to apologize, especially in front of the person who he loved. But he realized that the teenager sitting in front of him had the power to easily destroy his family. He wasn’t going to offend such an individual.

Eli was shocked to see the noble youth apologize. He was arrogant and a noble. She had never seen an aristocrat to bow and apologize in front of a civilian.

Dudian indifferently replied: “There is nothing to be offended, just don’t bother me.”

The youth’s face changed as he squeezed out a smile. He bit his lips and turned away.

Dudian looked at Eli: “The material should be outside by now. Go out and check.”

Eli replied with an ‘ah’ sound. She went out on instinct. However, as she was halfway out, she recovered and realized that she wasn’t Dudian’s servant. Eli felt angry and funny at the same time.

“The Architect council wants to discuss my business? It should be related to my being a hunter. I didn’t expect that the Temple can be affected and swayed by the public opinion.” There was a trace of a smile on Dudian’s face as he put away the book and checked the furnace for its heating. The smell of tungsten steel was already detected by Dudian. He would be able to make the cage before sunset. However, it would take the whole night to find splitty.

Dudian wouldn’t dare to travel by night if splitty were outside the giant wall. However, he didn’t care much about the danger in the radiation zone. Although there were a few times when senior hunters were killed by mutated monsters in the radiation zone, but that would happen once in a few decades, and a chance of such an event was very low.

It didn’t take long before Eli came back with a few civilian workers. They were carrying the raw materials.

“Put it here.” Dudian pointed with his finger.

The workers carefully brought in the raw materials.

Eli saw that Dudian had already started the furnace. She laughed: “You are really anxious. Fortunately, they have sent it on time.” She came towards another furnace: “I’ll help you.”

“Alright.” Dudian didn’t refuse her.

A steel cage wasn’t an innovative item. Even a primary architect would be able to produce one on their own. A large number of raw materials were poured into the molds and cast into thick steel columns. The workers carried them outside to the carriage which transported them back to Dudian’s castle.

At about three o’clock in the afternoon, Dudian smelted three thousand kilograms of raw material. He had made hundreds of steel pillars made out of tungsten steel. All of them were taken by the civilian workers of the Temple to his castle.

“Thank you for today.” Dudian bid farewell to Eli as he sat in the carriage to carry back the last batch of the materials. The rest of the welding could be done in his castle.

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  1. ‘Although there were few times when senior hunters were killed by mutated monsters of the radiation zone. But that would happen once in a few decades and his chance to his such a possibility was very low.’

    Yeah with his trouble attracting luck anything is possible…

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