DK – Ch 307

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The Dark King – Chapter 307

“Mr. Dean has an acute sense of humor.” The blonde youth continued: “I have heard that Mr. Dean isn’t just an architect but a hunter too. You have amazing talent to accomplish both jobs at the same time. Moreover, you have excellent achievements in both posts. Did you have a great harvest this time when you went outside the giant wall to hunt?”

“Hunter?” The girl next to Dudian had a trace of fear in her eyes as she looked up to him.

“Are you telling me that I’ve gone outside the giant wall?” Dudian looked at the blonde youth.

The youth laughed: “I read in a newspaper. It seems that it was misleading news. Newspapers are getting more unprofessional.”

“It’s not the newspapers that are unprofessional, but there are way too many fools.” Dudian indifferently said: “There is a proverb which says that ‘wise men don’t follow the rumors’. I believe you have heard of it after all you are a member of the Milan family. Your knowledge and understanding of worldly affairs couldn’t be shallow.”

The blonde youth’s face changed: “It was you who taught me now.”

“I have not taught you.” Dudian lightly said: “It was just an exchange! Why would you say that I taught you? ”

The blonde youth’s face changed: “You said that I had misunderstood the news.”

“Your family very easily misunderstands things, so I’ve reminded you that you also have misunderstood the newspapers. As a result of this misunderstanding, you are offending people. If this matter is spread out, you will be ridiculed. Fortunately, you have met me today, and my mouth is tight. I don’t like making rumors behind the backs of people.” Dudian coldly said.

The blonde youth smiled as his face changed: “Thank you.”

Dudian didn’t look back at him, but turned towards the girl: “When will the materials arrive?”

The girl reacted: “The fastest is two hours.”

“Shall we go to your place to prepare the tools?” Dudian asked. He saw that the longer he stayed here, the bigger the chance that he would poke out trouble for himself.

“Alright, I don’t have a problem.” The girl said.

The blonde youth’s eyes flashed with coldness as he said: “Mr. Dean, are you working on a new research? I haven’t seen your silhouette in the Temple for a long time, so I just thought that you went outside the giant wall.”

Dudian indifferently looked at the youth: “You don’t have to repeat the same phrase over and over. Do you think that a man with an identity similar to mine would go there? Are you trying to slander and humiliate me? ”

The blonde youth didn’t expect such a harsh and sharp answer: “Of course not. I didn’t mean to offend or slander. Please forgive me. ”

Dudian looked at the girl: “Lead the way.”

“One moment. I’ll put your order on top.” The girl said and went into a room. It didn’t take long before she returned. Another youth came up with her.

“I’m going, so you should look after this place.” The girl laughed.

The youth replied: “Alright.”

The girl looked at Dudian: “Shall we go?”

Dudian nodded and indicated her to lead the way.

The blonde youth saw that Dudian completely ignored him. There was a trace of anger in his eyes, but he strongly restrained himself. He looked at their backs as Dudian, and the girl left the Temple’s hall. His fingers had clenched into fists under his sleeves.

“Young master, let’s find someone to teach him the life! I think we should get his arm for this time!” The youth behind the blonde whispered.

The blonde youth turned to look at him: “Haven’t you listened to me? The kid is not only an architect but a hunter. Moreover, he is an intermediate level hunter! Who will we find? There are less than fifty people in the commercial district who could make a move against him. What are you planning to teach him in this case?”

“So powerful?” The youth was surprised.

The blonde youth snorted: “Those that go outside the giant wall are monsters who hunt monsters! You are just a frog at the bottom of a well.”

The youth with the brown hair scratched his head: “I’ve opened my eyes after your lesson.”

The other youth behind him said: “Young master, he is after all the winner of the ‘epoch’ medal. It is just a matter of time when he will become a senior architect. Why did we provoke such a person?”

The blonde youth indifferently answered: “He has already been provoked. Do you think that I am such a fool that I would provoke an enemy with such a potential without reason?”

Both of them were confused.

The blonde youth didn’t intend to explain the struggle between aristocrats to the two. It was normal that civilians didn’t understand the details even if they read the newspapers as they couldn’t differentiate the source and purpose of the news.

Dudian walked behind the girl as they went out of the hall.

“Hey, is not that Dean?”

“Is that the genius Dean?”

“The one who got the ‘epoch’ medal?!”

As they walked through the path, they met lots of architects. The girl was surprised to see that most of them recognized Dudian. She wasn’t aware that he had such a strong reputation within the architects.

Dudian was distressed. He smiled and greeted the people who approached him. He tried his best to be polite with the architects. Mellon consortium didn’t dare to attack him as an architect because of fear of the Holy Church. So they had chosen to make a roundabout attack by exposing and pointing out his hunter identity at every corner to lower his influence and glorious image. If he made a wrong response, then the people would think that the news reported by the Mellon consortium was true. Although it was a soft attack made through the newspaper, but the damage caused by it was more than any stabs made by the sword.

After all, words were the most terrible weapon in the world.

He politely declined the questions of different people. Dudian made the girl lead the way in a hurry as he used his sleeves to cover his face. It looked a bit strange but at least their time wasn’t delayed.

It didn’t take long for them to reach the castle where the maiden’s research room was located.

“Here.” The girl led the way in front.

Dudian walked after her as they entered the castle. The girl greeted many people. All of them were the architects who were involved in research in the same castle as her, and they were intermediate architects too. There were a few teenagers, but most of them were 30 years old or more. There was even a 50 years old white haired architect.


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