DK – Ch 306

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The Dark King – Chapter 306

“How much will it cost?” Dudian inquired.

The girl spoke in a cold tone as she saw that Dudian wasn’t aware of the prices: “Tungsten steel is available for commercial purposes. You can use the points issued by the Temple or buy it with gold coins. If you are going to use points, then we can exchange ten kilograms for a point. If you want to buy it with gold coins, then it will cost you seven gold coins for ten kilograms. In case you want to purchase the tungsten steel outside the Temple then it will cost you ten gold coins for ten kilograms. You are an intermediate architect so that you will get a 30% discount. We could give you a 50% discount if you were a senior architect. Moreover, masters get to buy at 10% of the original price of the material.”

Dudian was surprised: “Ten gold coins for ten kilograms? The tungsten steel is almost at the same price as a copper coin!”

“It’s normal for such a precious metal alloy to be as expensive as copper.” The girl spoke with disdain as she saw Dudian’s expression: “Please leave if you aren’t planning to buy.”

Dudian thought that the metal prices of this era were higher than the old era. The first reason should be because the refining process was still at a beginner’s level. The second reason was the war with the barbarians and the hunt of the monsters outside the giant wall. There was a constant need for more weapons and armor produced which increased the demand for good steel.

Dudian thought for a moment, then said to the girl: “I’ll buy two thousand kilograms.”

The girl was stunned as she looked at the boy. However, as she saw the serious look, she frowned and got up: “Two thousand kilograms? Are you going to use points or gold coins?”

“Gold coins.” Dudian was planning to accumulate points to become a senior level architect.

The girl indifferently said: “An architect is limited in buying a thousand kilograms per day if gold coins are used for purchase.”

Dudian was surprised. But the next moment he understood why such a system was set up by the Temple. They are worried that some architects may work with wealthy businessmen to buy metals at discounted prices and resell them outside.

“Alright, a thousand gold coins then.” Dudian thought that he could ask Bernard to help him buy another thousand kilograms of tungsten steel.

The girl looked back at him: “First is the payment. I’ll submit your order afterward. Fill in the address and someone will bring it to your place.”

Dudian took out his leather wallet and pulled out seven gold notes from inside. The words “one hundred” were engraved on each of them referring to their value.

The girl’s eyes narrowed as she saw the medal in Dudian’s wallet: “What is that?” She asked as she rapidly breathed.

Dudian took a look at the silver medal which was the ‘epoch’ medal issued to him by the Temple. He stuffed it back into the wallet: “Nothing.”

The girl was shocked as her mind buzzed. She was able to put together the pieces of information: “wood quickly…intermediate architect…youngest in the history…”

She looked up and down at Dudian: “You! Are you Mr. Dean?”

Dudian was frustrated as he saw that she recognized him. He was in a hurry and didn’t want to be entangled. He wrote the order and wrote down his details, including the location of the castle. He gave back the form: “I urgently need this batch of tungsten steel. Please send them quickly.”

The girl checked the delivery form. She saw the signature and the name. Her eyes glowed as she said: “Dean…Mr. Dean, I’m sorry that I didn’t recognize you. You are the winner of ‘epoch’ medal so you can enjoy the same treatment as masters. Same discounts apply to you!” She handed back six notes out of the seven given by Dudian.

Dudian didn’t think that he will get an advantage because of the ‘epoch’ medal. Although hundreds of gold coins were trivial for him, but he still readily took back the notes: “Can I buy two thousand kilograms at once?”

“Yes, of course!” The girl quickly replied: “The upper daily limit for people such as yourself is ten thousand kilograms per day.”

Dudian smiled: “Then I’ll buy ten thousand kilograms.” He pulled out three more gold tickets from his wallet and handed them back to the girl with the initial six notes.

The girl took the golden notes. She was stunned. She wasn’t surprised because of money, but because Dudian was an architect from the wood faction. She couldn’t help but ask: “Mr. Dean, are you planning to use tungsten steel in a new research?”

If it were earlier, she would think that Dudian was working for a wealthy businessman. Most of the architects were coming from middle-class families from the commercial district, so not all of them were rich enough to buy materials as they wished. So some of them would cooperate with wealthy businessmen to make extra money to fund their own research.

But she knew that architects such as Dudian didn’t lack or were short of money. The money he earned from the military crossbow would make even many nobles jealous.

Dudian replied: “Most of it.”

The girl asked: “Are you planning to join the gold faction?”

Dudian replied: “We will see in the future. Please help me get this batch of the tungsten steel as soon as possible. The faster, the better! ”

The girl’s eyes lit up: “If you want to build a cage using tungsten steel I can help you out.” She would ask for a commission if she wasn’t aware of Dudian’s status, but right now she was willing to join as an assistant. The main reason was that she was planning to take the opportunity to observe Dudian’s research. After all, Dudian’s military crossbow was not only an item which was made out of wood faction elements. There was involvement of gold elements. Especially the structure and weight of the arrows.

Dudian thought for a moment: “Alright, but I don’t have tools for forging.”

“That’s not a problem. I have them.” The girl replied: “You can use my research room to make it.”

Dudian said: “I’ll pay the reward for troubling you.” He thought that the girl works here as a part-timer. Most probably she had difficulties with the finances.

The girl said: “You don’t have to. As an assistant, I’ll be able to see you do research. It’s a rare occasion on its own. I wouldn’t dare to ask for money.”

“A little money won’t hurt.” Dudian casually said. He didn’t want to owe anyone.

The girl no longer refused as she was really short of money.

“Who is that?”

A voice echoed from the side.

Both Dudian and the girl turned towards the source of the voice. Three people were approaching them. A handsome blonde youth led them.

The one behind the youth looked about twenty-seven or eight years old. The other one was a bit shorter with brown hair. Both of them looked like civilians while the blonde had an attitude of an aristocrat.

“Isn’t this Mr. Dean?” The blonde youth asked as there was a trace of surprise on his face.

Dudian looked at the youth whose smile was like a knife. There was malicious intent in his eyes. There was an orchid pattern on the youth’s robe. The youth belonged to the Milan family. Dudian’s eyes lit up as he smiled: “Hello.”

“Mr. Dean isn’t like other geniuses. He has become arrogant and got carried away because of a little success. It is said that such people are too irresponsible.” The blonde youth said in a humble manner.

Dudian smiled. The youth was from an aristocratic origin, so he was trying to attack Dudian ruthlessly. The purpose of his speech was obvious. The youth was from the Milan family, which was under Mellon Consortium.

“Some people like to say irresponsible words. After all, you aren’t feeling the pain.” Dudian faintly smiled.

The blonde youth nodded: “Yes, no one would talk uselessly if they felt the pain.”

Dudian shook his head: “They would still beg and say ‘let me go’ as they feel the pain.”


T/n: there is a word play focused on ‘pain’


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    1. Perhaps the translator really need a cup of cafe, haha, daily output of a few chapter aint easy.

      Thanks Madsnail 🙂

  1. Kinky.
    A case of cage cafe, identity swapping and pain. XD

    Even with the weakness in translation, thank you for the chapters!

  2. You translate discount percentage wrong. When they write 70% in chinese, they mean 70% of the original price. (30% discount).

  3. Dudian was stunned as she looked at the boy. However she frowned and got up as she saw the serious look: “Two thousand kilograms? Are you going to use points or gold coins?”

    There should not be Dudian i guess

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