DK – Ch 305

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The Dark King – Chapter 305

Dudian looked at Nicholas’s sad face: “Bring me the newspapers from the last few days.”

“Yes.” Nicholas listlessly turned away.

Nicholas brought a thick stack of newspapers and put them in front of Dudian’s table. Nicholas secretly glanced at Dudian’s facial expression and saw that there was no joy in his face: “Master, these are the newspapers from the day you have left. I assume you haven’t eaten properly because you have spent the last seven days in the inspection center. Should I prepare food?”

“I came back a long time ago and had already eaten with the Ryan family.” Dudian indifferently replied.

Nicholas’s eyes lit up: “Master why didn’t you communicate with us? We would have come over to pick you up!”

Dudian glanced back at him: “Why should I have told you? Are you worried about your bail now? ”

Nicholas’s face changed, but he didn’t dare to test Dudian’s compassion.

Dudian held the stack of newspapers and went back to his room. There was not much news about anything. The state of war didn’t change that much. The barbarians have attacked quite a few forts, but it seems there isn’t a large-scale war going on. As for the consortia they were trying to develop and enlarge their industries using the business of war. Most of them were involved in making quick money by supplying the resources for the military.

There wasn’t much movement from the Temple of Elements. However, he did find out that the master of the lightning faction has come up with a sensational theory. Bio-energy!

“…Every living thing has the power of God of light surging within them. If we can guide it, then we will be able to produce a huge energy …” Dudian sneered as he checked the papers and the evaluation. Biological magnetic fields do have a great effect, but very advanced equipment has to be used to amass it. That was far away from the description written by the architect.

“They don’t have any information about micro-level knowledge and can’t use electronics. Moreover, they aren’t aware of the composition of the particles at the basic level. There is a long way to go. Moreover conquering the monsters outside the giant wall seems like a dream right now as there isn’t enough power to sweep the areas. There are few powerful individuals because of the evolution, but the masses lack power. Father had said that science and technology are meant for the use of the masses and the public. It has to serve the public. Only in that case, will we be able to clean out the monsters.”

Dudian’s eyes lit up as he put away the newspapers.

He sat on the chair and pondered for a moment. Afterward, Dudian walked to the closet and opened it. He took out a plank from behind. There was a ‘c’ shaped groove with a rotating handle. He gently twisted, and the wall slowly opened. An entrance to a small dark warehouse was in front of him. The space was very small, about two meters square. The super chip and the card reader were respectively wrapped in different clothes. He wasn’t worried about anyone finding them as his finger identification was needed to start the reader.

Dudian took both items and sat on the bed as he delved into the knowledge from the reader.

Dudian put away the reader and the chip as the first rays of the sunlight shined. He wore a set of clean clothes and went into the hall. Nicholas was already downstairs. Dudian said to him: “Immediately prepare a carriage and package the breakfast. I’ll eat on the way.”

Nicholas asked: “Master, where to?”

“To the Temple of Elements.” Dudian coldly looked at him.

“Alright master, I’ll go and get everything ready right now.” There was a trace of disappointment in Nicholas’s eyes as he turned around.

“Tell Sergei to go to the place where I had bought the steel last time. He should buy as much steel as I bought the last time.” Dudian looked back at Nicholas after getting into the carriage: “Moreover make sure that we have everything that I need before I come back.”

“Yes!” Nicholas wryly smiled.

The carriage slowly moved.

Dudian pulled the curtain: “Faster and put up the Temple’s banner.”

Coachman plugged the banner of the Temple over the compartment and whipped the horses.

It didn’t take long for them to reach the foot of Mount Church as they were unobstructed all the way because of the Temple’s flag. Dudian came into the headquarters of the Temple.

According to Dudian’s orders, the coachman directly rode the carriage to the hall.

Dudian jumped off the car and glanced around the Temple. Although he had come early on, but there were quite a few people around. Most architects lived in the Temple, so they began to work early. There were about a dozen figures in the hall.

After a glance, he found the trading station for purchasing materials.

“Hello, how may I help you?” There was a young girl behind the desk. She was holding a book called ‘Basic theory of metal elements’ in her hand. She looked up and asked as she felt someone came over. There was a polite smile on her face.

The first thing Dudian noted was the badge on her chest. She had the same status as him and was an intermediate level architect. He was surprised as he saw that the girl’s age was almost the same as his. He quickly asked: “Is there a hard cage?”

The girl slightly frowned: “We sell materials in here. If you want to buy a cage, then go to the military. They have lots of options.”

“I want a very strong cage. The general ones don’t work for me. What is the hardest metal you guys have?” Dudian asked.

The girl lightly answered: “We don’t have cages, but the hardest metal that we have is tungsten steel. You can ask a gold architect to make the cage for you. Or you can commission me to create one for you for a very small fee.”

Dudian was startled as he didn’t expect them to have tungsten steel. The last time when he conversed with Nightingale about aluminum alloys, there was no concept of metal smelting. It hasn’t been long since Nightingale’s alloy alchemy products were launched and now after a few years, the Temple has produced tungsten steel.

Dudian decided that splitty wouldn’t be able to break through a cage made out of tungsten steel. If the steel pillars were thick enough, then even an adult splitter wouldn’t necessarily be able to break free.

The girl looked at him: “Do you want to buy a steel cage made out of tungsten steel? The weight is not going to be small. Do you know the price of tungsten steel?”

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  1. “Tere are few powerful individuals because of the evolution ” should be “There” and “splitty would be able to break through a cage made out of tungsten steel” should be “wouldn’t”

  2. “We sell materials in here. If you want to buy a café then go to military. They have lots of options.” *cage*

    “The last time when he conversed with Nightingale about aluminum allows there was no concept of metal smelting. It hasn’t been long since Nightingale’s allow alchemy products were launched and now after a few years the Temple has smelted out tungsten steel.” *alloys, alloy*

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