DK – Ch 304

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The Dark King – Chapter 304

Dudian sneered: “The Mellon consortium doesn’t dare to face the Temple of Elements face to face, so they are using this roundabout way. They are trying to take advantage of aristocracy’s long-term disgust and rejection of hunters to diminish my prestige and reputation. ”

“You are clear about the issue.” Old Fulin nodded: “That’s why you can’t let them succeed. You have to fight them back as you stay in the Temple!”

Dudian shook his head: “I’ll make a trip to the Temple but to buy materials. I don’t have time to stay in there.”

Old Fulin looked at him: “Alright, you have a grasp of the matter, so I assume you will be able to solve it out.”

Dudian nodded slightly as he got up: “It’s late, so I’ll go back. If the Temple or the Holy Church makes an investigation just tell them that I’ve been here all the time.”

“Alright, leave it to me.” Old Fulin agreed to Dudian’s request.

Old Fulin and Sander escorted Dudian up to the door to send him off. The other members of the family and servants were shocked because of Dudian’s sudden appearance. They weren’t aware when the youth had come to the castle.

It was already curfew time as Dudian returned from Yard town to his castle. However, he was unimpeded along the way since he was using the carriage which belonged to the Ryan family.

He looked at the second floor of his castle, which was dimly lit. Apparently, they haven’t gone to sleep yet.

There was a trace of coldness in his eyes. He waited for the carriage to stop. He got off it. There were two knights from the Ryan family who were transferred to his castle as guards. They recognized Dudian on sight, so they quickly approached to salute him. The doors were opened for Dudian to enter.

Dudian directly went to the hall. There were two oil lamps which were lighting the hall. The hall was empty. He glanced at the guard: “Tell the butler and the chef to come down.”

The guard was nervous as he saw that Dudian’s facial expressions weren’t good: “Yes, sire.” The guard quickly ran upstairs. Moments later sounds of rapid footsteps echoed from the second floor. The guard came down first as Nicholas rushed after him.

Nicholas’s face slightly changed as he saw the familiar person sitting in the hall. However, there was a pleasant smile on his face in the next moment. He stepped forward: “Master, you came back.”

Dudian glanced at him, but ignored his question: “Get me tea.”

Nicholas obeyed: “Yes!” He grabbed the teapot by the table and filled a cup of tea for Dudian.

Dudian checked the cup: “It’s not even hot. Do you call this tea?”

Nicholas’s face slightly changed: “I’m sorry, sire. I’ll get the water boiling.” He ran back to the kitchen. However, he saw Chef Allen joining the hall, so he shouted at him: “Go boil the water! The young master is back, and you are dawdling! After you boil the water prepare young master’s favorite rabbit ribs for him.”

Chef Allen was a 30-year-old middle-aged man. He had dressed in a hurry as he heard the young guard say that master was calling for him. He was startled as he heard Nicholas shout at him. He bowed and turned towards the kitchen.

“Allen, come over,” Dudian shouted out loud.

Allen was startled. He stopped immediately and looked back at Nicholas. He bowed slightly and went to stand in front of Dudian: “Master, do you have any orders?”

Dudian ignored the chef as he looked at Nicholas: “Go and boil water! I’ve something to talk with Allen.”

Nicholas’s face turned ugly as he replied: “Yes!” He went to the kitchen.

Nicholas boiled the water after a while. Fortunately, as a butler, he was very familiar with the work of servants. So he was aware of how to do simple tasks, and it didn’t baffle him. He came back as he brought a pot of hot water. Nicholas saw that the hall was silent as Allen stood in front of Dudian. Dudian was sitting by the table as his fingers gently tapped the table. He looked calm, but it seemed that he was thinking about something.

Nicholas’s heart turned cold: “Master, the water is ready.”

Dudian nodded: “Go and call the others.”

“Now?” Nicholas was startled.

Dudian indifferently said: “Why, is it late?”

Nicholas bluntly replied: “Of course not. It’s not late. I will go.” He went upstairs.

After a few moments, Sergei, Gwyneth, and Jin came down from the second floor. Sergei and Gwyneth glanced at each other as they came down the stairs.

Jin was the first one to get to the hall. He was wearing pajamas, and he looked surprised as he saw Dudian: “You finally came back! We thought… ” He thought of something as Jin’s face became ugly: “Scar…Scar…he…”

Dudian whispered as he looked back at Jin: “I tried my best.”

Jin clenched his fists: “I don’t blame you… But his body …”

Dudian was silent for a moment: “There was no way to bring it back.”

Jin bowed his head: “I blame myself…I was too weak. If I was as strong as Sergei then… Perhaps I would be able to kill that thing…”

Dudian didn’t say anything but turned to look at Sergei and Gwyneth.

Sergei grinned as he looked at Dudian: “We thought that the monster carried you away too. We waited at the entrance for three days, but saw that you aren’t coming back. Your hope of survival was very slim, so we came back. It seems your luck is good.”

Dudian stared at him: “I have heard that the patriarch of the Ryan family had ordered you to go outside the giant wall to search for me. Why didn’t you go?”

Sergei shrugged his shoulders: “We did know your location or how to search for you. I don’t have abilities regarding that field so I assume you can understand and don’t blame me for this.”

Gwyneth quietly listened to him and spoke up next: “I don’t have tracking abilities from my magic marks. So there was no way to find you.”

“Lies!” Jin, who was standing in front of Dudian shouted out in anger. He looked at both of them: “I was going to go, but both of you stopped me! You said that if Dean dies, then we will be free!”

Sergei coldly replied: “Don’t slander us without evidence.”

“Well?” Gwyneth coldly stared at Jin.

Dudian slightly raised his hand and interrupted them. He lightly said: “I know what is going on in your minds. I don’t care much about it, but let me see your loyalty in action!” Dudian looked at Sergei and Gwyneth as he continued:” Did you really think that you can walk away freely if I died? Sorry to inform you that in case I die the umbrella over your head will be gone too. I can assure you that your death would be much uglier than mine. Note down that you won’t be imprisoned again!”

Sergei and Gwyneth’s face slightly changed. Sergei spoke up: “He is lying…We did not …”

Dudian raised his hand and calmly said: “I didn’t expect you to search for me outside the giant wall, but at least you should have waited for my return at the entrance. Maybe I would have come back in a very bad condition? Wouldn’t you be able to save me if you were there?”

Sergei was startled as he couldn’t retort.

Dudian whispered: “I have already told you that I will give you three chances. Sergei, you have spent two of those. I hope you won’t be in a hurry to waste the third chance.”

Sergei snorted and turned away.

Dudian didn’t care much for his attitude as his eyes fell onto Nicholas’s body: “Butler…”

“Yes.” Nicholas quickly answered.

“Are you aware that you have used all three chances…?” Dudian narrowed his eyes as he looked at Nicholas.

Nicholas rapidly said: “Master, I don’t understand you. I remember that I had offended you once back in the carriage after you bailed us out. But since then I have been in the castle and haven’t done anything. It has to be a misunderstanding. I simply can’t stand up against you. I gave up a long time ago …”

Dudian shook his head: “I said that I needed your allegiance when I bailed you out. If you had any bad thoughts, then you should have kept them in your heart. If you wanted to act, then you should have done so that I wouldn’t be aware of it! Unfortunately, your abilities are not up to par. I am disappointed. I’m not disappointed because you betrayed me, but because there were so many loopholes in that betrayal! I thought that you had some capabilities as you were able to empty the vaults of your previous owner, but I think I overestimated you!”

Nicholas was stunned.

Sergei and Gwyneth looked at Nicholas. There was a gloomy smile on Sergei’s face as he folded his arms and watched quietly.

“I don’t understand. Please master elaborate more.” Nicholas’s tone was resolute as he looked back at Dudian.

Dudian indifferently said: “The moment you had arrived in the castle you had asked the chef to inquire about my identity. What was your intention?”

Nicholas looked at Chef Allen: “Master, he is slandering me!”

Dudian glanced at Nicholas: “Do you think that money can seal his lips? Indeed, money is useful most of the time. But you can only give him money while I don’t just give him money. I give him more than that, his life! Look at it from your perspective. Your identity or my status? I think even a brainless pig will know on which side to stand.”

Nicholas bowed as his face turned hard like a stone: “Master, I know I was wrong. I just wanted to serve you better…”

“No need for useless words.” Dudian indifferently continued: “The third betrayal was in my room. You searched for my things. The fourth betrayal happened when you secretly informed the Mellon consortium about my trip to the outside of the giant wall to hunt.”

Nicholas retorted in a hurry: “It wasn’t me. It really wasn’t me! You can’t blame that on me!”

Dudian glanced back at him: “You should be glad that I’m very busy right now and don’t have time to deal with you. I have said that there will be punishment for the people who betray me. Since you are restless at home, then you will be coming with me the next time we go out hunting.”

Nicholas’s face changed: “Master, y-you, you can’t do this to me. I’m not willing to end up like that because of empty words.”

“I love people who are unwilling.”

“Master, I …”

Dudian raised his hand to interrupt him. He waved at Chef Allen to retreat and glanced at Gwyneth and Sergei: “You guys get ready too. We will go out to hunt in two days” Afterwards he looked at Jin: “You will stay at home as a butler. Hire a few servants and remember to pick carefully. Don’t let the other consortiums know that you are searching for servants. They may take the opportunity to send people in.”

“I will.” Jin nodded. He was hesitant as he remembered the ferocious monsters from the outside. He was about to open his mouth, but then swallowed back his words.



It’s been in my mind for few days so lemme tell you that when I read about splitty I remembered the 1997 cult-movie Starship Troopers 🙂

For those who are interested in old good Keikoku Mars novel then 7 Kingdoms of Midgard is for you.

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    1. She is not a hunter (i.e. no experience in hunting monster or tracking/searching for people), but yeah she should have 1 strike or 2 strikes since she searched his room (with the others) and also did not go back to look for him/wait for him outside the gate.

  1. So…what was the buttler second betrayal?
    I only saw the first, third and fourth :p

    Thanks for the translation!

  2. “It’s been in my mind for few days so lemme tell you that when I read about splitty I remembered the 1997 cult-movie Starship Troopers 🙂”

    ^ Exactly what was running through my head the whole time too; hordes of giant alien bugs…the stuff of nightmares. I still remember renting VHS tapes for those movies

  3. I hope Jin gets stronger. I want to see these guys submit to him and be loyal. But they are still waning…

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