DK – Ch 303

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The Dark King – Chapter 303


Dudian climbed the wall of the fortress, like a gecko as the sun sets. As he stood on the wall, he saw patrol soldiers separate from each other to relocate, and he smoothly went to the other side of the wall. He used his hands to slow down the strength of the fall. There was a minimal sound as he landed on the ground.

Dudian glanced at patrols on both sides. They were pretty far away and couldn’t visually detect him. He rushed as he changed his location.

This time he felt much more at home as he bypassed the border because of his previous experience of escaping from prison. Dudian went to the desolate wilderness after passing through. It didn’t take long for him to reach a desolate town.

There was a wry smile on his face as Dudian sneaked into the town. He went into the backyard of a house. There were clothes which were drying in the backyard. He grabbed some of them and quickly left the town. He took advantage of the night time as he moved in the direction of the Yard town.

Dudian reached the Yard town after a few hours. At the moment the weather was dark and soon the curfew time would begin.

Dudian looked at the hill behind the town. The Ryan castle stood tall like a monster in the darkness.

Study room on the second floor of the Ryan castle.

Sander helped his father back to the study room after eating the dinner. Old Fulin sat down on a chair. Sander grabbed a thick quill and handed it over to his father: “It’s cold so you should cover yourself with blankets at evenings.”

Old Fulin took it and covered his knees. He sighed: “It’s been so long, but he hasn’t come back yet. God knows what has happened.”

“Although his age is not much, but he is mature and prudent. There shouldn’t be any big troubles. Don’t worry father. Most probably he will be back in a few days.”

“The monsters outside the giant wall don’t care whether someone is mature or immature.” Old Fulin shook his head.

Sander was full of anxiety as he pondered for a while: “I should go and urge those people to go and check on Mr. Dean. He had bailed them out. It’s not a civilized the way they have chosen to respond.”

“It’s within the nature of humans. No one would be willing to enter that place again.” Old Fulin slightly shook his head: “If there isn’t any news by tomorrow then find two people and temporarily register them as hunters. Let them go out and investigate the matter.”

“Alright.” Sander slightly nodded.

Old Fulin slowly said: “Although we as the Ryan family are rising right now and there are lots of small aristocrats, and well-known wealthy businessmen who want to join our consortium that is flourishing but all of them are attracted because of his architect identity. It won’t take long for our family to be back to our initial declining status if we lose him. Afterward, it would be very hard to stand up again!”

Sander stared at Old Fulin: “Father, we shouldn’t rely on him. Wouldn’t it be in vain if he changes his mind in the future? ”

Old Fulin looked up and stared at Sander’s eyes: “We haven’t risen to any point how can we talk about a decline? I don’t want to listen to any other proposition!”

Sander’s face slightly changed as he saw Old Fulin’s angry facial expression: “Father, I have wronged you.”

Old Fulin slowly recovered his eyes as he saw Sander bow to apologize. He looked at the fire burning in the oil lamp as he delved into his thoughts.


After a short time, a slight sound echoed from the window.

Old Fulin and Sander were surprised as they saw a person dressed in farmer’s clothes come inside.

Sander was about to shout ‘assassin, ’ but he was shocked as he recognized the person.

“Can’t you identify me when I change my clothing?” Dudian smiled as he came towards the table and pulled a chair to sit in front of Old Fulin. He looked at old patriarch: “My trip to outside the giant wall had made you worry. Has something new had happened in the last few days?”

Old Fulin smiled as he stared at Dudian: “You came back…Good…I thought…There is no movement from the Mellon consortium, but we are not sure about their plans. Our intelligence is too weak! ”

Dudian frowned slightly as he touched his chin: “What about the new guys, have they come back?”

“The new guys?” Old Fulin slightly smiled as he heard Dudian’s words: “They are not new. One of them is almost as old as me. I have sent a few people to pay addition to them. In addition to the Nicholas the butler, all the others have stayed inside the castle after coming back from the detention center. No one has gone out.”

“What about the butler?” Dudian asked.

“He hasn’t gone out either. He was inside the castle all the time.” Old Fulin replied

Dudian was slightly surprised. His mouth curled up as he said: “I have come over tonight to nag you. You see, I didn’t go through the procedures and bypassed the Holy Church. I need you help me out with an alibi.”

“Illegally?” Old Fulin was surprised: “Why didn’t you go to…?” He beat his head as he was about to ask the question. Old Fulin said: “Of course. If you had been there, then I would have gotten the news… Why did you have to come back illegally? Is there something that you don’t want the Holy Church to know?”

Dudian nodded in confirmation: “There was a little problem when I passed through the passage. A monster broke through the passage and killed the Knights of light who were protecting the passage. I am worried that they will misunderstand it as they will think that it was my intention as if I deliberately brought it inside. But if there is no evidence, then there will be no misunderstanding and no need for explanations.”

Old Fulin and Sander were shocked as they looked at each other. The old patriarch said: “Are you hurt? Did the monster chase you as you returned?”

Dudian shook his head as he smiled: “It had cleverly hidden close by, and it was a coincidence that the timing of my return matched with it.”

Old Fulin glanced back at him: “Your excuse about the coincidence would not trouble you. Right now you are an architect of the Temple of Elements, and your credit is high. If you say so, then no one will doubt you. No need for such a risky move.”

Dudian said: “That was one of the reasons. The second one is that I don’t want to make my identity as a hunter highlighted. It has become my side identity. Even if I have to go outside the giant wall, then I must secretly enter back. You can’t leak the information. You should know that aristocracy and the Temple don’t favor hunters while they look up to architects. Of course, it doesn’t mean that I’ll abandon it, but will continue to act in the darkness. ”

Old Fulin smiled: “I know that you have another reason, but let’s not delve in too deep. My personal advice is that you better don’t go hunting again. The other architects hire hunters to get the materials that they need. This way they don’t need to take risks at all. “

Dudian smiled: “I’m not going outside the giant wall to hunt for materials or money. I’m doing it to hone my own combat effectiveness. If a sword is hidden in the scabbard for a long time, it will rust.”

Old Fulin saw Dudian’s determination, so he didn’t continue to persuade Dudian: “Alright, it’s all good. But there is a bit of management problem with the people you have bailed out. I asked them to go search for you, but they refused to follow my orders. That’s a bad attitude they are showing. Moreover, I don’t know how, but your trip to the outside has been leaked to Mellon Consortium. They have been using that information to pressure the Temple by swaying the opinion through the newspapers. However, the Temple hasn’t responded to them. The recent invention of yours has blocked their mouths so not matter what assessment it will get you should put up your new item.”


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  1. “There is no movement from Mellon consortium but we are not sure about their plans.”
    “Moreover I don’t know how but your trip to the outside has been leaked to Mellon consortium. They have been using that information to pressure the Temple by swaying the opinion through the newspapers.”

    If there is no movement, how are they moving? Old man is getting old XD

    1. mellon is attacking dean through papers but they are not aware how mellon plans to deal with ryan family… that’s the secret since beginning

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