DK – Ch 302

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The Dark King – Chapter 302

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Splitty seemed to be frightened as the iron cage suddenly covered it. It shook its scythes in anger. After several rounds of clanking sounds the iron cage ruptured.

Dudian’s mouth twitched as he wryly smiled.

He slowly retreated so that splitty wouldn’t vent its anger on him. However, it seems splitty wasn’t angry at him. It just cut off the cage and went out.

Dudian was relieved as he went through the promenade into the room. It was a storage room with several boxes on top of each other. He looked around as he saw the table in the room covered with the spider webs. There was an oil lamp on the desk.

Dudian opened the drawer below the desk. A striped snake jumped out of it.

Dudian’s hands were lightning fast as he grabbed its tail and pulled it into two. He threw the dead body of the snake to the other side of the wall.

Splitty sensed the smell of the blood and picked it up to eat.

Dudian opened another drawer. There was a book with black cover. The contents were written in strange fonts. It was similar to the font used on the giant wall, but there were differences.

Dudian picked it up to look at it closely. The words were written densely, so he didn’t understand anything.

“It’s neither English nor Chinese… Is it a language from some other country?” Dudian frowned as he turned a few pages. He put it away. Afterward, he was planning to see if there is any record about this language in the chip.

Dudian checked to see if anything else was left behind. He was a bit disappointed. Dudian turned to look at splitty. It was staring back at Dudian as it gently rubbed its scythes.

“I have to find a way to trap this little guy. It’s just impossible to kill it. If I could communicate with Old Fulin, then I could get a good cage and lock it inside. But temporarily there is no way to contact him. I have to get back, but I have to help it to hunt too. This way splitty would not be anxious …”

He sighed as he rubbed his fingers. Dudian was thinking about a solution.

Dudian sighed. He could only compromise with the splitty. He couldn’t trap it even if he wanted. Although it was possible, but the conditions were not ripe yet.

“The Holy Church wouldn’t find it so soon. Even if they did, they wouldn’t be able to capture it on the first try. However, if they capture splitty then his only choice would be to go outside the giant wall to hunt the adult splitter.” Dudian made up his mind as he came to a decision.

Splitty was lightly shaking like a seaweed. It seems that splitty was dozing off. Dudian picked up the book and slowly bypassed it. He went out of the underground laboratory and began to run out of the building.

Bang! Splitty also jumped out of the basement, but it fell back as the place collapsed.

Dudian was running in a single direction.

In about the time span of a few minutes, Dudian looked back to see splitty chasing after him.

Dudian wasn’t surprised. If he tried to compete with splitty, he would never be able to win. However, he used terrain to his advantage.

A wolf appeared on his way. It was extremely tall for a normal wolf. Almost as big as a calf. Its body was stretched in sweat.

The mutated wolf saw Dudian and rushed over as it wailed.

It leaped over at Dudian. However, Dudian’s punch hit its jaw and broke its jawbone.

Dudian didn’t stop, but grabbed its tail as he moved forward. He constantly sensed the smell as he followed them to the direction of a small lake. The lake’s waters were turbid. A faint shadow was swimming in the lake.

Dudian raised the wolf and crushed its head as he kicked it. After killing it, he whipped its body on the ground. Its bones were thoroughly crushed as the blood began to ooze out.

Dudian saw the shadow move towards them as it seemed to sense the smell of the blood.

Dudian shook the mutant wolf as he let its blood spill into the lake.

Splitty also caught up.

Dudian raised the corpse of the mutant wolf as he showed it to splitty. As it was getting close, he threw it to the lake.

Splitty stopped as it stood still in front of the lake.

Dudian slowly retreated for a few steps as he observed the splitty.

Kacha! Kacha!

The wolf’s corpse fell into the lake. The creatures hidden within the lake attacked it, and churning sounds of bones echoed out. It had fiercely snatched the wolf’s corpse. Occasionally black scales of a large tail would burst out from the top of the lake creating big waves.

It seems that there were more than one of those creatures within the lake. The blood began to flow and redden the water.

Splitty was stimulated by the strong smell of the blood. It directly jumped into the lake as its scythes began to stab around. The density of the blood in the water increased. Apparently, splitty was killing and cutting the creatures.

Dudian was both relieved and shocked as he saw the scene. He didn’t think that splitty wouldn’t be afraid of water. It had thin wings, which could support its flight for small amounts of time. In short, this monster could survive in all three habitats.


He took the opportunity to leave the place.

The creatures at the bottom of the lake continued to gather over.

Splitty was thumping down as it killed the mutant creatures that were scrambling to kill it. Soon almost ten meters of an area around splitty was colored bright red. The bloody waves surged.

“I don’t think the creatures in the lake could be used for a long time to contain splitty. I have to eliminate my smell to get rid of it.” After a few kilometers, he picked up large leaves and cleaned the blood of the previous young splitter off his body. He rubbed the leaves over himself so that he could delude the splitty using this smell.

Dudian pulled out weeds as he kept running. He used them to rub off the rest of the blood. Moreover, the odor of the juice scattered from the weeds would be able to cover the smell of blood.

Dudian looked back after running for ten miles. Splitty was not chasing him. He looked around and found rotten mud. There were few swamp crocodiles on the surface. He ignored them as he stopped at the swamp and used the mud to smear on his own body. One of the crocodiles swam over. Its body was about five meters long, but it seemed petite and cute in comparison to the mutated crocodiles from the swamp outside the giant wall.

Dudian didn’t hesitate to reach out to the crocodile that was close to him.

The crocodile opened its mouth to try to bite Dudian.

However, Dudian had long been prepared for its attack.

The crocodile bit onto the empty air as Dudian had disappeared with lightning speed.

Dudian didn’t show mercy as he clung to the front of its mouth and fiercely pulled it. He dragged the crocodile to the shore. One of his hands seized its jaw and ruthlessly broke it apart.

Puff! The crocodile wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to bite him, but its mouth was broken, and blood spattered out.

Crocodile’s body twisted in pain.

Dudian smashed on its head. He used both hands as he grabbed onto its jaw and twisted it. Its head was ripped off, and the crocodile died on the spot.

Dudian didn’t hesitate to take the blood and smear it on his body to cover up his smell. Afterward, he abandoned the crocodile’s body and recalled the previous route he took as a reference point towards the initial fortress they had seen. The giant wall was in the south, so the residential district should be in the north.

He ran all the way.

“I’m covered in mud and blood of the crocodile. Splitty shouldn’t be able to find me for a while.” Dudian’s eyes lit up: “I can only move directly to the city. I don’t have time for seven days of checkups. If I do that the Holy Church would find out that I have some relation to the problems. They would block the death passage and link everything back to me. I got to head back and trouble Old Fulin to give testimony to prove that I have been at Ryan Castle …” Dudian thought about the situation as he ran.

It didn’t take long before he reached the fortress.

“According to the previous news from the military newspaper, the barbarians are attacking Hongshan and Syracuse forts. Although they can’t bypass them, but right now they must be heavily guarded. This desert fortress should be left with fewer troops.” Dudian looked at the fortress while he lurked nearby. He sniffed the air.

In about half a minute later he rushed out from the bushes. Everything was as he had expected.

He had found a pit in the vicinity before he came to the fortress. He used the rain water to clean off the blood and mud from his body. He did so not to arouse the attention of the guards of the fortress. However, the radiation content of his body was going to rise because of it.



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  1. Splitty seems like a ‘nice’ yandere imouto XD
    “Everybody near oniichan should die!” XD

    Thanks for the translation!

  2. Such a shame the first one didn’t have any parasites. The kind of benefits such a beast could give gets me excited.

  3. Lets see how this developes … i dont think the plan of dudian will work considering that the holy church must have some kind of archive that contains register about who goes out and gets in, the giant wall. i mean is almost impossible for them not to know that kind of stuff, considering the guards of the passages are holy knights.

    Thanks for the chapters! 😀

  4. I read the comment. Someone say that Durian will have a wing. Is it from Young splitty’s magic mark?. I wonder

  5. What was the bloody point of the overly coincidental cage drop?!!! Literally none! It’s there just to fill space! WTH! It’s already annoying enough that you put something overly coincidental into the story but then you don’t even use that in the story and just discard it at the next second… What’s the bloody point?!

      1. Yeah author could use many things to show that part but instead he choose a frikin drop cage? It’s like those cheesy comic villain labs ffs… Drop cage… Sigh…

          1. I’m baffled by how you made such a conclusion from the above statement… Read again and think a few more times over it maybe you will be enlightened…

  6. Idk, I feel like they would easily be able to point out that a monster came from the gate of New World Consortium (Dudian’s side), I mean 2 guards gone missing and blood stains on the ground….

    1. Well, yeah that would happen if author actually cared about the little details like that all the time instead of whenever it suits him…

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