DK – Ch 301

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The Dark King – Chapter 301

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Dudian determined that the building was desolate for some time. The lush vines had drilled into the building like a green snake through the windowsill, the door, and other places. Vegetation covered most of the building.

“Concrete?” Dudian was startled as he saw the rough surface of the building. This building was very similar to the houses from the old era. It was like a small flat. Moreover, from the damage and color of the cement on the walls, it seemed that it had been only about fifty years that it was not used. Was it built by the barbarians?

“Old Fulin said that they are savages who drink blood. How would they create such a building?” Dudian was puzzled: “Is it possible that the descendants of the people who survived the catastrophe three hundred years ago lived here? Maybe they left fifty years ago?”

It was possible to keep the building in good condition if it was inhabited for two hundred years.

Dudian looked back at a depth of forest where splitty was lingering. He saw that it had no intention to attack him, so he stepped into the weeds and into that familiar building.


Dust and sand fell, as the door of the building was slowly opened.

Dudian glanced at the room. There were rusty iron locks and traps. In addition to them, there was simple furniture and bed. Moreover, there was clothing scattered on the ground. Furniture was overturned onto the ground. The room was a mess. It seemed the owner had done all these things, before leaving the place.

Step by step Dudian went into the room. Overall the room was empty, and there were no possessions that were left. It was occupied by moss and vines. There were a few snakes in the corner. These snakes with colorful patterns drilled down the holes in the corner as soon as he entered the room.

Dudian withdrew his eyes as he walked into the other room.


Splitty followed him inside. Its huge body broke open and collapsed the door frame.

Dudian looked back in a worry. He was worried that splitty would destroy the house and bury himself under the building.


Dudian was about to return to the living room and leave the building when splitty’s huge body dropped down. The place where it was standing couldn’t withstand its weight.

“Is there a basement?” Dudian was startled as he quickly rushed in to check the place.

The darkness of the place didn’t affect his vision. He was shocked to find that it was a secret room which was used as a laboratory. There were a variety of tools for experiments as well as some sharp weapons hung on the wall. In addition to them, there were several huge benches!

A secret laboratory!

Dudian hesitated for a bit, but jumped down from the edge of the hold. He fell next to the splitty. Firstly, he opened a bit of distance from it and then looked at the large area. The place was more than 300 square meters big and was as big as a small basketball court.

There was another room in the front, and it was not sealed.

Dudian didn’t rush to check the next room as he was planning to observe this room carefully. He saw the two benches stained with dry blood. The benches were diagonal in shape. There was a dent as big as twenty centimeters at the edge of one of the benches. It seems it was hit by something.

He sniffed and sensed a familiar smell coming off from a white cloth over the bench. It gave the odor of the monster bones that could be found everywhere outside the giant wall.

Dudian stepped forward and pulled the white cloth.


There was a human skeleton lying on top the bench, and it was revealed as he pulled the white cloth.

Dudian observed the human bones. The skeleton was no different from an ordinary human regarding height and shape of the bones. The only difference was the bones in its mouth. It had very sharp and long canine teeth. They were much longer than an average dog’s tooth. They were almost the length of a finger and were similar to the ones of vampires seen in movies of the old era. Dudian visualized that the fangs of this human would be outside of its lips and close to his chin if it was alive.

“Vampires?” Dudian’s brows wrinkled. He knew that he had strayed upon a dark secret. Moreover, this secret involved the virus from the outside of the giant wall or related to the barbarians.

Dudian carefully checked the other features. However, except the fangs, there was nothing else that was extraordinary. He marked the picture in his mind as he turned to check the rest of the lab. There were huge glass cylinders. Scientists would use them to soak the tissues in so that they would last longer. But the water within the cylinders had become light green. Apparently, they had already been contaminated.

One of the cylinders had a tongue, a heart, and other parts while the second cylinder had the skin of a face soaked within it.

Dudian slightly frowned as he walked towards the front.

Splitty was shaking left and right. It came to a stop before the cylinders. It seems that the organs within the cylinders had attracted it, but splitty stood still in front of the cylinders without taking any action. It seemed that splitty was able to see that the ‘food’ had gone bad, so after a short pause it went after Dudian without touching anything.

Dudian looked back and increased his pace a bit. He didn’t want to be the food for a beast in this dark environment.

Dudian came to a corner. There was a large promenade which led to another room.

He wanted to enter, but his eyes caught onto the handle by the side of the wall.

“Is it a gear of some mechanism?” Dudian pondered as he stopped in front of the promenade. He saw that splitty slowly came over. But it stopped the moment Dudian halted his action.

Dudian took off a bit of dried blood from his body and threw it into the room.

Splitty’s attention was attracted to the room, and it looked at the piece of falling dry blood, but it still stood there like a stone.

Dudian was troubled as he thought about other ways to make it enter.

Fortunately, splitty began to move slowly into the room on its own.

Dudian’s eyes lit up as he quickly grabbed onto the handle and pulled it as soon as splitty entered the room.


Sounds of gears revolving echoed from the top of the room. Bam! Suddenly a big cage dropped down. It wasn’t exact pinpointing to the place where the splitty was standing. The edge of the cage was pressed against its hind legs.

Because of the pain splitty shrank back.

Boom! The iron cage landed, and splitty was caught inside.

Dudian was overjoyed. He thought that the mechanism would initiate an arrow attack and didn’t expect a cage.


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  1. This is becoming too much of a long shot… I mean seriously this coincidence is just too much… What’s next he’s going to pull another lever and gold is going to rain from sky?

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