DK – Ch 300

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The Dark King – Chapter 300

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Splitty stopped biting onto the knight of light as it heard the shouting. It turned and looked at the middle-aged man who was wearing silver colored armor. The man rushed at splitty as he raised his spear. Half of the spear was solid while the upper part was cold, shiny and trembling (t/n: close to the tip). It was difficult to figure out which type of specific attack the knight was going to make.

However, the middle-aged knight of light didn’t take into account that splitty was not a human. All parts of his body were razor sharp weapons. As the knight’s spear was stabbing onto it, splitty released the knight of light it had killed, and all of its scythes attacked the middle-aged knight from all sides. It appeared as if splitty was embracing the man from all sides like a spider.


The spear was cut in half. To make it more flexible, the spear was not made of metal.

“What!” The middle-aged knight was shocked and wanted to turn around, but it was too late.

Puff! Splitty caught up with him and waved its scythes around the man’s body. One of the scythes passed through his upper body. The man’s head was cut off from the ear up. The upper half of the head dropped down. The blood gushed out as his brain fell to the ground.

“Knight Long!”

“Beast …”

The group of knights of light who were rushing out and were behind the previous middle-aged man was shocked. The previous courage was lost as they saw this scene.

Splitty wanted to take a bite of the middle-aged knight, but was distracted as it saw the team of knights of light. It growled twice as it cried out in a low voice. It was no longer ‘hissing’ as it did previously. Its body went into motion as splitty bounced out. It was as if hedgehog made out of razors fell into the middle of the team of knights of light. In an instant, the bodies of two knights of light were cut up. The fear in their eyes was still there as their bodies fell to the ground.

The knight of light standing behind the team trembled and turned to run away.

Splitty was as fast as lightning. It caught up and killed him too. Another handsome knight of light tried to escape in panic, but before he could get away, his helmet fell onto the ground. The scythe had pierced through his chest.

“Ah ah ah … …” The knight screamed out in pain.

Splitty used its other scythe-like front limb to cut his body into little pieces. The screams stopped abruptly as the knight’s body parts fell to the ground.

In about a minute this small fortress had turned into a purgatory from hell.

Dudian was relieved as he saw the scene from outside. He had used ropes made out of grass and twisted them under his feet. Dudian was trying his best to avoid leaving his footprints close to the fortress. He was planning to disguise the attack to the fortress as if done by monsters. Even if the little splitty were found in the future by the Holy Church, there would be no proof that would implicate his involvement.

Moreover, it was a fact that he didn’t kill anyone.

Dudian went through the barrier to the radiation zone. There was no bloody smell in the area. It seems mutated beasts rarely wander close to this area.

Dudian turned and looked at the fortress as he quietly waited.

As he had expected the splitty jumped out from the fortress and chased after him.

“We have a terrorist …” Dudian looked at the blood stained scythes of the splitty. The head of the guard team should have had a physique which was on par with senior hunters, although compared to hunters, they lacked combat experience and their skills were far worse. However, splitty didn’t have much of experience too. It was a bit over an hour since it was born!

Dudian turned and ran as he saw splitty was about to catch up with him.

“Holy Church would certainly pay great attention to this battle! They will guess that a strong monster had attacked the group. They will send people with smell detecting abilities to investigate, but the radiation zone is now ruled by the barbarians. Holy Church wouldn’t send people to the radiation zone…”

“Unless they send an elite team composed of senior hunters. However, in that case, Holy Church will need to cooperate with the other six consortiums. The Knights of Light aren’t responsible for fighting against monsters. At least not in the time of peace.”

“There are not many senior hunters in the six consortiums. At least not on the surface. But as long as we go into the depth of the radiation zone with their tracking abilities, it would be much less probable that they can find us.”

Dudian glanced at his side where the splitty was running by. This little guy will create trouble out of nowhere if I can’t find a solution.


A dark green snake whose body color was the same as the grasses on the ground jumped out.


Splitty who was running beside him jumped up. Its head, which was close to its belly, grabbed the snake as it landed back on the grass.

Dudian didn’t expect that splitty’s digestion would be so fast. It hadn’t even been half an hour since it had eaten in the fortress.

After seven or eight minutes of rapid running Dudian saw lush woods in the mountains. It seemed that there were vague outlines of a building. It had a gray appearance and was covered in shades. He was startled for a moment as he thought about the possibility: “Is it a barbarian house?”

His heart rapidly beats up as he thought about the claims about barbarians. He was curious as he didn’t think that they would be able to build such a strange house. There were many doubts in his heart. He had many speculations about the origins of barbarians. Especially after he saw that knife. He had a creepy feeling in his heart about them.

Dudian didn’t stop or take detours. He directly, but quietly went to the place.

However, splitty didn’t care about Dudian’s secretive acts. It was happily running side by side with him.

Dudian wryly smiled, but didn’t dare to voice out his opinions. Although splitty didn’t have hostility towards him, but who could predict the actions of a monster? Splitty was good towards him this second and in the next Dudian may end up as its food.

He reached the trees at the foothill of the mountain. He was on alert because of a possible attack by the splitty while he looked at the suspected building behind the woods. He confirmed that it was a building behind the forest. However, its style and material seemed very different to the houses in the residential district. It seemed like concrete constructions from the old era.

Dudian carefully passed by the trees.


Nevertheless, the splitty wasn’t as careful as Dudian. It had been swaggering from the start as it went through the trees. Because of it freely waving its scythes it cut off a few trees which were close to it. Trees fell down and crashed onto the other ones.

Dudian silently looked at the splitty which was freely cutting off trees. He had a headache because of its actions.

However, he remembered splitty’s attack on the small fortress of the Holy Church. If there were living beings in this building, then they should have been attacked already. It hasn’t sensed any ‘food’ inside so that should be why it hasn’t attacked yet.


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