DK – Ch 30

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The Dark King – Chapter 30

God’s blessing

 I would like to thank spiritsong for editing this chapter!

Alchemists are angry at fellows who haven’t disabled their adblocks, yet!
All the students stood together in a neat row.

Tobu turned towards the other eight individuals and commanded them, “You, wait”. He then stepped to right in front of everyone. His face broke into a rare smile, “First of all, congratulations. Finally you have turned from a garbage to a true warrior. However, the real test begins from this moment. You will leave this warm cradle, and face the real-life death situations.” He thundered.

Most of the students were surprised, as not all of them understood the true meaning behind Tobu’s words.

Dudian’s eyes flashed. He knew that Tobu was about to announce their new identity as Scavengers.

Tobu looked at all the students who were filled with a puzzled expression, before he continued, “From this moment of graduation, you will get a new identity. Not of the ‘Guard’, but of the Scavengers! ”

“Scavengers?” Everyone looked at each other.

“I know, most of you only have heard about this term for the first time.” Tobu slowly said, “I will be straightforward. Scavengers, from the perspective of the job levels, they are much higher than of Guards. In fact, Scavengers rank on the same level with Knights of military. However, Knights are loyal to the Legion and the noble family they serve. In my opinion, they are a group of weaklings. While Scavengers are the true last defense line of humankind!”

Everyone was stunned.

Same level with a Knight?

That is such a renowned status!

Even in their dreams they would not expected to get such a huge return after three years of hard work and persistence!

Tobu looked the excited faces of students and continued in calm tone, “However, the difference between Scavengers and Knights is that one is in the dark while the other one is in the light. In simple terms, Scavengers work behind the scenes! You are not allowed to disclose your identities as a Scavenger, not even to your parents, siblings or lovers. It is a military secret!

“You will be provided with a Guard identity as a cover.”

“When you accumulate enough merits, you will be granted permanent residence in commercial district.”

After Tobu’s last words, all of the students’ eyes began to glow up in hope. After all, living in commercial district is every civilians desire!

“Instructor, what do Scavengers exactly do?” A dark skinned student asked.

“Your job,” Tobu replied, “is to go to designated safe areas outside the giant wall. Then, gather all the information and resources outside the giant wall and bring it back inside here!”

All the children burst into an uproar. They realized that there was no such thing such as a free lunch. No one had seen the world outside the giant wall. But deep in their hearts they knew that there were greater dangers outside the wall.

“Instructor, can I quit it?”, someone had raised their hand to ask.

Tobu indifferently replied: “Yes, your solatium will be sent to your house after your ‘death’.”

Their hearts turned cold. They were not given any choices at all.

“You do not have to worry. Although it is very dangerous outside the giant wall, but we did not waste three years of time and resources just to cultivate cannon fodder. The places where you will be sent to would be security-cleared zones. If you are careful and vigilant nothing will happen to you. The death rate of Scavengers is not high.” Tobu looked around the crowd and said, “Furthermore, when you venture out of the giant wall, you will receive the blessing of God.”

“God’s Blessing?” everyone was confused.

Dudian couldn’t help but to lift his eyebrows in wonder.

Tobu lifted his hand and pointed towards the eight people that had earlier arrived with him, “These eight people represent The Military and seven consortiums from the commercial district. You can choose to join any of them. Afterwards you will work for the chosen consortium or The Military. All the resources that you procure outside the giant wall can be converted into great fortune. I remember once, there was a Scavenger who picked up a strange object outside the giant wall and received hundred thousand gold coins for it!”

Everyone was startled, 100,000 gold coins? This is simply unimaginable wealth to fathom!

Dudian did not expect that scavengers could receive commission on the items that they procure. It seems it is a good career to get rich. However, the easier it is to get richer, the riskier it would be.

Right then, the eight people stepped up to the front of the crowd. The youth from the furthermost left side was the first to talk: “I’m here on behalf of The Military. Anyone who wants to join The Army, should come over to me to sign the contract. If you join us you could reside the commercial district in the near future.”

“I’m from Stirling consortium. We can provide admission to commercial district. Our commission rate is 10%…” Another gracefully dressed woman spoke.

The others began to introduce their affiliated consortiums and information about contracts.

Dudian came to understand that this training center was supported by those seven consortiums and The Military. The Military couldn’t have supported this large operation right under the noses of noble families. It was apparent that every party has chosen to share both expenses and results.

To Dudian’s surprise, there were no one from the Holy Church.

Right then, other children approached the representatives of various consortiums and The Military to make their selections. Each party provided similar conditions, and since they were competing with each other there were not much of a difference in the welfare schemes offered.

“Dean, we should choose the same consortium,” Mason said.

Dudian nodded slightly.

Sham asked, “Which consortium? Or maybe The Military instead?

“You, go and check the conditions they give out.” Dudian said and went towards Tobu and asked, “Instructor, which party should be the best choice to pick from?”

Tobu looked straight at Dudian. He was impressed with Dudian. Dudian improved by leaps and bounds from the very start through the tenacious endurance training. Dudian scored impressive results at examination, and so was his performance stellar for the past three years. Tobu winked and said: “You have excellent chances with any of the choices as they will offer you a personal proposal. But just between us, the Mellon consortium has great potential!”

Dudian was surprised as he did not expect that Tobu did not recommended The Military but the consortium.

Tobu turned away to leave when Sham, Mason and Zach came up to caught up with Dudian. Sham said, “We checked all of them. Most of the conditions offered are similar. The Military gives the best treatment but their commissions are low. All the other consortium have varying conditions but their commissions are higher than The Military. For example, Lorian just joined the Stirling Foundation. They offered him 15% from everything that he will scavenge plus God’s blessing every month.”


At this moment, their excited sounds echoed all around the field.

Everyone in the group could not help but to look. Dudian saw the gentleman who represented the Stirling Foundation.

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  1. “to disclose you identity”->”to disclose your identity”
    “can quit it”->”can I quit it”
    “will be send your”->”will be sent to your”
    “its very dangerous”->”it’s very dangerous”

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