DK – Ch 299

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The Dark King – Chapter 299

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Dudian bit his lips as he heard the sounds. Bang! Bang! He pushed the iron gate a bit to open up a gap.

Sharp scythes pierced through the gap and opened the iron gate in an instant. Splitty was excited as it saw the heavy gate open and immediately drilled into the passage.

Dudian had retreated the moment its scythes had opened the gate. He looked back at splitty with vigilance.

As Dudian slowly retreated backward,
Splitty looked at him and slowly walked forward.

Dudian walked all the way to the other side of the passage. He removed the hook of the iron gate and slowly opened it. Sunlight penetrated from the gap.

Dudian looked back and saw that splitty’s body was close to him. The sharp scythes could instantly cut him, which made his mind a bit tense. He took a deep breath, pushed the iron gate and climbed out.

Two knights of light were outside the passage because of their duty.

Both of them looked at the gate as they noticed the movement of the iron gate. They were stunned as they saw Dudian’s naked upper body. Furthermore, in the next moment, a terrifying figure rushed out after him. Their eyes widened, and faces turned white as they saw the ferocious beast.

Dudian saw that splitty was attracted by the two knights of light. It hissed in excitement and rushed out at them.

Dudian turned and slipped back into the passage. He quickly ran to the other end of the passage. Dudian cut the weeds and pulled out mud. Then he crushed weeds for them to emit juices so that it would interfere with splitty’s smell remaining in the air.

Dudian didn’t know how much of effect it would have, but he did everything that could clean their tracks. At least the adult splitter wouldn’t be able to trace or pinpoint the exact location of the gate. He closed the iron gate and came back to the inside of the giant wall. At that time, splitty had already killed both Knights of light. It was currently eating the upper body of one of the knights of light. The blood was splashed and scattered all around.

Dudian didn’t feel any remorse as he looked at the sight of this tragic death. His heart was as cold as stone.

He climbed out of the passage and locked the gate. Dudian stood before the splitty and ‘hissed’ at it. He waved at splitty indicating for it to catch up with him.

Splitty heard Dudian’s call and looked up. The next moment it bowed its head and continued to bite at the hands of the knight of light. Soon the first Knight of light was completely eaten down. Afterward, it used its scythes to pierce the other knight’s body and stuffed it under its own body. It began to bite the knight’s head. Kacha! Splitty chewed and swallowed the head.

Dudian’s eyes twitched at sight. He didn’t want to stay here any longer, so he turned and quickly ran away.

Dudian heard the sound coming from behind as he ran for tens of meters. He knew that they were the sounds of splitty’s footsteps without even looking back.

Dudian was relieved to see that his ‘charm’ was still there. He looked back and saw that splitty’s scythes were full of blood. They exuded the smell of human blood.

“There are many knights of light stationed along the perimeter of this place. Their job is to be the first line of defense in case the monsters were able to drill through the giant wall. Now, this little ancestor has killed their people. I need a place to hide it, but where? Its mother is outside the giant wall, and the Holy Church is almost everywhere inside the giant wall…”

Dudian ran while he thought about splitty. Although it was a cub, but after all, it was a legendary monster. After few years of nurturing you can kill it to get its magic marks. Moreover, estimated value of a legendary magic mark would not be less than that of a legendary item. It would be almost as costly as a city.

“The knights of the Holy Church are stationed in the vicinity of the giant wall. The only place to hide such a monster is the radiation zone. There are only mutated beasts and barbarians over there. It won’t cause too much of an attention even if it’s exposed there.” Dudian’s eyes lit up: “But how am I going to get it to radiation zone without the Holy Church knowing about it?”

He looked around the desert as he sniffed the air. Dudian’s eyes carefully focused.

Regarding the speed of perception, transmission of the smell was the slowest. Visual perception and hearing were much faster. However, the sense of the smell had the farthest detection. It would constantly drift, and you could detect things within the range of tens of miles.

To trace the source of the smell you had to know the smell of the object. Even though the wind will blow the air, but the smell is sticky. This is how dogs rely on the sense of smell to track escaped prisoners.

An ordinary person wouldn’t sense any scents in the desert. But Dudian’s nose could distinguish millions of different scents. He was able to analyze all of them and find the one which he was searching for. He was like a humanoid hound. He was better than hounds!

Dudian found the smell emitting from the body of the former knight of light. It was coming off from several directions. He followed the smell as he traced it to its source.

Dudian saw a fortress which had a banner of Holy Church struck on top of it after a short while.

Dudian looked at the place as he tried to see the distance between the barriers. Dudian had to be quick in measuring as if there was a Knight of light with an ability similar to his then he would be in a problematic situation.

However, not everything went according to his plan.

Dudian was stunned as he watched splitty rush out and headed towards the fortress.

“Idiot!” Dudian’s face changed. He wanted to catch up and block splitty, but its speed was too fast. He gave up and turned to another place. He found a block and began to brainstorm: “The people in this fortress are finished for good. Holy Church will send someone for investigation, and they will find that it was the job of a monster after searching through the clues.”

“They will certainly use different methods to identify the culprit. However the most probably they will bring someone with smell detection ability. Moreover, they may use cognate worms too…”

Dudian’s face changed for a moment, but he thought that he could eliminate his own smell. In that case, the other side wouldn’t be able to detect it or trace it back to him. It would be hard for them to get proper clues.

As Dudian was thinking through the solutions, Splitty had rushed out to the fortress. A knight of light was using a telescope as he was checking the surrounding area. The knight was horrified as he saw the terrifying figure rushing at the fortress, so he rushed out to ring the bell.

Splitty was moving at fast speeds. It was attracted to the loud sound of the bell the moment the knight rang it. It jumped up and climbed over. Splitty used one of its scythes to grab the knight of light and instantly cut him into pieces.

Splitty began to bite the body of the knight of light after killing him. It had long been hungry and running at fast speeds which had consumed a lot of its energy.

“Beast!” A sound burst out.

A middle-aged Knight of light wearing a silver armor rushed out as he angrily looked at the knight who was shouting. He was holding onto his spear.


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  1. My greatest concern right now is: How much long till “Splitty” turns on Dudian, because it will.

    Thanks for the chapters.

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