DK – Ch 297

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The Dark King – Chapter 297

Alright, I wasn’t planning to release any chapters today as I planned to publish up to chapter 305 in one go. However, I deemed that the chapter 297 and 298 could be considered as ‘dark comedy’ so here we go(a chapter less than daily dose)!

One more thing, let’s not ‘hurt’ each other while expressing our thoughts! We respect the comments written by everyone until the thoughts pass the bottom line and become curses! I assume that even the younger readers of our novel are mature as they have read TDK up to this point.

Peace and Love!

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!

Run! Run! Run!

Dudian fled away like a fool. He would be willing to put up wings on his spine at this moment. His body was exuding the smell of the young splitter’s blood, so if the adult splitter sensed him, then it was bound to track him.

The only way for him to keep his life at this moment was to get out of its perception range as soon as possible!

“Damn it! I’m not sure which area I’m located at right now! It had caught me and brought me into its nest, and I’m unaware of the location.” Dudian’s face was ugly. The only thing that made him slightly less nervous was that the splitter’s nest was an area where monsters don’t dare lurk around. However, it also meant that if he were to encounter a monster in this area, then it would be a very dangerous one. As a monster which preyed upon the eggs of a splitter, wouldn’t be an ordinary one. Especially its hiding skills would be out of this world.

In the span of about few minutes, Dudian had run out for more than a dozen miles. He was running through the bushes right now.

“It’s a ruined city which is completely buried under and overgrown by moss and vegetation. There isn’t an iconic building or terrain which I can refer to…” Dudian pulled out the map and looked at it. Previously, he took off his hunter armor, but he didn’t abandon the map. The ruins were vast, so he had to do something before the adult splitter caught up. If he didn’t refer to the map, then he would lose his path and stray into the area of another dangerous monster.

He firmly remembered the main landmarks drawn on the map and was about to move forward.


The sounds of grasses swaying echoed.

Dudian’s face slightly changed as he looked back. He saw a terrifying figure catching up to him as it passed through the bushes on the ragged asphalt. It was moving like a spider while its front two scythes were cutting off the bushes in front.

However, it was not the adult one, but the newly born small splitty. (t.n: I read through the comments and saw people referring to the young splitter as splitty. I like the way it sounds, and I’ll be sticking to it.)

Small was a metaphor because splitty was as big as an elephant.

“Damn it!” Dudian’s face turned ugly. He turned and ran. Dudian wanted to curse out loud on impulse. How could splitty break open the boulders? Did it drill out?

The most dangerous and critical part was that it was pursuing Dudian!

Dudian was going to mad. At the time when the adult splitter returns to its nest, it wil see one of its children dead and the other one missing. It will certainly pursue him. There is going to be a chase. If the splitty stayed back in the nest, then the adult splitter may stay in the cave as a guardian. The possibility of a chase would reduce by a lot.

However, right now Dudian could give out a 99% guarantee that the adult splitter would be tracking them!

Moreover, it had to be noted that even the mutated crocodiles were hunted and killed by the splitter in their home ground in the swamps. It showed just how terrifying a predator was!


Dudian sprinted as fast as he could. He wanted to get rid of this little ancestor.

The sounds of splitty chasing after him didn’t pull away. As time passed, it got faster and faster. It seems that splitty was getting used to its body, and the limbs were adapting to the environment. The coordination between its limbs was getting better.

Dudian looked back to check on his pursuer. He secretly speculated about trying to fight it head on. But he knew that he might not be able to kill it. Previously, he relied on surprise and environment factors to kill the young splitter. How was he going to lay out such a situation at this point?

Once the adult splitter returns to the cave, it will immediately chase after them. The latter is not something that he could play around with.

Hah! Hah!

Dudian’s breath was getting hard as he ran. Nevertheless, the human’s physical fitness is limited in comparison to the monsters. He was getting slower, and the splitty was catching up with him. Dudian stopped as he held onto the dagger. He turned around and stared at it.

Splitty saw that Dudian stopped, so it quickly reduced its speed. It came to a stop at a few meters away from Dudian. It cried out as it hissed. Its vocal cords were not matured yet so it couldn’t growl or call out.

Dudian wryly smiled.

Splitty stood still as its emerald green eyes blinked from time to time.

Dudian made a few steps back.

Splitty slowly moved.

Dudian made few more steps backward.

Splitty moved forward.

Dudian immediately stopped.

Splitty also stopped.

Dudian went crazy as he wanted to pick up a stone and throw it at it. But he changed his mind immediately. He thought that such a behavior might have a counter-effect. Splitty won’t be able to pick up a stone, but instead, would want to ‘exchange the communication’ by using its scythes. Dudian didn’t want to get sliced into two in this place.

How can heavens justify such a physique in a newly born monster?

“It is a second generation monster which was just born. I assumed that humans are… ” Dudian felt bitter in his heart. He thought of a way. Since he couldn’t outrun it, then there was one way he could use to get rid of it. That was to trap it somewhere or else both of them would be stuck together.

Dudian pulled out the map and looked at it while he vigilantly checked on the splitter through looking at it sideways. He was worried that it would suddenly rush out at him. Although he only glanced at the map, but he remembered approximate surroundings of the area by the death passage. However, there was a big mountain and a great lake by their current location.

He looked at the vicinity of the death passage on the map again. He saw a few large lakes. Dudian’s eyes lit up as he saw the description on the map. He confirmed his current location within the map. Right now he was in an area occupied by the Scott consortium. It was the closest area to the death passage. It was described as area no ‘0’ by the Scott consortium and was colored in gray!

If he traveled in a parallel line, then he was going to reach area no three outside the death passage.

Finally, he was able to pinpoint his location. He quickly selected a route and ran.

Splitty saw that Dudian began to run, so it immediately began to follow after him.

Dudian’s eyes were gloomy as he secretly prayed that the adult splitter wouldn’t catch up soon. His muscles were tight as he felt a feeling of death.


Dudian ran out from the wilderness and sprinted through a relatively safe route.

In about two or three minutes Dudian got to understand that the little ancestor had no malicious feelings towards himself. It would slow down when Dudian felt tired and slowed down. Splitty didn’t intend to attack him, but instead moved correspondingly as Dudian did.

It made his heart ease up a little as he wryly smiled.

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  1. Im glad that you liked the splitty name, though i must admit that when i saw:
    “Small was a metaphor because splitty was as big as an elephant.”
    My image of a cute but deadly monster the size of a big dog got ripped, burned, and afterwards went to trash. RIP.

    Though i still like the “little” splitter, and i hope that dudian somehow manages to tame it.
    thanks for the chapters! 😀

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