DK – Ch 296

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The Dark King – Chapter 296

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Dudian looked at the young splitter which was honing its scythes in front of the wall of the cave. So did it take him as a similar being because he was the first existence that it saw after it was born?

Too unscientific!

“There should be other reasons. This reason alone is too unreasonable …” Dudian face changed. His mind told him that it would be too simple to explain everything just like that. Otherwise, humans would tame such ferocious existences? They would steal their pups and show themselves to it at the beginning. Wouldn’t it be too easy to tame that way?

No, it was too unreasonable.

Dudian thought of something as he looked down at his body. The hunter armor was full of blood. Previously, when he was searching for the parasitic soul worm, he had stained his armor with the blood of the splitter. Perhaps because of the smell of the blood, the young splitter took him as its own brother… But that ‘mother’ idea was nonsense.

“I believe that it temporarily mistook me. But after a long time, it would naturally be able to distinguish. If I wait for long, then I will die …” Dudian’s eyes lit up as he looked at the young splitter. He made  a few steps and saw that the young splitter was still concentrated on honing its scythes. He thought of an idea.

His eyes shined, and his blood boiled as he thought of the idea. Once again, he felt hope.

“Come, come over.” Dudian picked up the dagger from the ground and came close to the young splitter. He shouted out to call it. Though he knew that the young splitter might not be able to understand his language.

The young splitter turned back at Dudian. Its green eyes focused on him. The young splitter seemed to be confused.

Dudian didn’t have experience in taming beasts, but he had met people who had tamed puppy. He waved: “Come, come here…”

Dudian went sideways while he gestured at the young splitter.

After a moment the splitter slowly began to move towards Dudian.

Dudian was delighted as he saw that his actions were bringing effect. He guided the young splitter back to the entrance of the cave. In his heart, he was calculating the time that the adult splitter took to hunt. Normally it would be just over thirty minutes. So he had about 15 to 20 minutes left before the adult splitter comes back.

However, it was possible that it would come back in a few minutes.

If he couldn’t get out in twenty minutes, then his death would come.

Dudian was calm as he looked at the gap between the boulders. He pointed towards it and tentatively said: “Hit it! Hit!” His hands shot towards the rocky wall.

The young splitter looked at him as it was motionless.

Dudian was very nervous as he saw no response from the young splitter. But he tried not to show the anxiousness to it. There was only one way, and that was to guide it slowly. He was patient as he repeatedly said: “Follow me! Hit! Hit it!” He beat the rocks with his hands.

The young splitter didn’t respond as it quietly looked at him.

Dudian was becoming impatient as he shouted in anger: “Come on! Just chop it!” He continued to tap the rocks with hit both hands while he looked at the young splitter.

The young splitter looked for a while, then slowly raised its scythes and began to cut the rock wall. The rough and harsh sounds began to echo out.

Dudian was relieved as he saw the young splitter comply with him: “Harder! With all your strength!”

The young splitter saw him stop, so it discontinued too.

Dudian was stunned. He began to beat the rock with both his hands continuously.

The young splitter saw him, so it immediately lifted the scythe like forelimbs and cut the rock.

Puff! Puff!

The scythes were able just to scratch the massive boulder.

Dudian saw that the young splitter wouldn’t be able to cut through the complete boulder even if it took a whole day. However, just half a meter away from that place there was a gap. He thought that if he could direct it to cut and enlarge that gap, then there would be a chance.

“Come on, follow me, take three steps …” Dudian tried to guide the young splitter.

However, the young splitter ignored him and continued to cut the boulder in front of him.

Dudian increased the pitch of his voice to catch its attention. He moved back and forth for a while.

About a minute later the young splitter also learned to move like Dudian. It was standing in front of the gap.

Dudian was speechless. He wanted to give warm applause to himself: “Come on! Do it with vigor! Put all your strength and effort!” Afterward, he began to punch the rock.

The young splitter continued to act the way Dudian demonstrated. Its scythe-like arms were cutting the sides of the gap, and lots of small stones were extracted.

Dudian was excited. Indeed, it was a legendary monster. It’s learning ability was terrifying. It was much amazing than a human baby.

“Hurry up!”

Dudian pretended to hit faster. Moreover, he knew that it couldn’t understand his own words.

Bang! Bang!

The young splitter was cutting the gap and enlarging it.

Dudian saw the gap was big enough for him to squeeze through, so he shouted: “Stop! Stop!”

The young splitter heard the sound and looked at Dudian. It saw that he had stopped, so it didn’t continue to cut the boulder.

Dudian saw that it was standing in front of the gap, so he quickly rushed back to the cave: “Follow me! Come here!”

The young splitter saw him run away and took back its eyes. It continued with the previous cutting exercises.

Dudian was angered as he saw the young splitter not following after him. He picked up a claw of a monster from the ground and threw at it. Bang!

The young splitter raised its front limbs in rage and turned its head. It rushed over to the cave.

Dudian rushed into the mountain of corpses. He threw their bodies at the young splitter to divert its attention.

Afterward, Dudian ran back the entrance of the cave. He squeezed into the big gap drilled by the young splitter. He took off his hunter armor as some parts of the armor were too hard. He was accounting for space right now.

There were only shorts on him as his upper body was bare. He drilled into the gap.

The gap was too narrow. He was able to squeeze his head freely, but his shoulder was stuck because the gap was several inches too narrow.

Dudian clenched his teeth as he knew that he couldn’t back down in here and leave to die. He forced himself out as the stones rubbed his flesh and penetrated it. There was pain coming off from his right part of the shoulder. His skin should be bleeding.

Dudian crept inside like a bug. After he was able to pass his shoulder, the following parts were much easier.

Dudian moved inch by inch as his palms caught onto the rocks. The little gap in front of him was the hope that he was clinging onto.

His shoulder bumped into numerous rough stones as he crawled. Half the way trough he felt a sharp pain in his shoulder. A stone tip had pierced into his body.

Dudian growled in pain. He clenched his teeth and forced his body out. He felt that his shoulder was torn. It was the same feeling as being pierced with a spike.

Dudian roared and pushed forward.
His palms caught the outside part of the boulder. He burst with strength as his body squeezed out and fell to the ground.

A faint and anxious call came from behind the gap. It was the young splitter.

Dudian didn’t care much about the young splitter which had come back. He looked at the sun and identified the direction. He had to go to the right!

Bang! Bang!

Dudian was running, but he still couldn’t help but look back. He saw that boulder which was located ten meters above the ground was shaking. He didn’t think that the power of the newborn was so terrifying. However, there was no point at looking back. He ran away as fast as he could.

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  1. Oh come on, Dudian really? You are being a massive idiot, so much for a smart, cunning, cynical, and mary sue-esc protagonist.

      1. To not attack or enrage it, until he figures out a plan. With his all “”his superior intellect and knowledge” he could eventually come up with something.

        Naw I kid, there really isn’t anything to do but to kill them all.

        Maybe try to dig using claws of the monsters or something, I’m sure as heck sure he can use the splitters scythes as knives and start from there.

        1. The problem is that he didn’t have time. He had less than 20 minutes and that was BEFORE he used some time to open the gap. By the time he managed to open a escape route, he had even less.

          There is no way he would have time to calmy figure out a way to kill them or craft weapons AND get away. Why risk it when he can’t even guarantee his life yet?

      2. Either way he got out thanks to his plot armor, and the splitter drilling a hole for him, so no need for any more planning. Thought seriosly, I would have use the death spitters scythe to see if I could dig immendiately.

    1. cant gamble to that.. if he wait for the spltter and tame it then the PLOT ARMOR will look simple…

      i wish the splintter to track him…

      ONEECAHAN! wait!

      i hope its girl too. cause if its boy then its aggressive (obviously)

      1. Actually, in the insect kingdom, the females are usually much more agressive and powerful than the males. And from the description, the Splitter is pretty much a giant insect. And it seems to be from the mantis family, whose females eat the head of the males after copulation.

        1. Remember that plant pokemon thats basically a bush with eyes? Tangela or something. That’s how I imagined it.

      2. 😂😂😂 actually females are quite more agresive than males. Males like to show off in front of other males, but females just enjoy the killing. 😬

  2. “Oniichan! Oniichan! Dont abandon me! T_T”
    Yes, I think it was female! XD

    Thanks for the translation!

  3. Damn! Why’d you leave me onii-san!!??? (T^T).
    Goodness, It may be a dumb idea but… The little Splitter! Waaah… Poor him.

    Thanks MadSnail =)

    1. Oh.. I bet he’ll see him in a few more years. (Lol, i just hope so xD).
      Hmmm… He’s finally out of the cave. He’s not wearing anything aside from his shorts. No weapon, No food, No water.. Nothing (-_-). How will he survive now? Gotta run fast.

      #RIP Scar

  4. I have this sort of funny feeling, that this wont be the last time we hear about “splitty”

    what? i called it splitty. cute isnt it?

    Thanks for the chapters! 😀

  5. Author tried way too hard to make it look like he didn’t just survive because of the plot armor… But it got me pulling my hair out because of all the details that weren’t needed…

    Besides you know what’s unscientific genius Dudian?! This creature maturing in 2 years and even breeding more than a dozen at a time! It’s practically a fking meat grinder but it can also breed like fking rabbits… Somehow this creature is so rare and somehow it doesn’t fk up the whole ecosystem even tho it has such terrifying breeding power huh? Fking stupid…

    1. Nah not really. There are many way how to control their population. My guess is they might even eat each other when they grow up a little. Or they are so fcking rare. For example they might be only one nest at each country or the other legendary monsters might hunt them. It’s not stupid, cause there is really great number of reasons how their population is controlled by nature

    2. Dude stop fucking complaining, there are countless ways for the author to make it plausible, make the breeding every ten year, make the creature eat way less after it mature, make the creatures compete between each other, dude you’ve never seen insect documentary or what, fucking idiot, and the ecosystem you’re talking about has zombies in it so why even bring it up, if you want better world building go read English novels like GOT but then since you’re whining like a little girl at each chapter that has the MC feeling then its probably not gonna please u either.

      1. Coming from a retarded caracter like Meng Hao which is also from an even more retarded novel called ISSTH you don’t sound convincing to me at all moron… There is no creature in existence that would give birth to multiple offsprings at a time and grow qickly but at the same time breed in long intervals… That is contradictatory to the nature itself! If something has natural predators or harsh environment it breeds alot to allow some of it’s offsprings to survive and continue the cycle but if something breeds in long cycles and in few numbers like elephants, than it means it doesn’t need to have so many offsprings since there aren’t many natural predators out there to keep killing the offspirings… Seeing how this creature is literally acting like it’s at open buffet feeding time there doesn’t seem to be a natural predator that’s waiting for it at every corner… You get it now mr retard? Just bacuse you say fantasy it doesn’t make everything ok… Ok then lets just say fantasy and add superman to this novel to save Dudians ass how bout it? It must be ok since everything is fine as long as you say fantasy right huh?

        1. thanksfor the headache man, your arguments are all over the place altho I see where you’re trying to come from its still not structured the right way and make you look like you’re gasping at straws, superman, elephants ,ISSTH, blablabla maan wtf man, in ASOIAF dragons have no natural predators, they could prey on the whole world and stay safe, thats what fantasy is, and no need to call me retard for liking ISSTH, it just show how poor your taste is and you should probably not read this “retard” novel.

  6. Plot armor to the MAX!

    That is how the story would go if the author tries too hard in putting the protagonist in deadly situations.

    And after this, Dudian would be in another deadly situation. I go like… what is the point? He is going to live.

    1. But if he doesn’t live, he dies and the story ends … no one expects the MC to actually die, it’s just how they escape these situations,it was pretty tame imo, like now he’s got a little monster on his ass.

      1. That is my point. The author should have paced the event better or don’t force the events too much. Dean is constantly put into positions where he logically should die. Since he didn’t die, then any life threatening events later wouldn’t have any tension or suspense.

        1. Agreed for once, at least make it seem like he lost more than what he gained from something this dangerous…at this point its like a regular xianxia where MC gain more than he lose every time.

  7. well I just enjoy the story and never care about whatever plot armor you guys talk about. just disappointed that there is no new magic mark because it’s legendary monster and I think Dean strength is still too low

  8. Is it weird i feel bad for the thing. It thinks its getting abandoned and stuff…. it just… melts my heart.. aweee

  9. So did it take him as a similar being because he was the first existence that it saw after it was born?

    Too unscientific!

    does he not know what imprinting is? that is clearly sceintific…

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