DK – Ch 293

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The Dark King – Chapter 293

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Dudian carefully listened to the sounds.

Kacha ~

The crisp sounds got louder and continuous.

At the same time, the silence in the cave was broken by rough friction which became louder and more vibrant than the first sound. Dudian panicked as he knew that the ‘splitter’ was moving. As for the previous cracking sounds.

Could it be that the eggs hatched?

The cave slightly trembled as it seems that the ‘splitter’ was crawling. This crispy cracking sound from before stopped, but a sharp voice similar to a crow’s sounded. It had a weak and immature feel to it.

Dudian’s mind sank. He knew that he wasn’t wrong, a new child was born.

His body shrank to deeper parts as he felt strong danger.

At the moment he began to hear sounds of biting, chewing and swallowing echoing from a bit away. From the sounds, Dudian understood that it was the newly born ‘splitter’ which was eating.

The only hope in his heart was extinguished as he thought about the situation. Perhaps the ‘splitter’ never needed to stock food. Because of its body structure most probably it didn’t even fear black snow season. Most monsters would enter their nests and hibernate through the winter so they would be less active. However, with its abilities, the ‘splitter’ could easily hunt plenty of food. It didn’t need to eat in advance to pass the black snow season.

This was the difference between an ordinary beast and the top monster. The whole region was its hunting ground, and all the monsters were more or less its grain storage!

Apparently, these monsters that it caught, were stocked for its newly born children.

Kacha, Kacha.

The sounds of chewing and swallowing constantly rang in his ear. It seemed that the newly born splitter was quite hungry from the sound of eating.

Dudian face was gloomy: “How long will it take for it to reach me?”

The newly born splitter ate for ten minutes and stopped. Dudian heard a slight vibration coming off from the surrounding ground. The newly born splitter was doing ‘after dinner’ activities.

Dudian continued to squeeze inside while he thought about the records from the atlas:

The young splitter at larval stage is a level 23 monster. Its blades can cut down a vast majority of monsters weaker than level 30. It’s aggressive by nature, and its attack strength is strong.

“Legendary monster … …” Dudian’s heart was bitter. This was just a newborn splitter at a larval stage. Even if its level was not level 23, but it was close to it. The early growth period was very fast for splitters. It would take half a month cycle. By that time the bones and scythes would become completely solid. Their skin would be comparable to steel. Its scythes would be much sharper than the sword.

In other words, it meant that in about half a month this newly born splitter would be a class 23 monster. It will be able to rely on their own unique advantages of its body to hunt anything below level 30 without a restraint. It will be beheading and killing as if using a knife to cut through butter!

Moreover, the growth and maturing period of the splitter was very fast. It would take it two or three years to completely mature. It would reach the pinnacle of combat effectiveness and became a level 68 monster in such a short amount of time. It would sweep through everything and stand at the apex! The assessment was given according to the general knowledge within the wall. So it was not absolutely accurate. But take one or add two, it didn’t make much of a difference.

Even if it were a level 60 monster, there would be no chance for Dudian if he was going against its scythes!

The experiments which the newly born was doing, didn’t last for long. Dudian didn’t know it was tired or bored. However, eating and chewing sounds echoed once more. But this time it was not savagely devouring the food in front of it. It would eat and stop for a while. Dudian would hear the sounds of friction coming off from the walls. Dudian speculated that it was honing the razors of its scythes by using the walls.

Dudian understood the difference between mankind and beasts. Human beings need time to learn. Sometimes it would take generations of knowledge to be transmitted so that some kind of change could be seen. Moreover, humans were social animals. However, beasts inherited everything through genetics. Especially the ones like newborn splitters which were terrorizing monsters that could hunt in a matter of months. Even a normal wolf who lived in a flock knew how to bite the moment it was born.

He silently leaned against the bodies of the monsters. Perhaps his death was near, but the contemplations that he had thought about made him ‘grow’. These were the things that he had never thought about before.

The rough friction stopped for a while, and the cave delved into silence.

In about seven or eight hours later the rhythm of eating sounds echoed again. It was like the young splitter was eating a delicious and juicy meal.

This time the chewing sound came from quite close to Dudian. As it was constantly eating, the sound was getting closer to. Gradually he felt that the distance was so close that he had to do something. His hands quietly touched the dagger in his leggings. He was ready to attack. Dudian was going to let it suffer even if he died in the process.

However, the sound of chewing stopped. The little guy seemed to eat enough.

Dudian was relieved, but there was no joy in his heart. Sooner or later his turn was going to come.

He gently bit flesh and blood of the monster that was close to him. He chewed it slowly and swallowed the flesh. Dudian was trying to restore strength. He didn’t care whether the body of this particular monster had a virus, radiation or other kind of toxins. As long as he could make a little recovery of strength, then it was much better than fighting like a dead man. Moreover, it would be much more comfortable for him to directly get poisoned than dying at the hands of the young splitter.

The friction sounds from the rocky wall echoed. Dudian heard the twists and turned as an immature sharp call full of excitement resounded.

Dudian listened to the movement sounds. Did it mean that the ‘splitter’ went out hunting?

There was excitement in his heart as he thought about it. It was likely that the splitter was sleeping in the cave not because it was tired, but it was roughly making the calculation about the needs of its future children. Now the first child was born, and it went out to hunt. The splitters were different from humans as the newborn would need lots of food to eat. The previously eaten amount of food wasn’t enough for the newborn splitter to strengthen the razors of its scythes.

According to Dudian’s guess, the splitter had left the cave, and there was a tender cry followed after its departure.

Did it take its own child for life experience?

There was a new glimmer of hope in Dudian’s heart. As long as the cave was not blocked, there was a chance for him to live through and survive.

Soon the sharp call paused as the sounds of rolling rocks echoed.

Dudian calmed down. The young splitter didn’t go away. Dudian knew that he hoped for the impossible.

“However, it is still a rare opportunity. At least it is a heavenly situation. Although eventually I may be killed by the youngling, but at least I’ll have a fair chance to fight with the young splitter…” Dudian whispered.

Soon the sounds of rolling rocks calmed down. The high-frequency vibrations gradually faded away in the distance.

Afterward, Dudian heard the sounds of friction echoing from the ground. The young splitter was coming back. Coldness flashed pass through Dudian’s eyes as he clutched the dagger in his legging.

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  1. The real problem Dudian is: Can you kill the young splitter fast enough with spare time to escape before the adult splitter returns?
    Either way, I hope this ends soon, I’m starting to get disinterested.

    Thanks for the chapter.

  2. Sigh.. Boring… Besides such an unbelievable monster can’t exist… 2 years to mature?! With the way it’s hunting it would fk up the whole ecosystem and it wouldn’t be such a rare monster if it only took 2 years for it to mature…

  3. power up!!
    NOxiety and PumpKING sure is reading this too srsly. by the way i like their comments

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