DK – Ch 292

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The Dark King – Chapter 292

Soon the splitter once again drilled into the cave.

Dudian also went into the hiding within the monster corpses. He held his breath as he waited for the ‘splitter’ to come over.

He heard the influx of the monster bodies that were thrown by the ‘splitter’. There was rough rustle as the sounds of bodies crashing echoed. A large number of monster bodies were dumped this time.

Dudian felt the pressure on his body increase as it continued to dump the corpses of monsters. He was relieved as more the pressure on his body the higher the sense of security he felt.

After pouring out the monsters the cave was silent. Dudian’s heart tightened. He felt that as if fierce brutal eyes of the monster was staring at his hiding place.

He held his breath.

Silence continued for two or three minutes.

Dudian knew that if he held his breath for too long, then there would be a bigger chance to expose himself. So he breathed in through his nose while he kept the previously inhaled air into his lungs in his mouth. He slowly pushed them out through his lips.

He was extremely careful through the whole process as not to make the slightest sound.

The cave was dead silent.

Dudian’s ear only heard his own heartbeat. He got more nervous as he couldn’t detect any movement but his own.

After a minute.

Dudian’s tight muscles slowly relaxed. He still replaced his breath very carefully. Because of the silence he even suspected that the ‘splitter’ had left.

After a long time Dudian heard a slight friction. It was like a razor was cutting a stone. His heart was tightened as he waited for few moments. There was no follow-up movement. He speculated that the ‘splitter’ is tired of hunting and is sleeping near the heaps of monster corpses. He didn’t know the sleep schedule of the monster. If it sleeps for a few days then it would be Dudian’s bad luck.

Dudian couldn’t stay tight and on alarm in this long silence. Moreover sleepiness and dizziness gradually hit him too. Although he knew that he was not snoring in his sleep but he didn’t dare to sleep in this dangerous environment.

However the fear was overcome by the sleep and exhaustion.

Dudian had fought for a day against mutated crocodiles and twin-headed snake lizard. Moreover he had run back and forth and lured other monsters to help me to consume the strength and energy of the twin-headed snake lizard. Right now his body was injured and he had lost a lot of blood. He was physically and mentally exhausted. He adhered to stay awake for an hour but finally he slept as he was too drowsy.

He saw a nightmare in his sleep. There were countless of rotting faces growling and stretching out their hands towards him in the darkness.

He was awake once again.

Dudian’s eyes were open and his body subconsciously flicked. It was just a jitter but all the pores on his body shrank because of shock. Time stopped for a second or two for him. He felt no movement from outside so his body relaxed as he was relieved. It seems that he hadn’t disturbed ‘splitter’ even though he had slept.

Dudian was secretly glad in his heart as he evenly breathed while he laid within the dead corpses. He felt the cold and hard bodies of monsters all around him. He would have never imagined that at one time he would have to stay in such a purgatory for so long. Moreover he was creeped because of the ferocious monsters that were all around him.

“Its no wonder that hunters want to retire and live a normal life within the giant wall once they had earned enough money. No one wants to make half a step outside the giant wall even for sweeping through clean areas. Those places are relatively safe and the coefficient of danger is reduced to 10 percent or less. However it means that once out of ten times they will encounter a danger and they may die … ” Dudian sighed. He felt that he should always stay in the ‘Temple of Elements’ and engage in research. He could earn more than a hunter would. Twin-headed snake lizard was a high level monster but hunters would get only thousands of gold coins after bringing the materials from their bodies.

The hunters could get good money if they hunted high-priced monsters. But it was depending on pure luck. On a few experience and season hunters would find set of way to track and hunt such monsters. The most dangerous part of the hunt was not combat with the monster but tracing and tracking it. They would have to pass through dangerous areas which would be territories of other monsters.

Dudian’s mind turned calm as he thought of this. But he knew that Temple was not the perfect opportunity to increase his own strength. If he had a second chance to choose then he will choose to personally come out of the giant wall. However the next time he had to more considerate and cautious. He had to come up with more methods to avoid encountering monsters that would be very dangerous to face.

“People have divided the ground out of the giant wall into areas and zone. But in the eyes of the monsters there is no such distinction. The whole wall is a hunting area …” Dudian’s heart was bitter as he secretly sighed.

Waiting for such a long time in a silent place was boring. But people would usually ignore that if their lives are on stake. He didn’t know how long it took but Dudian began to feel hungry. There were bursts of itching that came from hi wounds. The paralytic effect of ‘splitter’s toxins have lost their effectiveness.

In about ten hours Dudian’s hunger was so bad that he felt pain. He was quite patient but he knew that if he continued to stay hungry for long his belly will become numb and he will feel very uncomfortable.

The hunger disappeared but would occasionally burst again from time to time.

Dudian knew that the ‘splitter’ was still in the cave. He woke up for so long but he didn’t dare to move out as he was worried that something wrong may happen.

Time passed slowly as he waited in patience.

Two days later.

Dudian felt that the ‘splitter’ was still in the cave and haven’t woken up. It made him flustered. Has it finished hunting for good? Did it go into hibernation state?

After two days of patience he felt that he was not hungry. But in the place where the wound was in his abdomen there was a strange feeling. He couldn’t tell what it was but it was a different kind of feeling.

Dudian was hungry because of dizziness. He twisted his head slowly and face an unknown monsters body which was next to him. He gently bit out a small cluster of flesh and blood. He slowly chewed as not to make a sound. Afterwards he swallowed the meat. His tongue didn’t feel any taste. However the flesh and blood made his appetite to grow.

Dudian felt like he had turned into a degenerate and a savage as he drank the blood.


On the fifth day the silence in the cave was abruptly broken by a burst of crisp sounds.

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    1. oh i know that sound but i slightly read the next chap so i feel like a spoiler if i said what it was

  1. why didnt he try to search for cold crystals and magic marks whenever the “splitter” left? I mean he is weak and wounded (and oh so smelly), so even if he escaped outside, in his current condition the “splitter” would find him easily. No?

    1. Because first the crystal make him stronger but have huge effect on his body. (Pain and unknown effects). unknown magic mark have stll some effect we still do not know. and ge does not want to lose his Dog smell mark.

      1. But he dosent have to get rid of his current magic mark. Like how previously, when he got that magic mark from the ghoul, he used it to strengthen his magic mark (instead of replacing it) and got the ability for his fingernails to be able to cut through metal.

        1. The magic marks should be compatible or else they will devour each other and only 1 will stay in the end.

  2. i’m concerned about his crew without him they will scatter, so will they wait dead outside the gate or not?

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