DK – Ch 291

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The Dark King – Chapter 291

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Dudian saw the exit of the cave, which was supposed to lead to the outside. However, it was closed down with huge rocks and boulders. The cave was blocked. Sunlight penetrated down from a few gaps.

Dudian rushed to the exposed places. But he wasn’t able to squeeze through the gaps. They were extremely tight. It seems that the monster was worried that some other beast would come in and steal its eggs while it was out on a hunt.

“Damn it!” Dudian found a slightly larger gap at the mouth of the cave. He tried to move the boulder. ‘Kaka’. Gravel rolled down from upper places. The rocks and boulders were not fixed.

Dudian was desperate when he felt slight trembles.

He quickly jumped down and crawled onto the ground. He pushed his ear and listened to the high-frequency earthquake like trembles. It was similar to the vibration he felt last time when the ‘splitter’ left.

“It’s back!”

Dudian’s pupils shrank as he quickly climbed and ran back to the cave.

As he was running towards the corpses he heard the rolling sound of boulders from the exit. It was a like a mountain was moving and changing its place. He quickly rushed to the pile of corpses. Dudian picked up limbs and organs of a few scattered monsters and covered up his own body. He covered his face with a broken hairy limb of a monster. There was a small gap which Dudian used to observe the movement in the cave.

At this time the sounds of rocks rolling down stopped. The ground trembled, and Dudian saw the ferocious figure coming towards him. Its body was covered in sharp scythes which made it look like a super cutting saw. Every part of its body was similar to a weapon. The splitter was simply a well-built super war machine!

The ‘splitter’ stopped in front of the monster corpses. Dudian was not able to see where its head or eyes were. However, the middle part of its body spun, and bodies of the monsters fell. Some of them were amassed over the place where Dudian was hiding in. The gap which he used to observe the ‘splitter’ was covered too.

After a while, Dudian felt that the ‘splitter’ had left. His body was covered with fewer monsters in comparison to the previous time, so he was able to detect the movements through his ears. He heard the sounds of boulders moving so he knew that ‘splitter’ had gone outside.

Dudian’s heart sank, but he was also relieved. Even the idea of coexisting in the same cave with the ‘splitter’ was creepy.

He struggled right and left. Dudian and was able to dart out from the heap of monster corpses. He came to the entrance of the cave once more. The dense rocks and boulders still covered the exit. However, he was still holding to a glimmer of hope. He looked at a large place from where shiny sunlight was penetrating in. He tried to squeeze out, but the monster hasn’t left him such a lucky gap to pass through.

Dudian was in a despair. He had to check the boulder one by one to see which one was loose from the outside so that he could open it up.

“If I had the magic marks of a black weaver then I could drill a hole and leave …” Dudian would love to have another magic mark’s ability, but unfortunately, everyone could have only one magic mark.

Half an hour passed as he tentatively tried to push the massive boulder. The vibrations resounded once again. The splitter was returning.

Dudian was scared as he thought about ‘splitter’ hunting speed. It was not hunting, but harvesting fruits from a tree! It was indeed the overlord of this area. No monsters would be able to compete with it, and it will always be able to pick up a snack.

Dudian ran past the corridor created by the monster. He squeezed in back to the original place and tried to not cause too much of a change. He was afraid that it would catch the ‘splitter’s attention. After all, there were not many records about this legendary beast. There was only a sketch as well as simple information. They roughly made a judgment on its hunting level. Its preferences, IQ, life habits and so on weren’t known.

Dudian felt that if the monster had a high IQ, then he would be dead meat sooner or later.

However, as he took its current performance into account, he thought that the monster wasn’t a high IQ beast or else it would never have this kind of physical strength and massive body. It seems its brain wasn’t developed and it acted on instincts.

Rumble ~ ~

The boulders broke apart again as the seaweed like the body of the monster rushed back into the cave. It once again brought back the monsters that it had captured. These bodies rolled down the mountain of corpses and slipped. A huge humanoid creature which was about three meters in height fell. It was a large variation of a skeleton.

This variant skeleton had a huge wound on its chest, but it was not a fatal injury. It stood up and began to bite the other monster corpses as soon as it landed.

Puff! It wasn’t even able to bite a few mouthful when a cold light passed. Dudian wasn’t able to see when or how the ‘splitter’ acted. But he clearly saw the head of the variant skeleton roll on the ground while its body fell. Black blood spewed out from its neck as if it was a hot spring. Its head rolled and stopped close to Dudian. He was able to see the variant skeleton’s lifeless eyes staring at him while there was a piece of flesh still in its mouth.

Dudian saw the wound at the neck of the variant skeleton. He determined that the ‘splitter’ had acted out of instinct and killed the variant skeleton. It seems that ‘splitter’ was aware of the vulnerable part of a variant skeleton’s necrotic neck and accurately attacked that part instead of tearing at its whole body.

The ‘splitter’ once again left as it dumped the bodies of the monsters. Obviously, a number of monsters in here was not enough to pass through the black snow season.

Dudian was in relief as he saw the monster leave. He climbed out and went towards the exit once again. There was still hope in his heart that the ‘splitter’ would leave a gap enough for him to squeeze out. The other was a monster and would inevitably make a mistake.

However, after a lap of observation Dudian’s hope was ruthlessly torn. The gap between the boulders was only the thickness of an arm. His body wouldn’t be able to squeeze out.

He understood that these boulders were massive rocks for him, but in ‘splitter’s perspective, they were just small stones. It could easily put them away in one swoop and unseal its own cave.

Dudian tried to push the boulder, but felt abdominal pain. He looked down at the wound of the stab. There were traces of complex feelings in his heart. If he didn’t pick up Scar’s body the last time, then perhaps his own body would have been punctured two or three times. The tip of ‘splitter’s scythe was enough to tear through his chest.

They were small prey, so the ‘splitter’ hadn’t even tried to kill them but just made sure to catch them. It seems while it had attacked them, its scythe had pierced and cut off Scar’s arms while the smaller tip had pierced his abdomen and left shoulder.

After a moment of silence, Dudian pulled out the first aid kit. He took off the armor from his upper body. He sensed the strange blood scattered on his wounds. The blood had penetrated into the wound.

Dudian’s face changed as he used the disinfectant to wash the blood off that had been scattered over and near the wound. He used a small piece of gauze to wipe the wounded area and wrapped it with the rest of the gauze.

In addition to the abdomen, Dudian made sure to clean the wound on his shoulder and scratches on his legs.

As he was about to finish dealing with the wound Dudian heard the vibration again. He quickly put on the armor and cut off fur of a monster. He covered his armor with the fur so that the blood of other monsters wouldn’t infiltrate the gauze and infect his wounds once again.

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  1. I’m honestly just waiting for this “Hunting” arc to be over, I don’t even care about him being a hunter anymore. I’m more interested in him being an architect an all.

    Thanks for the chapter.

    1. I’m a fan of the hunting, for me it’s the main event, not that I don’t enjoy the alchemy and business and invention too 🙂

  2. You can only pile so much stuff on stuff on stuff before it just becomes boring from the repetitiveness of it. Story is a complete yawn fest right now. Every trip outside of the wall follows the exact same format and its just boring AF. Hack needs to learn to write.

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