DK – Ch 290

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The Dark King – Chapter 290

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!

Dudian quietly lurked around in the silent and dark place. Every second of every minute felt like a century-long. He hoped that the bumps would continue forever.

But he was aware that he would have to face reality and struggle to live. He didn’t continue to shy around and sit still. He began to think about ways to survive. He thought that if the food was poured into the nest then at the moment they were close to the surface he could escape. However at some point because of the weight of the monsters, they would fall to the depth of the pit. So if he continued to sit still, then he would be buried alive.

He knew that he had to come up with a solution. He pulled the dagger from his legging and began to rummage through the bodies of the monsters. Soon he found a mutant crocodile’s body. Its claws were stained with mud. It was not one of the three that they had killed but a mutated crocodile from the swamp.

Even the monsters who hid in their own territories couldn’t escape from the splitter.

Dudian used the dagger to cut off through the cracks on its abdomen. Afterward, he began to clean out the internal organs. He made sure that nothing was left inside the stomach of the crocodile. Later on, he went into crocodile’s body. His hands clutched onto its flesh on the edges as he nervously waited.

In about ten minutes the timing of the bumps gradually slowed down.

The muscles on Dudian’s body were tight because of nervousness. The time of life and death seemed to come.

The bumps stopped, but he didn’t wait for long as the jagged organs began to loosen below him. He felt a huge force which pulled them down the hole.


Dudian also fell while he was wrapped inside the mutant crocodile’s corpse. Dudian felt bursts of pain from his bones after he heavily hit the ground. Bang! Bang! Continuous sounds echoed, and the blood, viscera, intestines and other organs spilled out and smashed onto the crocodile’s body. A full corpse of a spotted dog hit the crocodile’s spine. Dudian felt like he was hit by a boulder and he almost suffocated. Fortunately, the armor covering the crocodile had evolved and had strong defensive properties. Thanks to this Dudian didn’t die on the spot.

The bodies of the creatures continued to be dumped and were piled up.

The blood that penetrated from the upper layers began to soak the ground.

The world was dead silent.

Dudian felt that the pressure was too hard and he almost couldn’t breathe. Luckily there were still gaps between the bodies of the monsters so the pungent air could circulate.

Dudian didn’t dare to make a sound. His body was tight and like a sculpture. He feared that the splitter wouldn’t eat but swallow the food. Although there was a very low probability of it happening but when it came to his own life even a 10% chance of such an occurrence would make a man very nervous.

He pushed his ears close to the sticky flesh and blood of the crocodile’s belly. He tried to listen to the movement happening outside.

A few minutes later he heard the ground slightly tremble in a high frequency, and then it quickly fainted down. He thought about a possibility. The splitter went out to hunt!

Dudian didn’t dare to wait anymore and seized this rare opportunity. His hands struggled to break apart crocodile’s body and climbed out.

However, Dudian’s heart sank after pushing for several times. The weight on top of the crocodile’s body was more than he imagined. It was pressing down on it as if it was a mountain.

“Damn it!” Dudian felt anxious. If splitter decided that it had amassed enough food for the winter, then it wouldn’t go out. Moreover, once it noticed that there were living creatures inside the nest, then Dudian wouldn’t be able to escape his death. There was an opportunity in front of him which he couldn’t use. “Am I really going to be buried in here?” Dudian whispered as his heart was full of panic.

He clenched his teeth as he made every effort to push, but there was not the slightest change. Anger and anxiety filled his heart, and they gave birth to trace of fear. But Dudian didn’t give up instead he calmed his mind. He thought of another way. Dudian planned to crawl through the crocodile’s body and drill out from its mouth.

Dudian was able to move through the sticky and bloody flesh quickly. It didn’t take long for him to reach the crocodile’s neck. There was a trace of joy in his heart as he saw that his actions were fruitful. There was a sharp wound in crocodile’s neck caused by the splitter. It was a fatal injury to the crocodile.

Dudian clutched the wound, squeezed his upper body and tried to push out from its palate. However, there was no effect. The hope that was ignited in his heart was once again extinguished.

His body was sweating while he deeply breathed. He was in a sealed place, and there was a thin air which made his strength become weaker.

He was exhausted and was anxious to lie down here to sleep. He adhered to his hopes as he repeatedly tried to push its jaw open. There were no results, so he decided to change the method. Dudian opened both of his hands and began his struggling to shake the crocodile’s body.

His body did swing up after a while and made the crocodile’s body slightly shake. He continued to do so and felt that the pressure was getting smaller in comparison to before. He was happy to see that his idea was succeeding. After all, the bodies stacked on top of the crocodile’s corpse weren’t arranged solidly. Moreover, there was lots of blood which made them slip and fall.

The more he shook, the more the pressure decreased. About seven or eight minutes later he once again tried to push open the jaw of the crocodile. At the end he was successful.

Dudian was overjoyed as he went out of the jaw of the crocodile.

Dudian saw the accumulated wreckage of various monsters. The blood flowed down through the remnants of their bodies. It seemed like the scene where a chef added tomato sauce into the delicious food.

Dudian crawled out as he pushed away or squeezed through the corpses of other monsters. He didn’t forget to tightly pull the first aid kit which was in his pocket.

After few minutes of struggle, he was able to withdraw from the amassed bodies of the monsters. He saw that he was inside a dark cave. The air was full of strange pungent smells. The cave was about ten meters tall and could accommodate the splitter.

There were rough chopping marks all over the walls. Even a manmade apparatus couldn’t carve such long cut marks.

Dudian raised his hand to wipe off the blood on his face. He sniffed and captured a lot of smells in the air. He simply couldn’t rely on his sense of odors to determine the position of the splitter if it came back.

He realized the flaw of the sense of smell in this situation. He squatted down and pressed his ear to the ground to listen. He didn’t hear any vibrations. His heart rejoiced as he stood up and began to run through the cave.

After seven or eight steps Dudian stopped. He thought of Scar and looked back at the mountain of corpses. He didn’t see the slightest shadow of Scar’s corpse. Dudian bit his lip and turned to leave. His pupils shrank as he saw the scene farther away.

There was a huge oval boulder!

Not a boulder…The proper words to describe it was…a huge egg!

Dudian was startled on the spot but soon recovered. It was not the time to think whether it was an egg or something else. He ran.

After about 20 meters he passed through a corner and looked forward. Dudian’s body froze up like an ice statue.



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    1. i knew it there are eggs there. Dudian get one as a souvenier or take the hatched ones =). by the way if you enter the body of a monster then the monster get swallowed by the predator can you kikl it from the inside?

  1. When it started saying the monster was stoking food, my first thought was its children will be born soon and they will devour everything.

    Thanks for the translation!

  2. So let me get this right… It’s not that he can’t smell the splitter but he was too much of an idiot to even notice it approach them while he was looking for revenge? And even now he’s looking for a way to recover scar’s body?! Are you kiddin me? He is in a fatal situation and he still cares about a mutilated dead body?! Is this the mc we know or the author just trying to change his personality? Oh i see now… Even the mc knows the author will save his ass so he doesn’t need to worry much haha. How else could he survive so many incidents otherwise right? Even the mc must have noticed some invisible force is always covering for his ass… ^_^

    Literally every time he gets out the wall author just throws something at him just to show us how he’s not going easy on his mc but honestly i got too numb to it after it happened so many times… I don’t even feel like reading and just skim through at this point. Just waiting for him to survive and gain some benefits from this whole ordeal… Like how he always gained something from all his misfortunes and in the end damages are only superficial…

    1. Looks like you’re fabricating things about the mc. Its clearly stated that he cares about Scar and now he’s rueful about leaving the body behind. He’s having emotions about the things he wants to keep close and value. If you want a mindless psychopath read something else. And your complaint is ridiculous, how do you read anything without dramatizing “plot armor”? I’m very curious as to what your reading list is.

      1. Are we reading the same novel? What are you even talking about… If he actually cared about Scar so much he wouldn’t pick him out to the fking Death Gate! Don’t tell me that he thought nothing would happen or he made a mistake… If he really thought nothing would happen then mc is the biggest idiot i have ever heard of… What genius!? Bah… Was there even a time when he wasn’t in mortal danger outside? So where did this stupid confidence come from huh? His plans never go the way he wants them to outside the wall but somehow he thought it would be a good idea to bring low level knights who probably wouldn’t even be able to deal with the variant skeleton to the Death Gate? What a genius this guy is hahahaha…. This whole Scar thing feels forced as fk to me because of this… If mc had the smallest of brain he should have long realized shit never goes according to his plans when he’s outside the wall…

        Besides that, he is now in one of the worst mortal danger he has ever been to and he still has the leisure to be rueful about a mutilated body before even fixing his own wounds? Coming from this mc that is just unbelievable… Not thinking about a dead body when you are in mortal danger and wounded won’t make you a psychopath… Just a survivalist… I’m not angry because he has feelings. I’m angry because he still can’t controll his feelings in times of crisis after going through so much shit… And this is coming from the guy that said how feelings have no place outside the wall and get you killed remember? Again, coming from this mc the whole Scar thing feels forced…

    2. Dude if it was easy to notice a lvl 67 monster it wouldn’t have that rank, especially since it seem to be a natural predator for everything else.

    1. can be but Why the worm dont put in his sistem ? if injuri he had a lot and the cocodrile dont think is a lot of time or have to be in the heart?

  3. I hope he get new blood mark from the eggs… His power kinda suck to me, too much plot armor on his power.
    Too much forced plot lol ..

  4. Well, he said that he might be able to eat monster flesh, but hasn’t tested iT yet. I Guess we Will find out soon.

  5. I’m expecting him to absorb all those juicy monster beads and kill the mama splitter, plus, taking the egg and raise it as a hunting dog.
    But that’s just me tainted from all those novels lol

    1. Don’t be too greedy. It’ll be risky enough to kill the prematurely born splitter in the egg for the worms, he doesn’t stand a chance against its mother.

  6. I don’t know why but when dudian got out of the crocodile I imagine jim carrey rhino scene in pet detective 2 😝

  7. Come on dudian, get some freaking overpowa blood marks and kill the splitter! MONEY MODAFAKA!!

    thanks for the chapters! 😀

  8. “There was a huge oval boulder!

    Not a boulder…The proper words to describe it was…a huge egg!

    Dudian was startled on spot but soon recovered. It was not the time to think whether it was an egg or something else. He ran.

    After about 20 meters he passed through a corned and looked forward. Dudian’s body froze up like an ice statue.”

    Who is also remembering the scean of GOZILLA (THE MOVIE), where the MC is in the supway-station seeing one Egg and in the next second the camera zooms out and you see those thousends of eggs standing around.

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