DK – Ch 289

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The Dark King – Chapter 289

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!

Dudian was dumbfounded as he stood still.

He stood up like an idiot. Even his heartbeat was still.

The ferocious figure that had appeared in front of him had brought chaos into his mind. Normally, even if a level 30 monster appeared he would be able to think of a way to counterattack it. But his one was a monster which existed in the legends. Its presence was overwhelming as the darkness itself. He was almost suffocated.

The ‘splitter’ whose body swayed like seagrass looked at the little ‘ants’ in front of it. It didn’t pause for long as it suddenly rushed out. Its scythe-like limbs swept over Dudian.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

First Dudian felt the wind. Afterward, it was like electricity hit him. His body and mind were late to respond. At the same time, he felt that he was flying. The next moment pain flowed from all over his body.

Dudian’s body turned 720 degrees, and his eyes buzzed. He lost consciousness.

Bam! Bam!

His body felt the violent bumps which brought some sense to him. Dudian slowly opened his eyes while he coughed a few mouthful of blood. Smell and sense of pungent acidic fluids made him nauseous.

Dudian gradually recovered. The first reaction that went through his mind was: “Am I dead?”

Although he was in a dark place, but it didn’t affect his vision. He saw the horror full hell-like scene in front of him. There were broken limbs of different monsters, bloodless corpses, and a variety of distorted organs laying around. There were few hideous looking heads of monster staring at himself.


A head of a jungle lizard rolled down.

The jungle lizards were the most common type of the monsters to encounter at this part of the ruins.

“Where am I?” Dudian whispered.

Dudian blankly looked around, but couldn’t locate his position. He looked up at the weak light coming off from above. He saw the jagged limbs of the splitter. A creepy feeling accumulated in his heart as he looked at the monster which was far away from him at the top of the pit. Did it bring me here in its mouth?

The idea emerged in his mind, but it faded away the next moment. Why didn’t it chew and eat me? Is it ‘splitter’s eating habit to accumulate a certain number of victims and swallow them afterward?

He understood that no matter what the reality was it wouldn’t play into his hand. He suddenly thought of Scar. He looked down and around. He checked carefully around the circle. There were a few monsters in the stump. Scar’s body was lying on them. However, one of his arms was missing while there was a large wound on his chest.

Because of fear and adrenaline rush, Dudian had totally forgotten to check himself. He remembered that when the ‘splitter’ attacked them, he felt pain. He bowed down to check his abdomen where the pain was originating from. There was a finger long wound that had pierced his hunter armor. Blood was slowly oozing out from it, but he was able to endure the pain. Most probably he didn’t feel much pain because the scythes of the splitter had toxins which could paralyze its prey.

In addition to the abdomen, there was a huge wound on his left shoulder. His arm was almost cut off.

Dudian quickly reached for the first aid kit which he carried in his back pocket.

He unlocked the first aid kit and took out disinfectant and gauze. He was about to wrap around the wound when he was thrown to the ground. His cheek almost collided with a broken limb of a monster. The limb was stained with sticky blood. It exuded a fishy smell.

Dudian was surprised as he hung the first aid kit in haste. He lied around like a frog to stabilize his body while he nervously watched the organs scattered around. Some kind of juice was dropping onto his neck. It was cold and slippery with a pungent smell.


He heard the shrill screams that echoed from outside.

Because of the roar, the anxiety in Dudian’s heart loosened a bit. He speculated that splitter wasn’t going to eat them immediately as it was hunting other monsters.

It didn’t take long for few elephant-like huge figures to fall from the top of the pit.

Dudian was scared as he moved to the side to escape the monsters that would be thrown in the future. His body wouldn’t be able to stand such a pressure if any of those huge monsters fell onto him.

Bam! Bam!

Huge shadows fell and hit the position which was close to Dudian’s original location. Scar’s body was smashed under one of those huge shadows. The blood splashed around as Scar’s body submerged inside the corpses. Most of them looked like mud and were beyond recognition.

Blood rushed into his brain, and Dudian’s face turned very ugly as he observed Scar’s body disappear into nothingness. He was angry, but he clearly understood that in the absence of power, tenacious will and confidence was just empty talk. It was just a joke.

At this time few more crooked limbs and distorted organs falling from the top.

Although he wasn’t outside and couldn’t observe the splitter, but from these several actions, he speculated that the splitter was in a hurry.

Dudian looked at these few shadows which just fell. They were the spotted dogs that had fled at the earlier time. However, it seems the splitter caught only four of them while the rest were able to escape.

It seems that it was able to kill those four spotted dogs in just a few breaths of time.

There were some sharp scars on their bodies, and all of the attacks were made on fatal points.

Sounds of bumps stopped.

The bodies of the monsters suddenly rolled. Dudian’s body hit another monster which was covered in blood.

It didn’t take long for another body to fall. It was a spotted dog.

Dudian was scared. It seems that not one of the cunning spotted dogs would be able to escape this predator.

The last spotted dog which was thrown in was alive too. It wasn’t hit in fatal points, but there was a huge scar on it, and most of its bones were broken. It was very difficult for the spotted dog to move in this sealed environment.

Dudian was staring at it when the spotted dog noticed Dudian’s existence.

One human and the other mutated monster. They stared at each other, but no one dared to speak out.

The sound of bumps continued as several more monsters were thrown into the pit. Some of them were large creatures. These large ones had some fatal injuries. Few of them were dying while the rest have long been killed. In addition to them, there were few injured variant skeletons which were thrown inside. They immediately began to bite, chew and eat flesh as soon as they landed.

How much is it going to eat?

The dark sealed place became more crowded as the bodies of other monsters were thrown in. The blood smell was more concentrated. Dudian was getting nervous as he constantly adjusted his position so as not to be hit by the bodies of the monster falling. Moreover, he had to be careful and guard against the ones who had a drop of life in them.

The spotted dog that was alive had long been smashed down by the huge body of another monster.

Dudian wasn’t happy to see this cunning monster die. He felt sad as he saw it get killed. The truth was that at this moment he was no different than that monster. All creatures were food in the presence of the absolute masters of this jungle.

The bodies of the monsters began to hoard and filled the pit.

Dudian adjusted his posture as he hid in the edge of the jagged place. He was quietly waiting for an opportunity that may arise at any moment.

He expected that at some point splitter would stop hunting and bringing other monsters when it thought that it was enough. It was bringing dead bodies at a constant rate. After some time no further violent fluctuations occurred. It was obvious to Dudian that the storage capacity was full. Perhaps it was time for the splitter to return to its nest.

Dudian was nervous as fear began to nurture in his heart. He knew that ‘black snow season’ was coming. The beasts usual collected food in advance for the winter. They would hoard them in their caves like some cold-blooded animals, eat them afterward and hibernate. Maybe the ‘splitter’ had such a behavior! Maybe it really prepared for the black snow season, and that’s why it didn’t eat the monsters on the spot but brought them back to its nest.

Countless ideas stormed in his mind in this dark and smelly place. The more he thought the further, he fell into despair.


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    1. Hi! i wonder if the splitter lay eggs or not. and can the mc get worms from the deceased monsters and can he kill that splitter?

  2. Pretty upgrade. So now the MC is in deep shit and I’m loving it. I hope he has the opportunity to take some monster parts along with him. This place is a treasure trove.

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