DK – Ch 288

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The Dark King – Chapter 288

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!



Sounds of winds whistled in Dudian’s ears as he sprinted. He climbed the hill and passed over it. He was concentrated on the smell as he chased. He saw weeds along the way which had blood spilled and scattered on them. He didn’t know whether the blood belonged to Scar or the unknown monster.

His eyes were gloomy as he clenched his fists. He passed through the bushes where he saw a bunch of giant monster bones and collapsed buildings buried under the ruins. He was getting closer to the smell of Scar, and the monster as their odors became thicker. His heart was cold. He increased his speed as he chased over.

In about seven or eight minutes Dudian finally saw a shadow which was about four or five meters tall. It was jumping from one place to the other. It looked like a wolf, but there was no hair on its body. Instead, it was covered with green skin like scales. There were black spots all over its body. There was a cluster of sharp hair on its head, which looked like needles. Its limbs were thick while its tail was long and thin. It was a like a rope which extended from its buttocks.

Although Dudian was looking at it from the back, but he was able to see that there was a thing dangling from its mouth. The two arms shook up and swayed as the monster moved.


Dudian’s eyes shrank as killing intent filled him. He took the bow and aimed at the upper body of the running monster.


The arrow jerked and pierced its buttocks where the tail was connected.

The monster jumped up for a few meters because of the pain. It stopped in front of the grasses and immediately turned towards Dudian. Dudian saw that Scar was unconscious and grabbed by his shoulder. His head was shaking as the monster held onto him.

Anger gushed in his heart as Dudian saw Scar. He also recognized the monster. It was called spotted dog which lived in jungles. They lived in small groups. The spotted dogs were an extremely cunning monster type. The stereotype of foxes from the old era applied to them.

Even though the spotted dog was cunning its level was not high. At the adult stage, it only reached level fourteen. It would be capable of fighting against intermediate level hunters.

A growl came out of spotted dog’s mouth while it tightly bit Scar. It showed hostility against Dudian.

Dudian didn’t have the patience to play hunting games with it, so he quickly aimed and shot.

However, the spotted dog didn’t jump to avoid, but instead used its head. Puff! Puff! The arrows pierced Scar’s legs and body.

Dudian’s blood boiled and anger burst out of him as he saw the scene. He put away the bow and pulled out the dagger from the waist. He rushed over.

The spotted dog loosened its mouth and threw Scar onto the ground. Its limbs bent down as its posture changed.

Dudian saw that spotted dog was planning to attack him, so he prepared for defense. There were about six meters of distance between them when the spotted dog jumped.

Dudian instantly changed into a defense posture and raised his dagger to pierce its abdomen. However, in the next moment spotted dog’s limbs turned as it used its long tail for a sweep attack. It used its tail like a whip and took advantage of the moment. A loud whistle resounded as it swung its tail.

Dudian’s pupils shrank as he bent over in a hurry to avoid the attack.

Whooosh! The beast’s tail swept over the bushes close by. The weeds were cut off as if a blade was used to mow the lawn.

Dudian pedaled with his feet and sprang towards the spotted dog. He stabbed the dagger towards the neck of the monster.

The monster didn’t seem to think that its attack wouldn’t succeed. Nevertheless, its response was not slow as it tried to jump to avoid Dudian’s attack. But was it wasn’t enough to fully cover its body. Dudian saw that he wouldn’t be able to pierce its neck, so he stabbed the dagger on the scales on spotted dog’s chest.

The spotted dog retreated.

“Die!” Dudian roared loudly as he sent a punch towards its head. At the same time, he stabbed the dagger once more.

The scales on spotted dog’s chest seemed soft but were amazingly tight. Nevertheless, Dudian stabbed the dagger up to its handle.

The spotted dog screamed because of pain. Its limb violently struggled, and its large body caused chaos. Dudian couldn’t grasp onto its smooth body. A bit of distance was created, and the spotted dog used the opportunity to run away.

Dudian wanted to catch up, but suddenly thought of Scar. His body abruptly stopped as he returned. He saw that Scar was lying over the weeds as pale as a white paper. He looked like he was in a coma and his condition was bad. The spotted dog had bitten onto his carotid arteries.

Dudian’s eyes shrank as he clenched his fist and slowly squatted down. His hand reached onto Scar’s chest, and he didn’t feel his heart beat. The huge bite of the spotted dog had almost covered half of Scar’s neck. It seemed like his neck could fall off at any time. It was obvious that he was not alive.

Kaka ~!

Dudian’s fingers cracked his clenched his fist. He was blaming himself. Dudian didn’t expect that he would lose a person in their first expedition. Although it was very dangerous outside the giant wall, but he had underestimated the sinister and cunning living environment. His sense of smell, perception and visual aids, were much more developed in comparison to his teammates. He didn’t think of them.

He knew that Scar and Jin were ready to follow after him after being bailed out. They trusted him, but such a thing happened at the first time they went out of the giant wall.

Dudian bit his lips as he picked up Scar’s body.

The next moment he slightly sniffed. His face changed as killing intent poured into his eyes.

He slowly put Scar’s body on the ground.

Dudian pulled out a dagger from his leggings and tightly stared at the grass behind him.

Shshsh ~ ~!

Eight figures rushed out of the bushes. All of them were spotted dogs!

The spotted dog that was previously stabbed by Dudian was standing in the middle. It’s bleeding had stopped. At the moment its pair of dark red eyes were staring at Dudian coldly, grim and full of anger.

Dudian’s eyes swept over eight spotted dogs. The cold blood in his body began to boil. He was like a madman who was after revenge. He knew that he would be seriously injured in the end or maybe even die, but he was going to avenge Scar. He thought about the prison life. Once the Scar had told him in a mocking manner about his dream of hunter days: “In the past I hoped that after death someone could give me a proper burial. I wanted to be buried as a normal person within the wall instead of my body stuck in the wilderness. I didn’t want to be fed to those beasts. Now, in prison, my mind is at peace about that…”

Dudian didn’t forget those words and Scar’s facial expression, even after years.

He had brought him out, and Scar was dead now. He would take his body back at all costs!

It was the only thought in his mind at the moment. He was angry. The flames of anger had affected his usual calm judgment.

The eight spotted dogs didn’t attack head on but scattered around Dudian. In a matter of seconds, they had surrounded Dudian in a circle. It was their hunting habit.

The spotted dogs began to snarl after the encirclement was finished. It was like a wolf was roaring.

Dudian clenched his dagger as he stared at the spotted dog which had killed Scar.

Nevertheless, the next moment the spotted dogs stopped roaring. Instead, it seemed that they had detected something else.

Dudian frowned as he sniffed the air. There was a very light smell close to their location. Is it another monster?

All eight of them suddenly turned to look to the left. It seemed that they had perceived something. The circle which they had formed disintegrated the next moment. They began to run away.

Dudian’s face was gloomy. He didn’t know what kind of monster could make those eight cunning spotted dogs run away directly. He put away the dagger as he thought that it would be a level 20 monster which he could run away from. He picked up Scar’s body and was about to run when a shadow shot out from the bushes as if it was a missile. It stood about ten meters away from him.

Dudian was taken back as he saw the giant shadow. He almost dropped Scar’s corpse because of fear. It was an extremely strange monster which looked like a giant mantis. However, it didn’t stand upright as a mantis, but like a group of twisting seaweeds. All parts of its body had the shape of scythes. From the appearance alone, it could be observed that it was a high-level predator.

Dudian’s mind buzzed and went blank as he saw the monster. Although it was the first time that it had met it, but he had a very deep impression of this monster. It was clearly described in the atlas. It was one of the eight legendary monsters. It was the monster which was at the top of the records!

It was called ‘Splitter’!

An adult ‘splitter’ was a level 68 monster!



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  1. First off, you didn’t even know him Dudian. Second, that’s what you get for not having them stick together and cover their own back. Third, there was bound to be deaths eventually. Lastly, you should have ran away once you confirmed Scar’s death, his corpse is bound to attract more monsters.

    Thanks for the chapter.
    PS. Author has some sadistic writing, this would be a game over if not for Dudian’s plot armor.

    1. He spent years with him and now the author is clearly identifying that Dudian respected the man. It’s rather excusable especially when he went to bail him out in the first place and spent 50k on him. His investment is fucked.

      1. They were sticking together, like Jin said. The monster just took the opportunity that the best fighters were busy to attack. Gwen, Sergei and Dean were fighting a powerful monster. Jin and Scar were together, but the monster was much stronger and faster than Scar. There was nothing they could do.

        1. Yeah. A low level dog-like beast outsmarts 2 people. Uhhh…

          Maybe Dudian are choosing people who has cheese for brains.

    2. Yup, Dean is supposed to be smart but he do a lot of stupid thing, the author seems to try to make Dean a smart cool lvl headed MC But the solutions he give often doesn’t make any sense for exemple, The paper in the drawer was so cheap and they were stunned by this COME ON

      1. Dean is 16 and and he is intelligent. Thats something different from smart.
        I don´t know what the author intended, but i think that he pictures Dean very realistic. A very intelligent young ma, with few real life experience.
        That sometimes don´t work exactly as he plans, people don´t act as he anticipates and sometimes things don´t work out because of simple coincedence, makes him in my perpective a good written character.

        1. And Scar is just some dumb idiot that can’t think for himself. Dudian has to think for him (for anyone in fact). Dudian is smart, everyone else is dumb!

    3. next time not just ask for the maps but also the monsters that live in the area.
      info is power it can save lives and can give you better plans

      1. Nobody has that information. None of the monsters have spawn points like in a game. They move DAILY. The area had also been closed off for a long time. Nobody knows what is in the area. This has been explained. The other conglomerates wouldn’t sell that information even if it existed. Monsters ARE the prime resource. Asking for it would be the equivalent of North Korea asking the U.S for the blue print to the latest atom bomb.

        In a chaotic environment sticking to a “plan” is bound to fail. He’s not making plans, he’s not interested in plans. He has techniques and strategies he’s prepared to deploy when relevant. The goal is to kill monsters and collect resources. You can’t plan for any specific monster when you don’t know which one will show up.

        You can’t have a specific contingency plan because ANYTHING can happen.

        Its weird how super critical people can get about fictional characters and their choices.

    4. They were in prison together for 3 years if I’m not mistaken!
      And you seem to forget that such an isn’t a demigod he is another (though highly intelligent ) human with human emotions.

  2. Death is good, kinda make more sense with what has been said about the danger and the mortality outside, I despise novels where the MC teams miraculously always defy the statistics and remain whole.

    1. Yes it’s quite bad how mc’s generally get everything served to them in silver platter but in this novel author just gone from one extreme to another… Author used the misfortune card so many times i got numb to it at this point… Plot armor will save him somehow anyways and miraculously he will also gain something from this misfortune like the ones before…

  3. Dudian is a vengeful person and you won’t gonna get away safe if you crossed his path. At the same time, he still have his own humane side. Just been human being.

    As for the website, my only complaint is that the font are too small and the title of the chapter does not show up. (Title only show up half way in main page)

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  6. ”Dudian didn’t expect that he would lose a person in their first expedition.”
    How did he not expect such a thing? Literally every time he goes out of the wall some big shit happens so where did this confidence suddenly come from? There is not one time shit goes to according to his plans… Besides what the hell is he even thinking? Somehow his personality did a 180… This seriously started bugging me author is just adding shit over shit… You say mc is smart? This guy is smart?! If he’s smart then i’m a fking genius… Besides they are in plains but somehow jungle monsters come to snatch away one of his man? Yeah totally axing your own story with that one author… So 7 jungle creatures just up and decided to leave their habitat to hunt in disadvantegous land and somehow snatched one of mc’s man… That’s like lions leaving savannah and enter rainforest to hunt… Even the description of this creature is perfect for jungle a ambusher kind of creature… Green and crafty which means it likes to lay in ambush and stay hidden… But somehow this kind of creature choose to hunt at plains which literally goes against everything about it’s nature and throws all the advantages it has away…

  7. Thanks for the chapter.

    Im liking the new layout. Or atleast what is showing up my phone. Far different than yesterday.

  8. Thanks for your marvellous translations. I am not a logo designer by trade but I felt inspired. However I have nowhere to send the images. Feel free to email me and I will send the two variations I made.

  9. LVL 68, WHAT THE ??? The author really wrote that ? Because if seniors hunters are struggling against LVL~26 then, how do they fight against all the monsters between ?

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