DK – Ch 287

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The Dark King – Chapter 287

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Dudian didn’t stop but continued to lure monsters as he found them by sensing their odors.

Time passed.

Dudian went back and forth for many times. He was able to attract six variant skeletons which were wandering aimlessly. He would find the previous variant skeleton dead whenever he led a new to twin-headed snake lizard. Most of the time he would see that upper body of the variant skeleton would be completely bitten off leaving only the lower body. Some of them even completely disappeared. He regretted knowing that twin-headed snake lizard ate them. He knew that the cold crystals in their heads were lost if he couldn’t get twin-headed snake lizard killed.

Dudian tried to lure other monsters over in addition to variant skeletons. He would parry with such monsters and agitate them. Afterward, he would run towards the twin-headed snake lizard.

Variant skeletons, demon spider, blood wolf…

Dudian attracted one monster after another. None of these monsters were over the level 20. Out of all the monsters, only the ‘swamp lizard’ was a level 18 beast whose habitat was the swamps. If the previous basin were not occupied by a group of mutated crocodiles then by now swamp lizard would be the overlord of that area.

The twin-headed snake lizard’s wounds began to increase as Dudian continuously attracted monsters. Especially the demon spider was effective against the twin-headed snake lizard. Although it was a level 15 beast which could be easily overpowered and killed by Dudian, it was a very troublesome monster. It was highly toxic. The spider silk, which it spat out contained deadly venom. The beasts which were higher level than it, would often not be able to catch the demon spider because of this.

Although the twin-headed snake lizard was able to kill the demon spider successfully, but it was affected with lots of wounds caused by poisonous silks. Especially, its scales were affected as they would fall off as the toxin spread over them. It had resulted in an advantage for swamp lizard and blood wolf, which were lured afterward.

Dudian looked at the dying twin-headed snake lizard. He was not planning to lure any more monsters. In fact, there were no monsters around. If he wanted to attract more of them, he would have to travel a long distance. Moreover, long trips such as those would wear and tear his physical endurance. It was not worth attracting any more monsters. The continuous fights had weakened the Twin-headed snake lizard, and they had learned its abilities and tactics while observing it fight the other monsters. Dudian believed that Sergei, Gwyneth and himself would be able to kill it at this point.

In fact, if Gwyneth and Sergei were in their top condition then they would be able to behead the seriously injured twin-headed snake lizard.

Sergei looked at the pool of blood where twin-headed snake lizard was slightly twisting its body. His eyes were excited as he clenched his long spear. He took the first step as he went closer to the twin-headed snake lizard.

Gwyneth no longer stayed away either. The twin-headed snake lizard was like a tiger without its teeth. It had lost the deterrent.

Dudian had spent a lot of energy, so he didn’t go for close combat, but instead used his bow and arrows. He aimed and waited for Sergei and Gwyneth to act.

“Eat it!”

Sergei shouted as he threw the spear. It flew past and pierced into the injured part of the twin-headed snake lizard’s body. The beast roared in pain as it twisted its body. Both of its heads were lifted from the ground as they tried to bite Sergei.

Sergei used the other spear to fend off as he rapidly moved back.

Gwyneth began to attack from the other side. Her sword stabbed the twin-headed snake lizard. One of its heads turned over to bite her.

Dudian grabbed the opportunity and shot at it.

Puff! The arrow pierced through the head of the snake, which was previously bitten by a blood wolf. Although the damage caused by the arrow was not big in comparison to a blood wolf’s attack, but the snake head roared in pain.

Gwyneth seized the opportunity to attack.

Dudian supported both of them by diverting the snake heads. The fighting efficiency of the hunting team was in top condition.

The twin-headed snake lizard, which was weakened, couldn’t get any results from its attacks. Moreover, its physical strength had gradually depleted. One of the snakeheads softly went down as Gwyneth’s sword attack made a large cut. A lot of blood spattered.

Twin-headed snake lizard finally died after a few minutes. Both of its heads were cut off while its tail gently twisted at the back.

There was a pond of blood.

The trio was relieved. Although their hearts tired their bodies were full of excitement.

Dudian deeply breathed as he looked at Sergei: “Are you alright?”

Sergei clutched his wounded shoulder and shook his head: “Nothing to be worried about. Little thing.” Previously Sergei was accidentally hit by the head of the twin-headed snake lizard. Although he was able to resist using the spear, but his shoulder was injured.

Dudian retracted his eyes: “Let’s get the materials and leave as soon as possible. The smell of blood will attract other monsters.” He came to a stop in front of the dead body of the demon spider. Its body was pierced by the claws of the twin-headed snake lizard. The intestines and other internal organs were flowing out from its stomach. The place was covered in a green fluid which gave off a very unpleasant odor.

Dudian took out his short dagger and began to cut off its valuable parts. As a member of ‘Temple of Elements,’ he would be able to study these materials and make them into useful items for future hunts.

All of them were huge monsters. Although some parts of their bodies were destroyed in the battle, but there were still many precious organs and parts that remained. Dudian and Sergei cut them off.

Gwyneth’s heart was filled with unspeakable feelings as she watched both of them fiddle with the bodies of the monsters. She looked at Dudian and Sergei’s bodies which were full of blood. The people who had come out of the giant wall to fight in life and death struggles to get materials from the monsters.

She stood silently in the pool of blood. There was spilled blood on her face, so it was hard to guess what she was thinking.

In about ten minutes Sergei and Dudian cut off all the valuable materials they would be able to carry. One of the most precious ones was the silk sack of the demon spider and swamp lizard’s sharp teeth. Twin-headed snake lizard’s heads were too big so they would not be able to carry them. But its claws and scales were very valuable.

Dudian cut off its stomach. Gastric juice and other fluids flew off as the heads and upper bodies of the previous variant skeletons fell onto the ground. Because of its stomach juices, their skin was already dissolved. The sight in front of them was ugly and disgusting.

Dudian endured the strange smell and removed their bodies. He split their skulls and removed the cold crystals.

Gwyneth frowned because of this pungent smell. She looked at the cold crystals in Dudian’s hands: “What is that thing? Is it a gem?”

“It’s the raw material for ‘God’s blessing’,” Dudian replied as he looked at her.

Gwyneth was startled. Although there was no mirror, but she knew that her face had turned ugly. She felt nauseous: “Blessings of God are made from that thing?”

Dudian nodded and put away the cold crystals.

Gwyneth knew that there was no reason for Dudian to lie. She would never think that the vials used by her when she was a kid to increase her strength were made from these crystals. ‘God’s blessings’ were known as glorious items. She would never expect that they were made from parts of such ugly monsters. It was blasphemy! However, she was not a simple girl that she was in the past. The prison had taught her many things. Although it was difficult to accept, but she didn’t doubt the truth of the matter.

All items were brought together. Dudian was ready to take the storage bag when he heard footsteps echoing from the back. He turned to see the blonde youth rushing over as his face was full of panic.

Dudian’s heart jump: “What has happened?”

Jin shouted out: “D, Dean…bad…Scar was dragged away!”

“What!?” Dudian asked: “Why didn’t you help him?”

“I-I-I tried to help. But Scar said that it wasn’t something that I could cope with. Moreover, it was too fast. It dragged him and ran away. I couldn’t catch up.” Jin’s face was anxious: “Dean, you have to help old Scar…Please…”

Dudian saw the concern and distress expressed on Jin’s face. He knew that both of them had been close friends for a long time and Jin wouldn’t leave Scar in a normal case. He sensed the smell and looked at Jin: “Which direction?”

“Straight up behind the hill,” Jin replied.

Dudian looked at Sergei and Gwyneth: “Pick these things up and wait for me at the entrance.”

“I’ll go with you!” Sergei added.

“No!” Dudian refused immediately. His sense of smell was going to be exposed which he didn’t want at this point. Moreover, Sergei was wounded and wouldn’t play much of a role in a fight. Gwyneth was also exhausted. Although her strength was stronger than Sergei, but the number of spikes pierced into her body greatly affected her combat effectiveness. She wouldn’t be much of a help

“I … …” Jin was about to open his mouth, but Dudian already ran away. He was tracing the smells as he ran in the direction told by Jin. Soon he tracked down Scar and other strange smell. “To the west”, he murmured.


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