DK – Ch 286

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The Dark King – Chapter 286

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Dudian stood on top of the hill as he watched the twin-headed snake lizard’s movements. Perhaps its wound was so bad that it couldn’t get up. Maybe it was paralyzed and was unable to twist its body. From the twin-headed snake lizard’s actions, it seemed that it was dying.

However, Dudian was aware of the cunning side of monsters from his past experiences. Dudian wasn’t going to be confused by its appearance, whether it was true or false. (The lizard’s acting) He would only believe it if there was no doubt that it had really died.

The flames began to cluster the weeds circling the place. They quickly spread to the surrounding area at an amazing degree. The smoke billowed sheltering over the grassland. The waves of heat swept through the area.

The open space in front of the hill was covered in an instant with a sea of fire.

The twin-headed snake lizard’s body shrank in fear.

Dudian was sure that the injury was not as serious as it looked on the surface of the twin-headed snake lizard’s body. The peristaltic movement of its body was a proof of that. He pulled out iron arrows and began to fire at its body. Dudian’s aim was its eyes.

Whoosh …

There was a rain of arrows.

The heads of the twin-headed snake lizard swayed around as the arrows hit it. However, its skin was so hard that the arrows couldn’t penetrate through and just hit the corners of the stratum and fell.

In a matter of seconds, dozens of arrows were shot. However, scales were easily able to resist them.

Dudian’s face was gloomy. He knew about the destructive power of his shots at 100 meters distance. They failed to pierce the snake lizard’s scales which showed how hard the biological structure of the scales was. Moreover, it seemed that internal distribution of the particles of the scales had evolved into an unimaginable level.

“It’s no wonder that the bodies of these monsters are taken back. Some of them could be made into weapons and armors that humans would never be able to create.” Dudian put away the bow and went down the hill. He took a boulder and threw it over at the twin-headed snake lizard.


Boulder flew away and fell.

Twin-headed snake lizard entrenched its body in surprise and rushed to move up. Its body twisted and swung. It was able to avoid the rock which swept over the sea of fire.

Dudian continued to raise rocks and throw them over. He lacked the tools, so he was going to fight with the things at hand. However, tools and equipment were the epitomes of human wisdom. It was a unique power which no other animals were able to acquire.


Twin-headed snake lizard again twisted its body and avoided the second stone that was cast at it.

Gwyneth, who came back joined Sergei to help Dudian.

Even if this level 27 monster was seriously injured, it was extremely risky to engage with it in close combat.

Gwyneth and Sergei followed after Dudian and began to throw the rocks. However, they secretly cursed at the cunning monster.

All three of them were raised and throwing boulders. The twin-headed snake lizard was frightened as it didn’t expect such a shameless enemy attack.

It was very difficult for it to twist its body. Although it still had a lot of energy, but the wound in its abdomen was too large. It was very inconvenient for it to move and dodge. One of the boulders hit its tail. It roared in pain as it quickly retreated outside the hill.

However, the bushes outside were still in flames. Although many of them were green weeds and burning slowly but the fire was strong. It couldn’t easily pass through them. So the twin-headed snake lizard shrank next to the flames and tried to stay away from Dudian and others.

“It’s trying to open the distance.” Sergei breathed deeply as he saw the position of the twin-headed snake lizard. He wanted to give up.

Dudian immediately said: “We will get it at all costs.”

Sergei smiled wryly.

Jin and Scar were responsible for bringing boulders while the other three were using their bodies as stone throwing machines.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

It was very difficult for twin-headed snake lizard to avoid three boulders at the same time. The boulders that hit its body would smash and crack its scales.

Twin-headed snake lizard was scared because of the continued boulder attacks. Moreover, the ground was full of blood which was leaking out of its body. However, the weeds at the outer part of the open space had been burned to ashes, but the temperature was still hot. The twin-headed snake lizard moved towards those areas where the flame was extinguished. Its body twisted up as the exposed flesh and blood was affected by the hot flames and waves of heat.

Dudian saw that it was opening the distance further. He looked at Sergei and Gwyneth: “Get ready. We are going to fight it in close combat.”

Gwyneth and Sergei were shocked. Although the twin-headed snake lizard was heavily injured because of the cannon, the explosion and the boulders and its body seemed in a horrible condition but it still had a strong momentum. However, the moment they saw the determination in Dudian’s eyes they knew that there was no room for discussion. Both of them nodded in confirmation.

Dudian took the lead as the other two followed after him.

Jin and Scar saw that three had gone to attack the twin-headed snake lizard. They were aware that they would be able to help them out, so they just prayed for them on the hill.

Dudian caught up with the twin-headed snake lizard. He pulled the bow and arrows and began to shoot to attract its attention.

The arrows were shot at its wounded parts. Twin-headed snake lizard noticed Dudian because of the pain. Its body retreated as its two snake heads ferociously rushed over at Dudian.

Dudian didn’t think that it will burst out this way. He hastily went back while he shouted at Gwyneth and Sergei: “You attack it from sides while I attract its attention!”

Sergei and Gwyneth separated. Sergei pulled out his spear while Gwyneth used a sword. One from the right and the other from the left began to attack the twin-headed snake lizard.

Twin-headed snake lizard’s tail was swung around a lot, so they didn’t dare to get too close to it.

Dudian saw that both of them weren’t really attacking the beast, but acting so because of his orders. There were anger and helplessness in his heart. He gave up on attacking, turned and ran back to the direction of the hill.

Twin-headed snake lizard wanted to catch up with Dudian, but it changed its decision the moment it saw Dudian heading over to the hills. It seems that it subconsciously was vigilant of the place because of the boulder attacks.

Dudian stopped to see that Sergei and Gwyneth were not willing to attack. He quickly pondered about other ways to solve out the problem. He loudly shouted out: “Both of you hold on while I get some helpers.”

Sergei and Gwyneth were confused and doubtful about his words. However, before any of them could ask a question, Dudian had already left away.

Both of them thought that he had retreated as the reason given by the Dudian wasn’t logical.


Where would he find helpers?

Sergei was speculating while he tried to cope with twin-headed snake lizard.

Dudian sensed the smell and swiftly ran in one direction. After about seven or eight corners he finally saw the aimlessly wandering figure. It was one of the mutated variant skeletons which he had hunted the last time. Its body was extremely large.

Dudian shot an arrow. He turned back and ran.

This mutated skeleton roared as it was attacked and ran after Dudian.

It didn’t take long for Dudian to return to the place where the twin-headed snake lizard was. At the moment Gwyneth and Sergei were harassing the twin-headed snake lizard from time to time. If twin headed snake lizard was attacking Sergei, then Gwyneth would try to grab its attention while harassing it from the other side.

Both of them were relieved to see Dudian come back. Also, they saw a huge and ferocious looking human body roar and run after Dudian. Its arms had scythes.


Dudian yelled: “Make sure that it stays within this place while I continue to find some more assistance!”

Gwyneth and Sergei were shocked. They found it funny, but in a dumb way. Although it was a very simple method, but it doesn’t mean that it didn’t have an effect. At such a moment no one would think of such method. Even if they thought about it, there would be no one with the courage to do it!

After all, they were dealing with a monster. Why would you lead other monsters towards yourself too?

Dudian ran towards the twin-headed snake lizard. The grasses which were on fire had covered the twin-headed snake lizard in a shape which was looking similar to letter ‘c’. The snake lizard was in the middle.

The variant skeleton was attracted by the strong smell of blood as it lost the figure of Dudian from its sight. It blatantly roared as it rushed at it.



I would like to thank Kyozo for the pic.

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  1. From thispoint if i’m was mc. I will just create a cannon or sniper.. Cause arrow can’t even hurt monster lv 25++.. Ofcourse if this gonna get plot armor. I bet mc will say i’m mush train harder with my bow lol 😀 haha what i’m expecte..

  2. ”Dudian saw that both of them weren’t really attacking the beast but acting so because of his orders. There was anger and helplessness in his heart.”

    Yeah no shit what did you expect them to do with spikes in their scapula? You wouldn’t even be able to lift your arm up over your chest area nor to the sides if there were spikes in your scapula… No shit their combat effectiveness is crawling on the ground… They probably can’t even damage it’s scales even if they were once senior hunters…

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