DK – Ch 285

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The Dark King – Chapter 285

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Dudian and the others were surprised to see the twin-headed snake lizard tries to embrace the mutated crocodile. The other two mutated crocodiles didn’t take the opportunity to run away, but blatantly went towards the predator. They tried to bite onto its body and force it to let go of the crocodile. Even though the twin-headed snake lizard was a level 27 monster, it wouldn’t be unscathed after being bitten by two mutated crocodiles.

It didn’t mean that those two crocodiles would be able to kill it by biting it, but a good predator would always minimize the damages through the hunt. It had to ensure its survival as long as it could.

Twin-headed snake lizard overlooked the three mutated crocodiles as they were facing off each other. After a brief confrontation with the other two, it attacked the first targeted mutated crocodile.

The crocodile opened its mouth to bite the oncoming twin-headed snake lizard.

However, the predator’s heads were extremely flexible. One of the heads curved around and bit into its forelimb. The mouth of the snake’s head didn’t have two fangs, but instead had a row of dense and sharp fangs. It pulled back the mutated crocodile as its body twisted around it. It rolled around and swept over it.

Bang! The snake tail began to force down and press on the crocodile’s body.

Both heads made rapid offensive attacks as they bit and tore the crocodile’s body while it winded itself around it. The crocodile’s tail began to tremble more as its body was wrapped tighter. It fluttered its claws to help itself out.

Afterward, both of the heads were lifted and stared at the other hostile crocodiles.

Both crocodiles seemed to realize that it would be difficult to save their companion, so they gradually lost the fighting morale. They slowly moved back.

Dudian and the others were shocked as they witnessed the battle between high-level monsters.

Dudian awakened the moment he saw that twin-headed snake lizard had tangled up the crocodile. He immediately turned the muzzle towards the body of twin-headed snake lizard. Without waiting for another moment, he lit the lead. After a brief silence, a loud noise echoed as the shell flew out.


The shell hit the twin-headed snake lizard body and tore open its skin. The scales covering that part of the body dropped down.

Dudian frowned as he narrowed his eyes and concentrated on twin-headed snake lizard’s body. The site where the shell had hit its body was bloody, and a large area was injured, but its body still tightly held and been wrapped around the crocodile’s body. The attack didn’t cause a serious injury let alone repel it. But after being hit up by the shell, the twin-headed snake lizard’s body constricted even tighter.

Dudian moved away from the cannon and once again took the bow and arrows in his arms.

Gwyneth, who was silent most of the time was shocked the moment she saw Dudian’s actions. She gently whispered: “Don’t attract its attention. Otherwise, it will come after us.”

Naturally, Dudian was aware of this, so he didn’t immediately shoot but waited.

Because of the sudden attack the other crocodiles, which confronted the twin-headed snake lizard panicked. They recalled the pain they had felt as they heard the violent sound. Subconsciously they began to distance themselves away from the twin-headed snake lizard.

Twin-headed snake lizard looked around and found Dudian and the other three standing at the top of the hill. Its eyes detected the four small heat waves. However, Dudian and the rest didn’t attract its attention. Instead, its tight body suddenly loosened and it rushed out towards of the fleeing mutated crocodiles.

It was a sudden attack. The previous wrapped crocodile’s body fell to the ground and raised a large cloud of dust while its body was motionless.


The crocodiles growled in horror as the twin-headed snake lizard was rapidly approaching.

Dudian took the opportunity and made a shot.


The silver arrow easily pierced through the place where twin-headed snake lizard’s body was previously wounded.

Twin headed snake lizard cried out in anger, but didn’t stop its offensive attack. Soon it caught the struggling crocodile and wrapped around its body. The other crocodile was about to attack the lizard, so it didn’t have time to protect itself from Dudian and the others.

Dudian seized the opportunity and swiftly attacked.

A silver arrow was shot. In about three seconds he made eight shots. Two of those arrows didn’t hit the wounded part of twin-headed snake lizard and were easily blocked.

The twin-headed snake lizard howled in pain because of the six arrows which pierced into its body. However, it’s still wrapped itself tightly around the crocodile’s body. The crocodile’s body armor was tough and could resist attacks. But it was very difficult to bear the squeezing force. The sound of bones shattering echoed as blood began to ooze out of its mouth and eyes.

The last crocodile saw that its companion was killed by the twin-headed snake lizard. It didn’t attack, but instead turned around and began to flee.

The twin-headed snake lizard stared in the direction of its departure, but didn’t catch up with it.

Dudian looked at the battlefield. He knew that they were the next targets. He turned towards Scar and Jin: “Wait for my gestures. Get ready to attack!”

Jin and Scar’s body were overflowing with cold sweat. Their armor was soaked in it. However, their heart calmed after they heard Dudian’s words. They took deep breaths and went towards the big rocks.

Dudian began to shoot the arrows. There were no more mutated crocodiles, which could be used to fight against the twin-headed snake lizard. From now on he could only rely on pre-arranged traps and geographical advantage. He wasn’t going to retreat!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Twin-headed snake lizard seemed to feel the oncoming danger. Its body twisted and the previously wounded parts were covered. The arrows hit its head and body. The tinkling sounds echoed. However, the arrows burst the moment they hit its body. The mercury sputtered and went into its body along the gaps in its scales.

Dudian stopped when there were only two mercury arrows left. He did not intend to use those two arrows for something else, but he stopped because of habit just for staying on guard for an unimaginable situation.

Twin-headed snake lizard roared and began to rush towards the hill the moment it saw that arrows stopped.

“Attack!” Dudian shouted.

Scar and Jin pushed the first boulder.

Rumble ~!

The rock rolled down the slope.

Twin-headed snake lizard twisted up its body and avoided the boulder. At this time Jin and Scar pushed the second boulder. The twin-headed snake lizard wasn’t injured, but its movement was blocked.

Dudian frowned, but he was aware that these slowly rolling boulders wouldn’t be able to hurt the twin-headed snake lizard.

Gwyneth’s face was pale as she looked at Dudian: “We should withdraw now! If we wait for it to climb then, we won’t be able to get away. ”

Dudian replied: “We are not in a hurry.”

Gwyneth’s face was ugly as she looked at the boy who was as tall as her: “Do you have a way out? It is not an existence that we can fight against.”

Dudian didn’t speak, but he concentrated on the twin-headed snake lizard which was below the hill.

Jin and Scar looked at twin-headed snake lizard after four boulders were pushed down. They rushed back and asked: “Now…What are going to do now?”

Dudian’s finger clenched as he stared at the foot of the hill.

Twin-headed snake lizard saw that there were no more boulders coming down, so it tried to climb the hill.


The whole hill shook as a loud sound echoed.

Jin almost fell to the ground.

A sharp and painful roar echoed. All of them looked at the footsteps of the hill. The twin-headed snake lizard’s body had fallen to the side of the ground. At the initial place where it was standing there was a huge pit. Smoke billowed out of it.

Gwyneth and the other two were shocked as they looked at the giant pit. They remember that it was the exact place where they had buried the powder boxes yesterday.

Dudian frowned as he looked at the body of the twin-headed snake lizard. It was seriously injured, but it was not a deadly wound.

“It would be much simpler to hunt if we had a catapult …” Dudian whispered. But at the moment there were no tools at hand. He pondered a little and said to Gwyneth: “Get ready to fight.”

Gwyneth was mesmerized by the scene. However the moment she heard Dudian’s words she remembered the plan they used to lure of the monsters from the swamp. She understood what Dudian meant and turned away.

Sergei ran from behind the hills and caught up with them as Gwyneth left. He looked at Dudian with excitement: “It’s incredible! I had lit the fire, and such a destructive power was expelled.”

Dudian smiled. They had used thin tubes to stretch out the fuse to another place. It was the original method used in the early days to explode the landmines: “It’s hurt now. We have to kill it before its wounds are healed.”

Sergei nodded in confirmation: “Moreover the bloody smell it exudes now will lead other monsters to here. We must act quickly, otherwise… ”

Dudian didn’t even want to think about monsters which preyed on an existence, such as twin-headed snake lizard. It was very hard to cope with it, let alone something which was a natural predator of the twin-headed snake lizard: “Gwyneth has already gone… We are going to use fire.”

Sergei’s eyes lit up: “Fire?! Good method!”

Dudian looked back at the twin-headed snake lizard. He didn’t know whether the mercury arrows would be able to poison and kill the monster.


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