DK – Ch 284

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The Dark King – Chapter 284

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Gwyneth’s cheeks had gone pale because of the frightened state she was in as she ran in front. She didn’t look back at the monsters, but looked up at Dudian who was on the hill. There was doubts and curiosity in her mind about Dudian’s plan. Moreover, she wanted to see how he was going to use that strange weapon to fight. However, she didn’t expect to see an unforgettable horror scene.

Dudian didn’t falter, but quickly stuffed the second shell into the cannon. He lit the lead, aimed at the first mutated crocodile and shot again.


Smoke burst out of the muzzle of the cannon.

After the first had missed shot, Dudian had mastered the usage of the cannon. The second shot hit the first mutated crocodile.

The mutated crocodile was about to chase after Gwyneth when the second shell fell from the sky and hit its neck. Although the hard armored skin protected its neck, but the shell had successfully hit and damaged it. Crocodile’s body twitched in pain as it slowly tried to climb. Blood oozed out from its body.

Dudian pulled arrows which he had prepared in advance. There were two quivers full of arrows close to cannon. One of them was full of high-quality iron arrows while the other quiver was full of arrows with mercury heads. He used the arrows with mercury to shoot at mutated crocodile’s eyes. There was about one hundred and fifty meters distance between them and Dudian’s accurately aimed at his target.

Puff! The arrow pierced the mutated crocodile. It began to howl and shake its head in pain.

Gwyneth was relieved as she saw the first crocodile was injured, but when her eyes fell onto the body of the third crocodile, she panicked again. This one wasn’t injured at all, and it was about to run after her.


Gwyneth turned around and began to run around the hill. She was afraid that the moment she went too far the crocodile would be out of Dudian’s shooting range. In that case, she would have to fight the crocodile by herself.

Dudian aimed the arrow and shot.


The arrow couldn’t pierce through the armor of the crocodile.

Dudian continued to shoot without stopping.

One after another arrows were hitting the crocodile’s body. Finally, one of them pierced the crocodile’s eye. It began to roar and grimace in pain.

All of them sighed in relief after spectating the scene. However, a burst of shrill screams echoed out from the distant grasses. Gwyneth, Scar, and Jin were startled as they listened to the roar that seemed to belong to a mutated crocodile.

Dudian looked at the bushes as he thought of the previous monster that smelled like the soil of the earth. There was a small difference between that odor and the smell of earth. At the moment this odor was mixed with a bloody smell. The odors were mixed into the air and drifted into his nose. The source of the odors was the place where the roars sounded.

Dudian’s face turned ugly as he thought about the possibility of his misunderstanding about the mutated crocodiles. Although they had evolved from normal beasts, but no doubt that they were fiercer than normal ones hundreds of times. Previously, when they were provoking the mutated crocodiles from the shore, they thought that crocodiles didn’t want to consume them…But…it wasn’t because they didn’t want to, it was because they were afraid to come onto the shore because of the predator waiting for them.

Now, this monster has appeared.

After they had used the flame to force the mutated crocodiles out of the swamp, this thing also dived out to hunt.

Dudian sucked in cold air as he shouted at Gwyneth in a hurry: “Come here! Hurry! Don’t wait over there!”

Gwyneth recovered her eyes from a distance and saw the anxious expression on Dudian’s face. She rushed up the hill.

Dudian loaded the last shell into the canon as Gwyneth climbed the hill. He was staring at the bushes in front. The smell of the blood began to disappear and be covered with the odor of the soil. However, the monster seemed to be staying at the same place without movement.

“Is it eating?” Dudian didn’t dare to relax as he stared at the bushes. Occasionally he would look at the three seriously injured crocodiles. They were slowly gathering around the hill.

“How should we deal with them?” Jin asked as his body slightly trembled. Previously, as a Knight of light, he had always despised hunters who wandered outside the giant wall. He would never imagine that a hunter would live and fight in such a dangerous place and deal with such monsters all day long.

Dudian slowly shook his head as he stared at the bushes. He couldn’t help but glance at the three crocodiles as they suddenly quietened down. His pupils shrank as he saw three of them round together and shiver. They were looking straight at the bushes.

It would be difficult to imagine these monsters will show such a cowardly and helpless gesture if Dudian personally didn’t see it.

Dudian vigilantly looked around. Suddenly he saw a glimpse of a thing, and he saw shocked at the sight. A monster poked through the bushes. Its body was nearly thirty meters long. It had short limbs, but the claws were extremely long and sharp. A terrifying thing about the monster was that it had two heads!

“Twin headed snake lizard!” Dudian was stunned as he saw the level 27 existence in front of the bushes.

He had hunted a level 26 black weaver with Glenn, but at that time Glenn was almost killed. Moreover, the only senior hunter in their crew who had experience in fighting against monsters was Sergei. However, he was not necessarily Glenn’s opponent. After all, because of several years spent in prison, he had become ‘rusty.’

“It turned out to be this monster. No wonder it dares to capture mutated crocodiles as food …” Dudian clutched onto the cannon as he intensely stared at the newcomer.

Jin and Scar also noted the monster which lurked within the grass. It was similar to a prehistoric beast. Jin also shouted out loud because of fear.

The crocodiles were uneasy, and one of them began to growl. This low roar wasn’t meant to scare the twin headed snake lizard, but it seemed to convene message to its companions.

Dudian stood on the highest hill as he looked at the twin-headed snake lizard. There were nervousness and fear in his heart, but at the same time an inexplicable excitement burst out.


The twin-headed snake lizard rushed out from the bushes.

It was like a tiger preying a rabbit. There were about hundred meters of distance between the bushes and the crocodiles. In less than a second, it had crossed over 50 meters. The next moment it was in front of the three mutated crocodiles. Dudian’s pupils shrank as he observed the predator in action.

The mutated crocodiles roared in horror as they saw the twin-headed snake lizard appear. One of them used its tail while the other two used their mouths and claws to attack it.

Twin-headed snake lizard was extremely flexible. It easily resolved the first wave of attacks and its two large snake heads bit onto the mutated crocodile. One of the heads grabbed onto its neck while the other bit its forelimb. The next moment the second head let go of the claw and began to wave right and left in front of a crocodile’s head to attract its attention.



Furrryyyyyy road!

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  1. Can Dudian ever have a plan that doesn’t go arwry?
    I think there has never been any plans without interruptions.

    Thanks for the chapter.

      1. But somehow mc always manages to gain something out of every misfortune… Even if the author makes it seem like he’s constantly hard on his mc, at this point it’s not fooling anyone… How many times this happened? Getting too repetitive really…

        1. Really what do you expect? Constant failure? For him to die? To get nothing after risking his life? Easily beat monsters and level up last minute?

    1. The best plans are simple ones that leave you open to react to anything. In that environment a concrete plan doesn’t exist. The variables are unknown.

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