DK – Ch 283

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The Dark King – Chapter 283

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


The sharp sword chopped off the weeds, dry leaves and so on.

It didn’t take long for Dudian to cut down those dry weeds and trees. He threw the weeds and branches into the basin. He tried to scatter them around the wetlands as much as possible.

Gwyneth reached over and looked at the swamp in front of her: “According to Sergei you want me to lead the monsters over to initial location but do you expect me to go inside?”

Dudian nodded: “No, wait for them to come out. Make sure that you lure them to the place we agreed yesterday and act as planned. ”

Gwyneth frowned: “But how are you going to lure them out?”

“Simple.” Dudian lit up a match. He had prepared a barrel of kerosene. If there were more than one, the effect would be much greater.

The match ignited, and Dudian grabbed a knot from the weeds and lit it up. He threw it into the marsh, and the flame began to spread around quickly. The fire burned, and the heat wave began to increase. The smoke rolled.

It didn’t take long for a raging fire to cover the swamp while the heat rapidly increased. Dudian was staring at the grasses when he said in a low tone: “They are about to come out.” He turned and ran away as soon as he reminded Gwyneth.

Gwyneth’s face changed as she stared at the swamp. One of the places where the fire burned began to bulge. The large mouth of a monster came out first. Its fangs were as sharp as the steel spikes. It bit the grass and sputtered the mud as it went out of  the basin.

Gwyneth’s heart went cold as she saw the dark figure which was more than ten meters in length. She didn’t think that hunters would face ferocious monsters such as this. No wonder all of them were as cunning as a fox and as brutal as tyrants.

She bent over and picked up mud. Gwyneth threw it past. The muscles of her body were tightened as she was ready to escape any moment.

Roar! Roar!

Seven or eight dark shadows roared and drilled out from the flames. Their cold eyes fell onto Gwyneth’s body who was standing by the shore.

Gwyneth didn’t have any experience with fighting monsters or hunting them. All her skills were nurtured so that she could hunt down human hunters. So without the slightest idea of what to do, she turned back and ran.

Several corroded buildings were crushed by the vines over time and had created a small hill.

Jin, Scar, and Sergei were standing over the hill and observing the direction of the swamp. Sergei’s face slightly changed when he heard the faint beast roars. He didn’t think that Dudian would have a way to lure out the monsters from the swamp. His eyes lit up as he looked at Scar and Jin, who were at a loss: “He is coming back. Get ready!”

Jin and Scar weren’t aware how he knew about Dudian’s actions, but they knew that Sergei wouldn’t tease or lie to them on such an occasion. According to Dudian’s instructions, they went to a high slope near the hill. There were few stone rocks there which were about four meters in diameter. They were real rocks, not the concrete stones that had resulted from the collapse of the buildings.


Dudian quickly rushed out of the bushes.

“Come on!” Dudian cried out as he quickly ran to the front of the hill. However, his footsteps slowed down as he was puzzled. He looked around and turned to his left side. There was a damp atmosphere over there.

“Is there another monster lurking in the vicinity?” Dudian was startled. He hadn’t noticed the smell exuded by the monster earlier on since its smell was very similar to the soil. However, the monster made a slow movement which caught his attention. He knew that something that exuded such a smell couldn’t move and if it moved it meant that it was a monster. Moreover, the monster seemed to move a bit further away, however the smell diffused was far behind from its actual movement.

His eyelids beat up as he got nervous. There was an unknown and dangerous premonition in his heart. He stayed still for a few seconds and turned towards the hill. He ran to the place of ambush and said to Scar and Jin: “You will help Gwyneth flee away. I have a premonition that there is another dangerous monster lurking by. Be very careful!”

Sergei didn’t ask him the method used to lure the monsters out from the swamp. But he had a dignified expression in his face: “There is a kind of a gripping feeling. I instinctively think that there are other hunters in ambush or there is a terrible monster that was lead here by you.”

Dudian took a deep breath: “Go on! Follow the second plan.”

Sergei stared at him for a second and then turned away. He ran down the hill and went into the bushes.

Dudian stood in front of the cannon. There were three artillery shells ready to be shot. He had yellow powder only enough to produce three shells, so he didn’t make too much bulk. Moreover, this was the first experience and was meant to test the destructive power of the cannon.


Suddenly a few black spots appeared within the grasses. The first was Gwyneth, who foolishly ran straight on. Behind the girl, there were three long shadows which were more than ten meters long. They seemed like huge crocodiles. Their bodies were flat and had short limbs. However, their jaws were very big, and their grip would have an immeasurable power. Their necks and spines were covered in cuticle armor. It had a weird pattern. It seemed that their skin armor could protect them and withstand the attacks of most monsters at the same level or below as them.

They were a level 19 monster, mutated crocodiles!

Dudian tightly stared at them as he held a match in one hand while the other hand clutched onto the cannon as he adjusted the aim.

On an arc-shaped open space in front of the hill, there was word ‘ten’ engraved onto the weeds. It was the marking which he had engraved previously, and Gwyneth had to lure them here.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The sound similar to a low thunder echoed out as the crocodiles, which weighed several tons trampled the ground. The places where their claws touched resulted in winds which made the weeds to sway to their sides.

Gwyneth leaped through the weeds. Her body was strong enough to bypass the weeds, and it seemed that they couldn’t block her. She ran in a straight line. The spikes which were pierced onto her arms, scapula, and ribs were rubbing the hunter armor she was wearing.

It didn’t take long for Gwyneth to reach the open space in front of the hill. It was a street from the old times. The asphalt had long lost its effect and was covered in weeds. Gwyneth was sweating and struggling to run past.

Dudian lit the match and fired the cannon. The muzzle was already directed and aimed at the three mutated crocodiles.


A deafening sound echoed out and violently resounded in their ears. The base under the cannon was pressured into a concave as the fire burst and flashed out from the barrel’s muzzle. The shell bypassed the first crocodile, but hit the second one.


It was like if an invisible hand had lifted and forced the second crocodile’s body to fly away. It flipped around two times and hit the third crocodile.

The first crocodile’s tail was also affected by the explosion. It lost its balance, but was still able to control itself.

Scar and Jin, who heard the amazing sound and saw the effect of the explosion were stunned. They couldn’t believe their eyes.




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  1. Look at Sergei and say:
    “Do you still have a problem with my weapons?”


    Thanks for the translation!

  2. He made ready shells but activates them with a match? If you have the ability to make shells then it would be a pretty simple thing to also include a primer to the shells and a simple trigger to the cannon…

    1. He wanted to make an medieval cannon first remember. He thought that if he did too much too quickly, it might raise suspicion. If course he already knows how to make a gun.

    1. Lol who’s gonna be suspicious of him? His own troup? Whatever he showed now vs a gun wouldn’t be much different to his soldiers… It probably would be at the same level of alien technology no matter how advanced it get after you pass a certain treshold of technology. It’s like trying to explain a medieval man the difference between an rpg-7 and javelin missle. Both are such alien technology to medieval man they both would be at the same level of shocking… A medieval scholar might still understand the difference between rpg-7 and javelin missle and the technology gap between them if properly explained but for an avarage guy they both would just look like flying spears that spew fire when hit… They would both be equally shocking…

  3. Question

    I did ask this kind of question precedently but forgot to check the answers and I can’t remember in wich chapter it was.(Sorry TT)

    Well, there’s something that’s bugging me since long ago. Why Dudian’s physic isn’t a light physic ?
    I don’t think that’s logical since Dudian came from the precedent era. And he should have evade the negative effects of the nuclear war, since he was sleeping in his hermetical “fridge”. Thus, how people from this current era who are borned from contamineted generations and in an unpure environnement could have a light physic whereas him no ?

    1. Light physique is the exact opposite of what you think. They are mutated humans who got better at coping with radiation. Why would someone from pre war even have radiation resistance? Rather Dudain must be the worst in terms of resistance, probably even inferrior to normal populace.

  4. He needs to heal these people, otherwise they might really die being handicapped (with those spikes/nails in their shoulders).

    He has that technology, he should make a polygraph or something. Or since the technology from his time is so futuristic (he came out from suspended animation chamber/capsule), he should have a better lie detector idea.

    Oh and since he made the DC generator, maybe he can go on and make a walkie-talkie (hand held radios).

    1. You seriously think making a reliable polygraph is easy? It firstly requires there to be a computer for the processing of gathered data and sensors that pick up bodily changes like heat and small movements. Besides what good a polygraph is gonna do? It’s not like a polygraph can be used at all times. You have to be completely still for it to work… What good would it even make for him to confirm that they are not sincere? He already knows that much anyways… Besides almost unnoticable smells that people give off when they are lying or uncomfortable can be a good way of determening if they are lying or not with his smell ability…

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