DK – Ch 282

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The Dark King – Chapter 282

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Jin’s face changed the moment he heard Dudian’s words. He wanted to propose to use flames to disperse the monsters that were possibly lurking around.

“Tonight Scar will stay up as a watchman. Sergei and Gwyneth will have a task tomorrow so have a good rest.” Dudian said.

Scar nodded in confirmation. Out of five’s fighting capability and strength, he and Jin were at the bottom. He was going to take the initiative to stay as a watchman for the night even if Dudian didn’t say.

Sergei and Gwyneth didn’t comment instead leaned against the wall to rest quietly.

Dudian also leaned against the concrete wall. Because of friction and pressure, the concrete wall turned into chunks of powder and fell from the wall. After three hundred years solid concrete had faced endless rain and extremely hot air corrosion. It made him think about the giant wall. According to the information from the history records in the library, the giant wall was built three hundred years ago but still stood today as if it was built yesterday. He had to admire the technology and materials used while building it.

A cold breeze was stroking the weeds and grasses in ruins, and rustling sounds echoed out. It was accompanied by a smell of plant juices with a touch of an astringent taste which filled the air.

All five of them were sitting in the shelter. Jin had taken out his sword and tightly held it in his arms. He did so that in a case of a sudden danger he wouldn’t be too late to pull it out.

Scar’s face looked dignified as he patrolled around the place. He used both visual and auditory detection to feel and hear the signs of trouble in the surrounding area. Weak light from the moon and the stars lit the area.

The night passed.

Dudian, Sergei, and the others slept until dawn. They didn’t encounter any monster attacks during their sleep. It was not because of their good luck, but Dudian had previously picked the place after sensing the dangers. Most of the monsters were far away from their location which was why they had avoided encountering them at night.

Dudian woke up when the sky brightened. He saw Scar sitting outside the stone shelter. Scar was looking around and didn’t look tired.

Dudian took out dry food and water to eat up. He made sure that Sergei, Gwyneth, and Jin are awake too.

Scar was relieved the moment he saw Dudian wake up: “Why so early?”

“I’m used to it.” Dudian waited for others to eat and restore their spirits.

“Time to set off.”

Dudian packed the dry food and led the way in front. It didn’t take long for them to reach the location where they had left the cannon. It was still isolated in the grasses. There were no footprints of any monsters close to the cannon.

Dudian looked at Sergei: “Because of your previous experience you should know how to lure monsters, don’t you?” Dudian didn’t intend to expose the abilities of his magic marks in front of others if it was not necessary. Although they would be able to find out which magic marks he had but the timing of sooner or later decided a lot of things.

Sergei shrugged his shoulders: “Those monsters from yesterday are no different from normal beasts. Luring them out is pretty simple. We can use sound or smell. But you should know that monsters are more inclined to come out if they smell the taste of blood. In this case, we can’t rely on magic mark abilities but can rely on the most primitive approach.”

Dudian nodded: “The efficiency of attracting with sound is going to be low. Firstly we will lure to the monsters from yesterday and kill them. Afterward, we will use their blood to attract the other monsters.”

Sergei replied: “It’s very hard to lure out those monsters. They don’t easily set foot out from their habitat. It’s their slaughterhouse. Moreover, they prefer to be hidden when attacking and most of them aren’t physically strong. Additionally, their endurance is poor. So even if you try to provoke them to come to shore, they won’t come out.”

“If they won’t come out on their own then we will force them out.” Dudian looked at Gwyneth: “You wait for us to come back. Don’t forget to protect them both. If you see that there is no reply from us in a long time, then take both of them and flee back to the exit of the giant wall and wait for us.”

Gwyneth nodded in confirmation.

Sergei saw that Dudian wasn’t planning to give up: “We shouldn’t mess with such a troublesome thing. It’s tiring to fight against monsters which can drill into the soil.” He complained but helplessly followed after Dudian.

Sergei and Dudian returned to the swamp basin from yesterday.

Dudian glanced over the plants of the swamp. They were so dense that at first glance you would think that it was a flat ground. However, there were no other plants other than a long grass which reached his waist. It was easy to get stuck in there.

“How can we force them out?” Sergei looked at Dudian.

“Is it me or are you the senior hunter?” Dudian glanced back.

Sergei’s face was gloomy: “Anyway, I don’t want to mess with this kind of troublesome monsters. It’s just too dangerous. ”

Dudian pulled out the bow and arrow. He looked at the basin while he held the bow in his left hand and arrow in the right. He aimed and shot.

Puff! The arrow didn’t enter the soil but paused a bit over the basin. A low roar echoed as the water surface twisted. The grasses slightly shook, and the arrow sunk inside and disappeared.

Dudian could clearly see the huge outline that just emerged. It was about ten meters long. It seemed close to the crocodiles from the old era.

Sergei saw the movement too: “It’s useless. Even if you attack and inflict pain on it, the monster won’t come out but instead drill deeper. Would an assassin come out to fight you head on if you had exposed him?”

Dudian didn’t reply but instead focused on the area. Soon he made another shot.

Another low roar echoed. Arrow seemed to have stuck onto soil but then suddenly sank. It was as if soil dragged it inside.

Dudian sneered as he saw Dudian was not planning to give up. His brows gradually wrinkled as he looked around the place.

From time to time he would pull out a bow and shoot. Some would end empty while the others would hit the target.

In about half an hour all the arrows brought by Dudian were shot. His face was dignified as he checked the basin. He didn’t expect that the number of monsters lurking in this marshes was more than he had imagined. There were at least twenty of them.

“It seems that the first batch of our hunt targets will change.” Dudian put away the bow.

Sergei replied: “You won’t be able to kill all of them inside the basin. It is a joke. Don’t be tempted by them. Moreover, after you get inside all of them will rush out at the same time. Additionally, they won’t come out because you and I aren’t enough for them. Of course, if we had removed my spikes then I would return to my top condition. In that case, I would freely kill these small time monsters.”

“Don’t blow it.” (Tln: don’t bullshit) Dudian interrupted Sergei: “Go back and inform Gwyneth to come over. I’ll take these guys, and she will lead them back to the previous place.”

Sergei snapped: “You weren’t able to attract even one of them in the last half-day…What are you talking about?”

“Who said that I was trying to attract them?” Dudian gave him a stern look “Are you going back or are you going to talk some more?”

Sergei grunted in anger: “Alright… I’ll see how you attract them. But remember I was not planning to accompany you to death!” He left the place.

Dudian took out his sword after Sergei left. He began to cut the yellow weeds next to the swamp.


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    Sergei sneered as he saw Dudian was not planning to give up.

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