DK – Ch 28

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The Dark King – Chapter 28

I would like to thank spiritsong for editing this chapter.

Although Kris said that the military reward was extremely alluring, Dudian was sensible enough to dispel the idea of ​​even claiming the prize. He was not sure what kind of clues that were recovered from the alchemists’ chamber by the Knights of the Light. He had utilized fire to destroy everything but the traces of the explosion would not disappear. If he was taken into a cross-examination, he would inevitable expose flaws.

Moreover, in his trousers he hid the alchemy notes, so in the moment if he underwent a search, the consequences could be disastrous. He just wanted to stay away from Knights of Light. The further, the better it is!

“Knighthood opportunity, ah … …” Dudian’s heart hurt, but he bit his tongue to be a bit more sensible regarding his security.

“Dean, very good … …” Zach’s face was full excitement. He was about to go on to talk but saw Dudian’s harsh look so he stopped.

Mason, Zach and Sham was caught off guard and surprised for a moment. After few months of getting along, and then ten days of survival test they have long taken a deep understanding of each another’s behaviours. With a simple glance, they could understand the meaning behind Dudian’s eyes. They couldn’t help but to wonder as to why Dudian chose to miss this golden opportunity. The golden symbol, the zenith status that a civilian could attain has landed on Dudian’s feet and he only needed to take one step forward.

This is the dream of countless people, ah!

However, under the glare of Dudian they stopped. The three of them did not say anything. They respected Dudian’s choice, although as incredible and puzzled as they were. They knew that they could not convince Dudian otherwise, so they didn’t want to stop him.

Kris looked at the crowd which was in silence. Nobody responded. She frowned slightly, and  at this time, suddenly a voice was heard, “I, I.” A short boy held his hands together, who looked a little nervous stepped out of the crowd.

Kris was relieved, as she looked at him deeply, smiled and said, “Congratulations, you will be rewarded by the instructor and it will be recorded on to your household. Now let us appreciate how the Knight of Light is going to punish the demon.”

As she finished talking, a person slowly came out from the previous huge black carriage. His body was clad in silver-white armor. He was a young man with a handsome appearance. He was tall. For most of the onlookers he was full of ungodly charm.

All the children had excitement exposed on their faces. Compared to the proud aristocracy, civilians highly regarded and loved the benevolent Knights of Light.

Dudian looked at the young Knight of Light. What was he going to do? Was he going to award the child who was posing for Dudian’s accomplishments? He felt a bit of regret in his heart. If he had known that everything would pass by in a such a simple manner then he would have stepped forward no matter what. He couldn’t help but to blame himself for overthinking everything.

He sighed inwardly but knew that he missed his chance. He can only put it away behind his mind. In any case, being cautious is always good, as for military reward… He shook his head, and put the thoughts aside. Then, a young Knight of Light walked passed by Tobu and stepped right in front of the alchemist. There was a hint of smile on his face as he slowly pulled out his sword. The sun was reflected on the blade of the sword.
“I, Melk, in the name of the Father, will now decide the fate of this devil!”

“Light will eventually expel all the darkness!”

He said. In a moment his hands used to momentum to swing the sword towards the alchemist’s head.

The Alchemist was immediately beheaded. Blood spewed out from the neck, his body fell to the ground. The Alchemist’s head rolled a few times before coming to a stop. The blood continued to spill to the sand.

In front of the bloody scene many of the children were scared and took a step back out of fear. But soon that fear transformed into excitement. They shouted and echoed the last words that Melk spoke,

“Light will eventually expel all the darkness!”

One after the another, the words echoed out in the desert.

Dudian did not want to be found strange, so he also followed by slowly shouting the words. But in his heart, he screamed, “Did not any of you saw the blood that spilt into the sand, its colored red just like every single one of us here!”

In this world, it is not uncommon to publicly try inmates. Countless people would come as onlookers to the trials of the convicted prisoners who had done great evil. Perhaps in this monotonous world it is kind of an entertainment.

Soon, the man named Melk wiped his sword, then turned and left.

Kris and Tobu escorted Dudian and the other children using the black carriages back to Scavenger special training ground.

After returning to their bedrooms, everyone felt that the tattered, shabby little room that they used to live in was so valuable and protective.

“I heard that this time a total of eight alchemists were captured.” Dasha was sitting on a soft chair, she smiled and continued, “I am even jealous of this feat. You have done a great job. I believe that after the special training of this group ends, you will be promoted to the Hunter School. It’s time to go to there to discipline those group of ‘monsters’, they may need your strictness more than this group.”
Tobu wryly said, “The lion’s share of the credit does not belong to me. It was the Mel family’s young genius who killed a two-star alchemist!”

“Mel house seems to be reviving, ah…Dasha mouth revealed a trace of a smile and said, “I heard that there was another kid who escaped from a three star alchemist’s clutches and that alchemist was eventually found dead”.

Tobu replied, “According to the Knight of Light’s point of view there had to be a four-star alchemist who had killed him because of the amount of power of destruction of that place”
Dasha’s eyes narrowed and then said, “It’s been a long time that we had detected activities of a four-star alchemist. Even if there was one in the desert, I estimated that with you and those Knights of Lights included, none of them Alchemists would return alive!”

Tobu took a breath in, and then said, “The next time when there is such a thing, I want you to give me a notice in advance. I don’t want to be kept in the dark”

“I’m tired,” Dasha responded and yawned to avoid further talk.

Tobu smiled slightly. He could only respectfully withdraw from the conversation.

“Giant wall calendar. Year 291. The rainy season.”

“The experiment is ready. I have thoroughly grasped the structure of the human body. Today I will experiment with my own body. Soon I, Rosyard’s name, will be forever engraved in the Alchemist Hall as the immortal. I will also become the new creator…”

Dudian secretly studied the alchemy notes when no one was around. This alchemist who experimented and refined his own body had recorded everything. From the scrawling of goose feathers, Dudian could notice the trembling writing occasionally and felt how excited the alchemist had been.

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