DK – Ch 279

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The Dark King – Chapter 279

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Nicholas’s mouth curled up slightly as he heard Gwyneth’s words. He whispered: “We must first try to know whether the kid bought him. If Sergei has swayed, then the little devil will use him to pass wrong information to us. However, we can also use him to pass wrong information to the little devil.”

Gwyneth nodded.

“I will go out to avoid suspicions.” Nicholas opened the door and went out.

Gwyneth’s eyes lit up as she looked at his back.

Temple of Elements. Thirteenth castle.

Two figures were sitting at a table and drinking tea. There were few newspapers on the table. One of them had a large portrait depicted on it. It was Dudian’s picture. He had a smile on his face.

“The little kid hasn’t produced the invention, but he dares to price it as a five-star item. He is crazy…” Master Eivissa glanced at the newspaper and slowly raised his eyes to look at master Terence’s face who was sitting opposite to him: “I didn’t expect that the little guy who wanted to be my assistant had come to this position. The new textile machine and the military crossbow are a proof that his inventions are not results of luck. He is a rare talent, but he is too arrogant.”

Terence said: “Genius? Haven’t we seen people like him? He is young and fit. That’s why he is proud of the moment, but ultimately he will fall. It will be worse than anyone else! He won’t be able to afford to climb for long. The more glory he has now, the harder the stabs will be!”

Eivissa’s eyes lit up: “But he has talent too. If the new invention isn’t five-star item, then it would be at least a three-star even a four-star item. Or else he wouldn’t boast the way he did. I don’t think current small achievements will cover his eyes.”

“Hmph!” Master Terence faintly snorted as there was a trace of disdain on his face.

Eivissa seemed not to be observing Terence’s facial expression: “If it is like this, then I have to congratulate you. Your wood element faction is going to have another master in the future. Maybe his record will be better than yours. He may become the youngest master in the wood element faction. It’s a pity that your hydraulic weaving machine wasn’t produced earlier on. In that case, it wouldn’t be evaluated as a four-star item, but a five-star one.”

Terence’s eyebrows wrinkled: “The youngest master? How can he be the same as you or me? Sometimes the blessings of god aren’t transmitted. The inspiration is not there. He has to move slowly, step by step, like you and me. But he is different. Because of his age and ‘pride’, once he falls, he will be ruined!”

Eivissa sighed: “Yes. I hope he can learn to face failure.”

Terence lightly sneered, but didn’t continue to chat.

Eivissa finished drinking the cup of tea: “It’s getting late. I should go back as there is no one to supervise. Those little kids will be lazy if I’m not over there.”

“Alright, I’ll send you off.” Terence got up and walked him to the exit of the castle.

Terence slowly recovered his eyes as he looked at the carriage which Eivissa got on: “Old fox, do you think that I don’t know Krylov Consortium is backing you! Are you trying to use me to attack the little kid? Hmpf!”

Three days passed in the blink of an eye.

Dudian didn’t leave the castle. He was training in the morning. After lunch, no one would be able to see his silhouette. He would rush back to the basement after the meals.

Sergei was the one who felt Dudian’s overwork the deepest. He knew that the morning training alone would overextend the physical condition of a teenager’s constitution. According to Sergei, Dudian should be exhausted and tired after the morning exercise. Even though the production and research of the inventions didn’t consume any physical energy, but it exhausted the brain. He knew that a tired state of the brain was more painful that the soreness of the body.

Scar and Jin would relearn the skills they had studied back in their time. They wanted to ensure that they would be in good condition for the hunt outside the giant wall.

In the basement.

Dudian looked at the machine that he assembled. His eyes lit up as he looked at the hand-cranked DC generator. It was very simple in comparison to a modern generator. However, he still spent three days to produce it from scratch. As of now, he had mastered electricity!

“It should be assessed as a legendary item if I submit it to the Temple.” There was excitement on Dudian’s face. Legendary items were priceless. They could be sold for millions of gold coins and cause chaos within the giant wall. Only top consortiums would have the ability to buy such an item. Moreover, there was a rule that if an architect produced a legendary item, the Temple would automatically get the rights for manufacturing and sales. The architect’s benefits and rewards would be a lot, but it was a mandatory rule which bound them to the Temple.

Although the Temple would get a share of the cake, but the legendary items were able to dominate the field. The revenue would be so high that the architect wouldn’t care if the Temple took a piece.

However, Dudian restrained his impulse. Currently, he had just entered the research state in the lightning element faction. Firstly, he was going to introduce lightning rods as a guide item. If he directly handed over this DC generator, then it would have an extraordinary reaction, even from the senior representatives of the Holy Church which he tried to avoid at this point.

Moreover, because of his current vision and understanding of the world, he didn’t know and couldn’t estimate the chain reaction and effect the introduction of power generation would bring. He was temporarily going to use it by himself and release the invention at the right time.

“Science and technology are advancing very slowly. No product has the technology, which the concept of the new textile machine had brought up. It seems I’ll have to push things up again.” Dudian looked at the generator as he dazed into his thoughts. Moments later he put the DC generator aside and took out another drawing. He was going to build a cannon!

“This hand-cranked DC generator should be able to output one hundred watts of electricity. It won’t be able to move even the smallest type of the electro-slag remelting furnace. Moreover, Mellon consortium hasn’t made a move yet. Certainly, they are secretly doing something. I must enhance my strength first.” Dudian gave up the idea of creating modern artillery, power station and others. The more Mellon consortium was quiet. The more his heart became uneasy. The only guarantee of his protection was the enhancement of his strength.

Eight days passed in the blink of an eye.

Dudian came out from the basement for dinner. He looked at Nicholas: “Prepare suitcases and make sure that they are by the door of the basement.”

“Suitcases?” Nicholas asked: “Is the new item finished?”

Dudian nodded slightly. After eight days he finally produced the things he wanted.

Sergei and others looked at each other in surprise and were full of curiosity. They wanted to see how the item looked like as there were consortiums who were ready to pay an unimaginable amount of money for it.

Dudian went to the basement after the dinner. He put the assembly parts on the floor. The huge base and barrel could be only carried with a cloth.

Nicholas and the others were surprised to see a huge metal tube on the ground. This thing looks like a chimney! Does he dare to call it a divine item?

After packing all the parts, Dudian looked at Scar and Jin: “Sleep early tonight. Tomorrow we will go outside the giant wall.”

Nicholas was surprised: “Aren’t you going to give the new item to the Temple to assess it?”

Dudian answered: “Have you ever seen such a rough item? It is a weapon that is specialized for hunting monsters. It’s just you don’t know how to use it.”

“Ah …” Nicholas was speechless.

Sergei was stunned: “This … Are we going to hit the beasts with the tube?”

Gwyneth was silent as she looked at Dudian’s every move.

Dudian almost choked as he heard Sergei’s words. However, it was the era of cold weapons, so it was normal for Sergei to have such a perspective: “You will know when we use it. It’s alright not to know about the details for now.”

Sergei’s face was gloomy: “Do we also need to learn how to use it?”

Dudian recovered his eyes and didn’t reply.

Dudian went back to his room after sending them off. He did the carving exercise and went to sleep.

The next day.

Dudian put on his hunter armor and went down to find Nicholas: “Prepare dry food for five people so that we can eat outside the giant wall.”


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