DK – Ch 278

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The Dark King – Chapter 278

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


The newspapers belonging to the other consortia mainly questioned the price set by Dudian. However, the newspapers under the wings of Mellon and Krylov consortium directly called it outrageous. They used extremely sharp words such as ‘arrogant’, ‘young and frivolous’ and other words to describe Dudian.

Moreover the offending didn’t end by just those simple words. One of the newspapers took the initiative to describe Dudian in a way that would invoke people’s hatred. Their comment was: “For architect Dean put forth such a price is mainly because of the ‘epoch’ medal. He doesn’t put the masters in his eyes and thinks that his research can go beyond the work of a master!”

Dudian indifferently smiled as he read the newspaper. In a few days, this so-called ‘beyond the work of a master’ speech will be a slap in their face. After the truth is published, no one will be able to ignore him. Although he had expected to get negative comments from the Krylov consortium, but he didn’t think that they would go to such lengths.

He thought about Granita who had come over not so long ago. Dudian thought that the woman was familiar, but he couldn’t remember exactly who she was. Right now it was clear that Krylov consortium was angry at him because he bailed out Sergei.

Granita was the famous beauty who was almost ‘raped’ by Sergei. Many painters have drawn her portraits. All those pictures are in the collections of many wealthy businessmen and nobles.

“However, it’s unlikely that Sergei would be enough for Krylov consortium to be enemies with me. Perhaps the source is the conversation with Granita. I think they are angry that they weren’t able to get the rights for the military crossbow.” There was a faint smile on his face as Dudian put the newspaper down. He began to rub his fingers as he delved into thoughts gently.

Nicholas who stood beside Dudian swept over the newspaper. Although the newspaper was upside down, but it didn’t obstruct him to quickly and accurately read the information written in it. His pupils shrank when he read the two words: ‘epoch’ medal. He didn’t think that Dudian’s identity would be so high in the Temple. No wonder, the consortiums tried to pay close attention to him and tried to get close to Dudian.

Nicholas secretly looked at the boy as his fingers gently gripped his sleeves.

Sergei, Gwyneth, and the others came down.

Sergei’s chest was wrapped in white gauze. The place where the spikes were nailed were a little dark, but the blood hadn’t spread around the other places. Nicholas’s eyes lit up as he looked at Sergei. The healing ability of the magic marks from the ‘Steel Dragon’ were amazing.

Sergei’s eyes swept over the dining room. His eyes narrowed the moment his vision fell on Dudian’s body. His footsteps paused for a moment before continuing to step down the stairs.

“We will exercise this morning and rest in the afternoon.” Dudian indifferently said as he looked at gloomy Sergei.

Sergei was stunned as the gloominess in his eyes was replaced with happiness. However, he soon realized his expression, so he spoke in an arrogant tone: “You are quite lazy.”

Dudian glanced at him: “Am I?”

Sergei saw the faint smile on Dudian’s face. He sneered and sat on a chair. He shouted at Nicholas: “Stupid old man! Where is my breakfast?”

Nicholas slightly stifled as his lips twitched. He turned towards the maid: “Get him his breakfast.”

“Yes.” The maid replied immediately.

After the breakfast, Dudian went back to the training ground to exercise. Scar and Jin joined up with him up. Scar said: “We are idling all the time and are scared that our bones are going to get rusty.”

Dudian didn’t stop them, but still reminded: “Don’t overdo your training. We will soon be going outside the giant wall to hunt, so I hope the both of you will be in top condition.”

Both of them nodded in confirmation. However, they didn’t practice the way Dudian did. Instead of reverse frog posture, they used other exercises to strengthen their legs, arms, and flexibility.

Although a ‘blessing of God’ was able to strengthen them physically in one go more than ten years of practice could, but through exercise they were able to master various parts of their body. Moreover, they were able to temper their willpower.

Sergei didn’t care much about Scar and Jin. His obligation was to teach Dudian. He was too lazy to teach the others and would ignore them at all costs.

In the blink of an eye, the time passed. It was afternoon.

All four of them came back to the castle as they were all tired. After lunch Scar and Jin went back to the training field to exercise skills that they had learned in the past.

However, Dudian, Gwyneth, and Sergei moved the steel to the basement. The order was scheduled to arrive this morning, and it was brought on time. There were several basements under the castle meant for storage of goods. Dudian had used one as an alchemy room.

Dudian let the others leave after the materials were stored in the new alchemy room. Dudian warned Nicholas that no one should disturb him during his research time.

After the door was closed, Dudian began to carve the generator’s parts and make their molds from wood. He used a knife with his right hand to make precise molds.

He felt that the flexibility and control of his right hand had increased a lot after the previous experiences with the left hand.

Shortly after Dudian entered the alchemy room, Nicholas, Gwyneth, and Sergei went into another quaint room in the castle. Nicholas said: “We three are in the same boat. The other two have been in the same layer as the little devil back in prison. Their relationship is extraordinary, and they are meant to follow the little devil for good. We can only unite and hope that we can recover our freedom from this little devil’s hands.”

Sergei looked at him with interest: “Do you have a plan?”

Nicholas looked at him: “At present, we know nothing about his background. So making any plans is nothing but a waste of time. First of all, we have to find the bottom line of this little devil. As far as we know, the kid is not only a hunter but an architect too. From these two identities, it can be inferred that the little devil’s family is civilian. However, they have to be a wealthy one.”

“But if the little devil is a hunter then it means that there is no force behind his family. Moreover, at one point his existence was irrelevant to the aristocracy.”

Sergei chuckled: “Is this all?”

Nicholas spoke in a ridiculing tone: “Yes, it is all. You should talk now. The day before you went out with him. Don’t tell me that you didn’t get any harvest.” There was a trace of coldness in his eyes.

Sergei lightly sneered: “At least I know more than you. The little devil took me to raw material market to buy steel the day before. At that point, I knew that he was an architect of the Temple and his position is quite high as Green consortium personally sent a messenger to invite him yesterday. I estimate that even though the little devil’s status is not of a master in the Temple, but it is something close to it.”

“The most important thing is that there is no power behind the little devil. He is the mastermind!”

“No one supports him from behind the scenes?” Nicholas was slightly startled.

Sergei answered: “The little devil took me to the Ryan family. According to the rumors, the Ryan family is a declining noble family. So there is no way for them to have enough money to bail us out. The source of the money is certainly the products sold by the little devil. According to my guess, after the jailbreak, the kid has hijacked the Ryan family. Afterward, using his hunter identity, he has signed a contract with the Ryan family. On the surface, everyone thinks that there is some shady figure in Ryan family who is pulling strings, but in fact, the little devil is the one who is controlling the Ryan family. Moreover, who could help him out to escape from the prison? It’s his own effort!”

Nicholas looked at him and nodded: “That’s pretty good, but we have to get more information. Be cautious.”

Sergei grunted, but didn’t reply.

Nicholas looked at the time: “We can’t stay together for long. The servants would be aware of our meeting.”

“Alright, I’ll go out first.” Sergei shrugged his shoulders as he left the room.

Nicholas came towards the door and put his ear to listen to outside. The footsteps echoed gradually from far away. He turned back to the silent Gwyneth: “What do you think about his speech?”

Gwyneth looked at him quietly: “What do you think?”

Nicholas touched his chin: “The little devil was too friendly with Sergei as they came back from the market. His attitude had a big change. It makes it impossible for me to trust Sergei.”

“That alone is not a definite proof,” Gwyneth whispered.

Nicholas nodded: “Yes, but there are many things that Sergei said where it isn’t clear whether they are true of false. Maybe he was already bought up by the kid while they were out. Let’s say everything Sergei said is true. The little devil is really the mastermind which lurks in the shadows. Let’s assume that he hijacked the Ryan family. Then where did he learn the ability to invent things? Civilians can enter the libraries, but they don’t get their hands on valuable information. Moreover, it is just impossible to escape from the prison alone without any backing. It is likely that one of the six consortiums is behind him. Even if it’s not a consortium, then it is one of the top noble families. “

“Moreover, how could the Ryan family shelter the imp on its own?”

Gwyneth replied: “Sergei could have been lying.”


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  1. Oh really? So now even the prisoners are plotting against Dudian. Mostly pointless I believe, however I fear that at some point they may target Dudian’s family.

    Thanks for the chapter.

  2. this prisoner arc is 100% A FILLER ARC
    so many chapters already wasted with nothing happening and those prisoners conspiring
    expected maybe 2-5 chapters and after that dean kills the traitors and we would go on with the mainplot
    but this filler shit is annoying as fuck
    (love the story but way too much filler shit, nearly 300 chapters already the fudge)

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