DK – Ch 277

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The Dark King – Chapter 277

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


“Damn it! The wound has gotten worse because of this stupid rivalry.” Sergei’s face had turned ugly. He covered the wound with towels, but he could still feel the bursts of hot pain from his scapula. He frowned but still didn’t give up.

Dudian had already sensed the smell of blood oozing out from Sergei’s wounds and the moment he saw Sergei covering his wounds his mouth curled into a smile.

Sergei looked at Dudian. He saw that Dudian’s arm was shaking badly, but he was still able to stabilize his body. Even the angle of the elbow didn’t change. Sergei was anxious. He wanted to announce the end of the training so as not to worsen his wounds, but his lips didn’t move. Sergei thought that if he was the one to throw the towel in first and if Dudian afterward saw his wounds then the kid would certainly think that Sergei had retreated because he feared to injure himself!

Thinking of this Sergei changed his mind. He wrapped towels around his chest and continued to carry the stones to build the pier.

Dudian saw that Sergei didn’t say anything, so he didn’t open up the conversation either. Half an hour later Dudian felt that his arm has reached the limit. Moreover, Sergei’s breathing got heavier too. The white towels which were wrapped around his chest were dyed red from blood. Dudian knew that if Sergei continued this way at the end, there would be big damages. Dudian said: “Today we are going to finish here.”

Sergei’s heart was relieved. He thought that he finally won the bitter struggle, so he sneered: “What? Can’t you hold on anymore?”

Dudian’s eyebrows wrinkled: “I’m afraid you won’t be able to continue.”

Sergei replied: “me? I’m not affected at all, even if you are exhausted.”

Dudian coldly looked at him: “So you are not affected? Alright, let’s continue!”

“Yes, let’s continue!” Sergei sneered in ridicule: “Don’t shake your feet too much or else the lead plate will fall out.”

Dudian didn’t answer, but instead, his fingers firmly buckled the sand. He forgot the soreness and continued to stand in inverted frog pose.

Time passed slowly.

The training lost its purpose as it had turned secretly into a rivalry between Sergei and Dudian. Jin, Scar, Gwyneth, Nicholas and the others were standing behind the windowsill in the castle and watching the two stubborn men continue to practice.

At about nine o’clock Sergei’s bleeding was so much that he couldn’t physically support his body. He lost control of his body as he sat on the ground. He was pale as a white paper. His body sweated a lot as his hands and feet gently trembled.

Nicholas immediately ran towards him while he ordered the maid to prepare new towels and hot water. Nicholas helped him back to the castle.

Dudian knocked the lead pieces from his feet and spun his body. He stood straight on the ground. Scar and Jin rushed out of the castle to help him.

Dudian saw Nicholas using the medicine from the box to help Sergei. The man’s body was soaked with blood as he laid on the sofa. Sergei’s face was weak and sluggish.

Dudian sat down on his chair as his hands trembled. However, he still maintained the ninety-degree posture as he sat. However, he couldn’t straighten or bend his right arm. In such a case an extremely strong pain would hit him. The left arm didn’t have consciousness, but he had to take into account that Nicholas and others weren’t aware of this secret. So he maintained the same position as that of his right arm so as not to expose this secret.

“Today … I ….” Sergei obliquely looked at Dudian as he panted. He didn’t have the power to move his head.

Dudian was exhausted, but his body was not damaged. He looked at Sergei: “Senior hunters are so so…”

Sergei’s mouth twitched, but he didn’t refute.

Nicholas finished bandaging Sergei’s wounds. He looked at him and smiled: “Why did you do such a harsh training on your first day of training? Look at your body…”

Dudian breathed slightly and said: “I’m hungry. Let’s have dinner.”

Nicholas slightly smiled and commanded the maid to prepare the dinner.

Dudian made hand gestures for Scar and Jin to help him out to the table.

He was fed by the maids as his arm was in pain and he didn’t want to expose the capabilities of the other arm.

Dudian felt that he had recovered a bit of strength and the pain in his arm was also reduced a lot after eating the meal. He walked upstairs and used his shoulder to knock open the door. He took out the knife and wood from the drawer. Fortunately, his left hand didn’t feel any pain, so he began to carve the wood slowly.

After few hours of exercise, he fell asleep.

The next day.

Dudian woke up on time. But the first feeling he felt was the soreness coming off his right arm. Even after a night of sleep his body still failed to recover. The continuous training had gone beyond the limits of his body.

Dudian sat up and put on his shoes. He came downstairs to the dining room to find that Nicholas has long awakened from sleep. He used hot water to soak his arms to soothe the stiffness of his bones.

By the time he finished the breakfast, newspapers were brought.

Dudian’s arms had been soaked for almost half an hour in hot water, so the soreness had eased a lot. Bending the arm was no longer unbearable. He took the newspapers to check them.

“Military newspaper!”

“The effect of the ‘military crossbow’ in the border war is surprising!”

“The first batch of the military crossbow produced by the Huashen consortium was only numbered at two thousand. However, it played a surprising role in a defensive battle at the snow-capped mountainous border. Its close combat effectiveness was good enough to keep off the barbarians from a successful attack and make them retreat!”

“The following piece is the interview of the army colonel Bruno, who was responsible as the chief of the…”

The headlines of the military newspaper were related to the battle that happened yesterday.

Dudian didn’t expect that the size of barbarians was so large that they would even dare to attack a border fortress. It was lucky that he had brought up ‘military crossbow.’ Its invention coincided with the war which was really lucky for him. The war had brought up its value too.

He continued to read other newspapers.

“Temple Daily -”

“The youngest architect to get ‘epoch’ medal in the history had already invented a top grade four-star item. He is in the preparation of creation of his next item. How amazing it will be?”

“… Green consortium has reported that the architect Dean’s new invention has been deemed by himself as a five-star item at a pre-sale offer …”

Dudian had become the focus of the Temple of Elements. Moreover, he was observed by the major consortiums. In one of the newspapers, his recent bail of Sergei and others were mention too. However, it was declared that it was Old Fulin who had bailed, but he had involvement in the process.

The content of the news was an attempt to destroy his reputation.

Dudian was relieved to see that this piece of news was written by the newspaper which belonged to the Mellon Consortium.

The newspapers belonging to the other consortiums mainly speculated and made assessments about his upcoming invention because of Green consortium’s reports.


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