DK – Ch 273

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The Dark King – Chapter 273


I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


As they left the castle by the river, Dudian ordered the coachman to travel to the closest raw materials bazaar from their location which was called Eastern Market.

“What are we going to do there?” Sergei who was sitting in the compartment looked at Dudian in surprise.

Dudian glanced at him: “What do you think people do at the raw material market?”

“Buy raw materials?” Sergei was displeased and puzzled: “Aren’t you going to take me out for a hunt?”

Dudian looked at him in disdain: “If you go alone without any weapons, how many monsters can you kill?”

Sergei grunted and proudly said: “I can kill hundreds of monster under level 20 in a day even if I’m unarmed. If my body recovered…hm… ”

“Too little.” Dudian shook his head.

Sergei was stunned: “Why?”

“Poor little monsters. What are we going to do with them?”


It didn’t take long for them to reach the Eastern market. The market was very large. Its size was almost as big as a small town. It had a different section for raw materials. The roads within the market were built with the highest quality so that the carriages could shuttle to different sections without any problems.

It was too early, but a lot of people had gathered at the market and were waiting in front of different chambers of commerce. These associations had discount today. Therefore groups of people were attracted to come early and get everything they could at lower prices.

Dudian commanded the coachman to drive directly to the steel market.

There were sections for coal, minerals and other raw materials. The belonged to the category of new materials created by the ‘Temple of Elements’. ‘Plastic’ was called an artificial raw material which was found a few decades ago. Although the history of steel was lesser than coal and other raw materials but the demand for it was in no way inferior to them. The sales of steel were very large in volume. Every day tens of thousands of units of steel were traded in the market.

Dudian knew that such traffic of trade was caused by the transformation of the living environment within the giant wall. However current smelting technology had its restrictions. The texture of the steel within the market wasn’t up to his demand. The quality was very far away from his standards. He could use it to create ordinary firearms as well as artillery weapons. The texture and quality of steel were lacking if he wanted to manufacture tanks or armored vehicles.

Therefore Dudian was planning to refine already refined steel to improve the purity. However, for the quality that would satisfy Dudian, he would need an environment where he could use electro-slag remelting. That method required the use of electricity.

Dudian had planned to move up to next stage. However, he wasn’t planning to introduce modern motor but had the drawings of an early hand-cranked DC motor.

Dudian got off the carriage and went into the Chamber of Commerce as he was thinking about options. Sergei followed after him. The patron of this Chamber of Commerce which was selling steel was the Huasheng Consortium. It was good that they had good relations with them. Although they had made sure to get the best possible return and benefits from the sales of the military crossbow from Huasheng consortium. But that was a part of a business deal.

“Unfortunately, we don’t have a Chamber of Commerce which belongs to the New World consortium …” Dudian looked at the giant door of the building. He went inside.

“Welcome.” The maid at the door said.

Dudian entered the hall of the chamber. The magnificent hall would make people feel small, but he had long been accustomed to luxurious dresses and spacious halls. He calmly looked around as he scanned the place. Soon a beautiful middle-aged woman quickly approached them. Her eyes swept over Dudian and Sergei who was behind him and was wearing a guard’s uniform: “Master, how may I help you?”

“What is the best steel model you have?”

“The best steel is the x3o type.” The middle-aged woman replied with a smile.

Dudian nodded. “Alright, I’ll book ten tons.”

“Ten tons?” The middle-aged woman was surprised: “No problem. Do you know the price?

“Um.” Dudian nodded.

The middle-aged woman said: “Please wait in here, I’ll be back.” She went away in a hurry.

Dudian was quietly waiting in the hall when Sergei asked him: “Why are we buying steel? We should get the best craftsman and that way we will save money. Why are we even here?”

Dudian whispered: “Shut up.”

Sergei’s eyebrows wrinkled as he overlooked the boy. He grunted but didn’t continue to talk.

“Hey, this man is … …” A sound echoed out.

Dudian looked sideways and saw a teenager girl who was approaching himself. She was dressed in a plain robe, but Dudian saw the medal on her chest. It was a hexagonal shield which belonged to the ‘Temple of Elements’. However according to the pattern on the medal she belonged to the gold faction.

“He is!” The girl saw Dudian’s face and seemed to know his identity. She pleasantly ran over: “Are you, Dean? The architect?”

Dudian didn’t expect to meet an architect from the Temple at this place. Moreover, he didn’t expect anyone to recognize him. It seems his fame has increased a lot: “Yes. Hello.”

The girl was surprised: “Hi. I’m Eli. I’m honored to meet you!”

Dudian smiled: “You are way too polite.”

The girl said in a surprised tone: “If I am not mistaken then you are an architect of wood faction. Why are you here to purchase steel? Is it for your new invention? Is it going to have properties of steel?” There were traces of excitement and worship in her eyes. The ‘military crossbow’ invented by Dudian belonged to wood elements however it had many properties of gold elements too.

IT is possible for an architect to use different elements on their own and create a great invention. But it is difficult to come up with the idea. Such an invention was a proof of talent and attainments.

Dudian smiled: “Maybe my new invention will belong to the gold element.”

The girl grinned from ear to ear: “You are joking. If that was the case, then you are a dual element architect who is very powerful!”

Dudian smiled but didn’t say anything.

“Eli, who are you talking to?” A voice resounded from behind.

Eli looked back and saw a young, tall noble dressed in a suit. There was a medal on his chest which showed that he was a member of the Temple too.

The young man approached Eli but looked at Dudian with hostility. If he hadn’t noticed the two-meter high guard (Sergei) standing behind Dudian, he would have said a few bad things.

Eli looked at the youth and said in excitement: “He is Dean. The youngest genius who won the ‘epoch’ medal! We are sure lucky to meet him in here.”

The youth was startled, but his hostility didn’t fade away. He looked at Dudian and then turned to Eli: “Eli, let’s go. I have something that you have to check.” He grabbed her, and they left away.

Eli was at a loss but showed no resistance.

Dudian quietly watched them walk away. Both of them went to a corner, and the youth said in a low voice: “Don’t get too close to that person. He is too dangerous.”


“You don’t understand these things. This man is not just talented but very arrogant too. He had offended quite a few consortiums. Our family would be in a difficult situation if it was known that we have been in contact with him.”

“Ah, are you serious?”

“Yes. Do not get close to him later! Praise to the God of Light, I hope no one saw you with him …”

Dudian’s eyes lit up as he heard the youth’s speech.

Sergei was shocked as he looked at Dudian. At last, he had learned the kid’s identity. It turned out that the kid was an architect in the Temple of Elements. From the appearance of the other two, it seems that the kid’s level was very high. No wonder he came here to buy raw materials.



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  1. Really? It hasn’t been that long, and Dudian is already public enemy #1. Yes, he is a threat, but damn did the news spread quickly.

    Oh well.

    Thanks for the chapters.

    1. Yeah, earlier it said that all the senior hunters would have their arms and legs totally amputated and they would never be able to recover or some such bullshit lol.

      1. wow yay i’m so happy. it seems that i am not the only Filipino enjoying this novel. hahaha exag. lol bet ko ung girl na galing sa kulungan hahaha

  2. That’s a very clear sign you need to allocate more time to sleep, can’t do a thing without health.
    From a leecher ; )

  3. 1) to translator: thanks for your hardwork. Take care of your health And rest. If something happens to you, i world be out of my drug 😃
    2) true writer said advance hunters arms And legs wold be cut off, but hey the guy is just human, little mistake. Let it slide, or write some better.
    Thanks for chapters.

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