DK – Ch 272

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The Dark King – Chapter 272


I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Nicholas sat down a seat away from Dudian. Sergei’s size was huge, so he sat opposite to Nicholas and was able to cover the space of two seats. He looked at the table full of dishes. He was drunk in excitement and reached out to grab roasted chicken in front of him.


A silver knife shot and nailed onto table half an inch from his hand.

Sergei’s face changed as he turned and looked at Dudian in anger: “What are you doing?”

Dudian indifferently said: “This house has its own rules. If you are eating on the table, then you must comply with my rules. Additionally, it is the second time I forgive you.” Afterward, he looked at the maid: “Give me another knife.”

“Yes.” The maid replied in a quiet tone.

Sergei recovered his palm and said: “You have got quite some rules. It is best for you to write them down and give them to me. I am a rough man. I don’t want to destroy something else when I break the rules incidentally.”

Dudian indifferently replied: “It is actually very simple. I have only one rule. Be ‘good’. You only need to comply with this point.”

Sergei frowned but didn’t continue to argue.

At this time the sound of footsteps echoed from upstairs. A girl slowly walked down the stairs. A trace of surprise flashed in Dudian’s eyes as he looked up. The girl was as beautiful as an elf. She had a very pale complexion which made her look somewhat weak. She had a pair of silver-like eyebrows with dark black eyes. Her pupils were like deep pools which had nothing but coldness and death. Her body was wrapped in a lose red robe. Her long hair was tied at the back of her head and waist. She looked like a charming dark spirit.

Sergei, Nicholas, Scar, Jin and others looked up too. Sergei was especially attracted to her. After being imprisoned for several years, even her waist hadn’t gained a bit of fat. Sergei’s fingers tightened as he grabbed the silver knife. He wasn’t aware that this little action was seen by the Nicholas who was sitting opposite to him.

The girl was Gwyneth. She silently went down the stairs and sat near Nicholas but close to Dudian. There was no gratitude on her face as she looked at Dudian: “I am hungry.”

Dudian laughed: “Everyone is here so let’s eat.”

Nicholas laughed: “Aren’t we going to pray before eating?”

Nicholas was clutching the knife and was ready to plug it into the wild pork but still controlled his emotions and looked at Dudian.

Dudian said: “I assume none of us believes in God.” Dudian picked up the knife brought by the maid and took a piece of steak from the table. He began to slowly eat: “Sergei, tomorrow get up early on as we will go after some work. Nicholas, the castle is under your care. If someone comes over to find me, then refuse them by telling them that I’m busy with work. Remember, don’t reveal my whereabouts.”

Nicholas glanced at him and nodded: “I know.”

Sergei talked as he bit onto the leg of chicken: “Where is the workplace?”

“You will know when we get there.”

Gwyneth cut the foie gras on her plate and asked: “What about me?”

Dudian looked at her: “Your task is very simple. There are ten pots behind the yard. Help me and take care of them. Don’t let them whither.”

Gwyneth’s brows wrinkled and stared back at him. Afterward, she bowed her head and kept eating the foie gras.

Scar and Jin looked at Dudian: “What about us?”

“The spikes have just been pulled out. So recuperate for now. ” Dudian didn’t want to overwork them.

After dinner, everyone returned to their assigned rooms.

The next morning when the sun was raising Dudian got up on time. However, the maid went to wake up Sergei who was still sleeping. Nicholas made sure that the carriage was ready to leave the castle at any given time.

There was a trace of coldness in Nicholas’s eyes as he looked at the back of the carriage which gradually went away. He turned back to the castle and carefully checked the two young maids. He confirmed that they were working on their respective jobs and didn’t have any extraordinary power. He went to the second floor and deliberately made the footsteps heavier so that everyone would think he is going to his own room. As he approached the door of his room, he bent over and took off his shoes. He was only wearing his socks as he swiftly went over the carpet. The figure flew through the corridor and reached the room where Dudian slept.

He took out a handkerchief from his pocket and grabbed the handle of the door. He gently twisted and found that the door was not locked. After a little pull, the door was opened. He looked inside and was surprised to find another shadow standing by the desk in the room. His eyes were looking at the eyes of the other. The latter was Gwyneth.

Nicholas’s heart which was tightened moments ago filled with relief. He quietly came in and locked the door: “It seems our purpose is the same.”

There was no slightest emotion in Gwyneth’s eyes. She indifferently looked at him and didn’t reply.

Nicholas coughed: “Are you looking for the bail documents? Did you find them?”

Gwyneth looked back at him and replied after a moment: “I just came in.”

Nicholas smiled: “We will find them. But try not to leave any smell or fingerprints. The power behind the guy is not small, and we have to prevent any clues that will lead back towards us.”

Gwyneth was silent.

Nicholas used her silence as a confirmation. He came to the room and looked around. He opened the wardrobe and other places. After a moment at the bottom of the wardrobe, he found an unregular place after knocking for few times. He took away the clothes and saw that there was a small gap. He split it open and found a secret drawer.

He spoke in a hurry: “Found it.”

Gwyneth came over in a hurry.

Nicholas saw that there was a keyhole. He reached into his pocket and took out a small iron needle. He put it inside the keyhole and began to toggle. Soon the drawer loosened. There was a trace of smile and happiness on his face. He took out the drawer but found only papers in the drawer. There were sketches and models with weird patterns but no documents that he was after.

He carefully wiped his hand with a handkerchief. Nicholas frowned as he found that everything was drawings which were very hard for him to understand.

“There is an envelope next to them.” Gwyneth who was silent all the time said.

Nicholas’ eyes fell onto the envelope which was on the side after he heard her words. He has long been aware of this envelope’s existence. But looking at its size and thickness, it was obvious that it didn’t contain bail documents. But now, as he had gone through all other documents there was no meaning if they didn’t check it. He twisted the envelope and found that the veil was not smeared. It was very strange, but he carefully opened the envelope and poured out the note.

“Do not squander my things! Go back to your original tasks.”

Nicholas was startled.

Gwyneth slightly frowned.


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