DK – Ch 271

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The Dark King – Chapter 271


I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Dudian’s eyes swept over the old man and number 3. He indifferently said:” Nicholas Donald. This year he is going to be fifty-eight years old. He has been imprisoned for nine years. His father was an arrogant noble’s butler and died early because of kidney problems. At seventeen years old Nicholas began to manage the noble family’s affairs and assets. At the age of twenty-three, he had secretly transferred all the property of the aristocrat’s family and resigned. He was sued by the noble family, and his assets were taken back by the magistrate. At twenty-five years of age, he was employed by a wealthy businessman. In about three years all the industries under that businessmen were transferred to his name. In a day he changed from a servant to a well-known and rich businessman. But he didn’t have a good reputation in the commercial district.”

“You were always concerned about the hostility and exclusion of aristocracy, so you tried to buy your identity with gold. You were successful in joining a noble family but was betrayed by the son and daughter-in-law of the family. You were detained by the magistrate and sent to Thorn Flower Prison. Life imprisonment!”

The old man’s face slightly changed and he said in a gloomy tone: “You were quite careful in your investigation.”

Dudian turned towards the brawny man. He looked at number 3: “Sergei… Thirty-two years old. You have been imprisoned for seven years. You were a senior hunter under the command of Krylov consortium. You had graduated from Hunter College with brilliant records. During the 16 years of service to Krylov consortium, you had brought them good wealth. You were able to kill seventeen high-level monsters. You have assimilated the magic marks from a rare beast which is ranked in top ten. The ‘Steel dragon.’ You were a knight as a hunter and had a bright future. However because of repeated offenses against the first beauty of Krylov consortium, Granita. You were arrested, charged with ‘attempted rape’ and were thrown in the Thorn Flower Prison. Term: 30 years of imprisonment.”

Number 3 looked back at him but didn’t speak.

Dudian indifferently continued: “I have spent one hundred thousand gold coins to bail out both of you. Now that you are bailed out, I’ll become an enemy with Krylov consortium because of ‘conspiracy’. You guys need to make up for that price. ”

Nicholas sneered: “You know my past. In addition to falsification of accounts, I haven’t done anything. Moreover, even before I was in jail, I wasn’t able to earn hundred thousand gold coins. Now I’m old and don’t have the ability even if I tried… ”

Dudian indifferently replied: “That is not a matter that you should be worried about. You just have to listen to my orders and complete the tasks on time.”

Sergei looked at the girl who was sitting opposite to him. He turned towards Dudian: “She…The inner wall… What did she do?”

Dudian lightly said: “She was a member of the organization which caught and imprisoned you.”

Sergei’s pupils shrank: “Was she a disciplinary knight?”

Nicholas was startled as the only organization that he was afraid was the magistrate. Everyone within the wall was afraid of them. He didn’t expect that the woman sitting on his side was a former member.

Number 1’s hair shook, but her expression didn’t change.

Dudian slowly said: “Gwyneth. This year she is going to be seventeen years old…”



Sergei and Nicholas cried out in surprise before Dudian was able to finish. They would never imagine that the slim figure sitting close to them would be a 17-year-old girl!

Dudian paused for a moment then continued: “She was honored with a Sun Medal by the magistrate. She was hunting down senior-level criminal hunters. There is no information about her parents, birthplace or family. She has been imprisoned for three years on charge of ‘murdering the nobility’”

Sergei as a senior hunter was informed about the disciplinary knights of the magistrate. They were terrorizing existences that were seasoned in imprisoning hunters. Normally, silver medal disciplinary knights would hunt after senior level hunters. Even for a seasoned senior hunter, it would be very difficult to escape silver disciplinary knights if they encountered them. The golden disciplinary knights were very rare. Escaping away from them was impossible for senior hunters. According to the rumors, they were existences which had passed the limits of human evolution.”

However, even such a person was imprisoned.

Moreover, she was so young. Did she begin to practice combat the moment she learned walking?

Dudian looked at Gwyneth and calmly said: “I have investigated the aristocratic family you had a conflict with. The Porter family is still within the inner wall. Their business interests extend to the outer wall area of the commercial district. I can help you if you want to destroy their family, but you must first help me out. If you listen to my orders, then it’s not a dream but will become a reality. Also, even if you killed me and escaped you will be caught before you know. Neither magistrate nor nobles would allow an existence of such a level to lurk freely outside.

Gwyneth was silent as a stone sculpture.

Nicholas and Sergei glanced at her but kept silent.

The carriage came to the border fortress. Coachman handed out the clearance letter from the prison, and they smoothly entered the commercial district.

Dudian looked at the trio: “It seems that your fates are connected to mine. I wish for a happy future cooperation for all of us.”

All three of them bowed their heads and were silent.

Nicholas sighed: “I didn’t expect such an outcome. It seems I am really getting old.”

Dudian smiled in return.

Nicholas shook his head and no longer said anything.

Dudian directly went to his own castle by the riverside. He looked at the others and focused on Nicholas: “You will be my butler from now own. But you should forget about your playful identity from the past or else make sure that I don’t find out anything.” Afterward, he got off the carriage.

Everyone followed him into the castle.

“Before beginning to work with me, you are going to solve your own trouble,” Dudian said.

“What trouble?” Sergei frowned.

Nicholas’s eyes lit up: “Do you mean that we have to wash white our identities?”

Dudian nodded: “Yes the eyes of the major consortiums would be staring at me. The information about your bailout will be leaked, so they will use tricks to play you to fight against me. You should be prepared to face the first wave of problems.”

Sergei sneered and said in an arrogant tone: “I would like to see who dares to attack us!”

Dudian sternly looked back at him: “The assassination techniques of number 1 and yours won’t work. Don’t even think about that! ”

Sergei frowned as he looked at Gwyneth: “Hey. Did you try to assassinate or killed the noble?”

The wind slightly blew Gwyneth’s long hair, but she acted as if she hadn’t heard him.

Sergei’s face slightly changed but didn’t react anymore.

Nicholas stared at Dudian: “We have been detained for too long, and as a result, we are out of touch with the outside world. Moreover, it is impossible to fight against all the six consortiums at the same time. How would we accomplish something like that?”

Dudian indifferently smiled: “I will see your performance first. Moreover, it’s your first day out of the prison. You should go wash and rest for now.” Afterward, Dudian looked at Scar and Jin: “You guys should rest too. I’ll help you to pull out the spikes.”

Sergei frowned: “What about me?”

“You and number one should keep them for now. It is best not to pull them out without authorization from me. Just to let you know, I don’t mind nailing them again.”

Sergei’s heart sank. He knew that Dudian was afraid of his strength, so he was going to keep spikes to contain them. After some time when Dudian would come up with new methods, then he would make sure that the spikes are pulled out.

Same night.

Dudian had hired a cook to make some dishes. Moreover, he had brought the youngest two maids from the Ryan family to serve them. Both of them were standing by the table. Dudian took the lead and sat in the top seat. He could sense through smell that Nicholas and Sergei were together while Gwyneth and others were in other parts of the castle. They were rushing over.

Jin and Scar were the first to join him at the table. Jin was a Knight of Light, but because of his family’s mistakes he was exempt from the duty and imprisoned for the atonement of his sins. Scar was a primary hunter. The cause of his imprisonment was regrettable. One time when he had returned to his house from hunting Scar had found an aristocrat from the consortium had forced and raped his wife and daughter. Under rage, he had killed the noble and was imprisoned for murder.

Fortunately, this family wasn’t an influential one. The death of the member of the aristocratic family didn’t cause a great sensation, or else Scar would be dead by now.

Both of them came over and sat a bit away from Dudian.

Dudian looked at them but didn’t say anything.

After a moment, Nicholas and Sergei also joined them. After wearing new clothes their looks and temperament were totally different to their previous looks. Nicholas was tortured and became skinny, but his gaze was like that of a hawk’s and seemed like a quite capable person. He was wearing a butler’s dress. Sergei was wearing a guard’s uniform. The strong muscle lines of his body were highlighted even after years of torture and ‘diet’ of the prison. The body muscles haven’t shrunk and which were the results of ‘Steel dragon’s magic marks.


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  1. Our new waifu candidate? I guess Dudian would need a girl like that to stand by his side instead of some naive useless noble girl…

    1. I wish but don’t forget this girl has been raped countless times… She faced a harsh life in prison.

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