DK – Ch 270

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The Dark King – Chapter 270

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


“Let’s go!” Dudian ordered the coachman.

The carriage moved slowly. The road was bumpy, so the carriage slightly shook the people sitting inside the carriage.

The carriage followed the trail along the plains and came to the outskirts of the Thorn Flower Prison. There was a team of knights of the magistrate patrolling the road. Once in a while, the guards who squatted and were hidden in the grasses in the jungle were seen.

After the jungle, the carriage went through the desolate zone.

Dudian was silent all the way: “We are fully out of the prison’s area of protection. If you want to hijack me or leave, then you can act now.”

The quiet atmosphere in the carriage was broken as the number seven looked at Dudian: “Little brother, you don’t seem nervous as you are together with five notorious criminals. You can bail us out so it means that you have the capital to do so. Curing our injuries won’t be a problem as you would be able to get ‘God’s blessing’ from the black market. By the way, the injury to your left arm. Was it caused by a monster?”

Number 3’s eyes narrowed and focused on Dudian as he heard the old man’s words.

Dudian smiled: “Why should I be tense? I used to be a member of the Thorn Flower Prison, though I was acquitted.”

“You were?” No. 7 was surprised. Moreover, the old man seemed to be interested in the full story: “It seems the power behind little brother is quite big. If you were imprisoned even with such a big background, then the enemy has a much larger background. Is it one of the six consortiums?”

Dudian smiled: “The word ‘one’ is extra there.”

Both the old man and number 3 were confused.

Number one’s face was covered with hair, and she was sedentary like a stone.

The old man quickly reacted: “Little brother, do you represent the military? I haven’t heard of any force who could be enemies with six consortiums.”

Dudian lightly replied: “You haven’t heard because I hadn’t created it.”

“You? Created?” The old man laughed out: “Little brother, I know that your age is small, but it is not a good habit to brag. You have bailed us out, and I would be glad to help you with your shady business. But if your enemy is all the six consortia then I think it’s better to send me back to prison. I would rather spend my last days in peace.”

Dudian shrugged his shoulders: “If it’s your decision, then I can send you back now.”

The old man smiled: “I don’t want to go back now. Look at me, I’m a dragon eagle. Why would I return to the cage? ”

Dudian faintly glanced at him: “In front of me, there is a dragon eagle but without any wings. If you want to get them, you have to step onto the head of the camel!

Old man narrowed his eyes: “I would like to try.”

Dudian indifferently replied: “Please, go on.”

The old man squinted his eyes, but the next moment number one, who was silent said to Dudian: “If you can help me return to the inner wall then I can help you.”

The old man’s face changed as his eyes were full of surprise. He noted that the latter said ‘return to’ rather than ‘into’. It meant that number one originated from the inner wall!

Number three’s face also changed and turned gloomy.

Dudian quietly looked back at her: “The only way for you to go back to the inner wall is to listen to my words. If you try anything funny then don’t even think about the inner wall, your movement in the residential district would be way too hard.”

Number one stared at him as she said word by word: “I am afraid you cannot go back.”

Dudian sighed but didn’t reply.

The old man’s face relaxed the moment he heard number 1’s words. He sneered as he looked at Dudian: “Do you think the three of us will let you get back? Now, obediently confess to us who your patron is. Even if you don’t say anything we will inquire from the coachman. If not, we will find the Ryan family! I will count to five, if you don’t reply by then you will be taking a big risk!”


Dudian looked back at him: “I think from now on you will be nicknamed ‘old crow’. I didn’t think that you were such a deep thinker.”

The old man’s eyes were gloomy: “It seems you don’t want the opportunity that we gave you!” Afterward he looked at number 3: “I am old, so I may not be able to cope with this kid. I will rely on you.”

Number three looked at him and grinned: “Why should I help you?”

The old man replied: “If that is the case then we will accompany the kid together and return to his headquarters. I’m too old anyway, so it is not a big problem to pledge allegiance to a kid. I don’t want to be tossed around!”

Number three sneered as he tapped the chair: “Old man be careful of your tone when you talk to me. I don’t have that ‘respect the old’ mentality! ”

The number three slightly stifled.

Number three looked at Dudian: “Imp! I endured you in the prison. But you have to know that when I was hunting outside the wall right and left you were still in your mother’s stomach. I will give you two seconds to consider and tell us the patron behind you. After we enter through the border fortress you will be listening to us. If something that I want doesn’t happen, the first to die will be you!”

Dudian faint smiled: “IF that was the case, then when I was born your grandfather wasn’t even a drop of liquid.”

“You are seeking death!” Number three punched out a fist towards Dudian’s cheek.

The smile on Dudian’s face disappeared as his right hand quickly stretched out as he avoided number 3’s punch and hit him in his armpit.

Bang! The pain from the attack to his armpit made number 3’s growl. However, Dudian didn’t stop, but caught on number three’s clothing and pulled his upper body. Although Dudian didn’t completely pull over number three’s body as his body stabilized,  he let go and punched number 3’s face.

Number three caught the edge of the carriage with his hand and dragged his body back to open the distance. He looked back at Dudian in shock.

The old man didn’t expect that situation would be reversed. The boy had skill and strength!

Dudian sat back in his chair and didn’t move. Although number 3 was a senior hunter, but he was detained in Thorn Flower Prison, and as a result, his constitution was not in a top condition. There were spikes on his scapula which had increased the pain from Dudian’s punch. Moreover, he was caught by surprise. If they fought head on then it would be hard for Dudian to win.

Moreover, if there was no injury on number 3’s body, then Dudian wouldn’t be his opponent.

Even then Dudian would have other means to suppress him.

“This is the first offense.” Dudian indifferently glanced at the old man and number three: “You have two opportunities to try, but after the third try there won’t be any chances. I believe you will kneel in front of me to beg and cry.”

Old man’s face turned ugly as he heard Dudian’s confident tone. He looked at Dudian then looked back at his knees.

“Were you the one who escaped from prison?” Number one suddenly asked.

Dudian looked at her: “Have you heard of me?”

Number one glanced at him, but didn’t reply. She turned her head.

The old man and number 3 were stunned. They looked at Dudian in awe. They had long heard the chatter of guards that one of the prison mates had jail-broken. Moreover, they would never think that the person who was able to escape from the Thorn Flower Prison was sitting in front of them.

Their hearts turned cold. Back when Dudian had told them that he was a prisoner too they had thought that Dudian was bailed out. But he had broken out of the jail!



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    1. He already mentioned what he will do with the lightning rod. Additionally, he even had plans to discover electricity since he unearthed the storage room.

      1. But lightning rod isn’t even a relible energy source. Besides how is he going to downgrade the millions of volt electricity? If he doesn’t want to fry everything he must have a way of downgrading the voltage. The thing is, it’s not that easy to turn lightning into usable energy and if he actually has that capacity it would be better to just build a simple coal/log run steam boiler or windmill and use a turbine to harness electricity. Windmill would be even better since no one can suspect that it’s actually generating electricity inside. It would be too hard to turn milisecond extreme voltage of lightning into usable energy… Also i sure do hope he isn’t planning on introducing the concept of electricity since it would be too big of a leap right now… It wouldn’t be era changing it would be era leaping. It would be similar to us finding alien technology right now… They are not even at the industrilization stage yet they can’t even imagine what electricity could be used for or the machines they could build using it…

    1. I Think i get his plan
      He will use the lightning rod to become a senior architect and get a lightning Badge by creating the Lightning rod

  1. Thanks for the chapters.

    Looks likes things are gonna get a lot more interesting with his new little suicide squad. However, the people in this novel’s world are really looking to get murdered when they seemingly allow you to bail anyone out of jail regardless of their crime(s) O.o

  2. Lol

    “IF that was the case then when I was born your grandfather wasn’t even a drop of liquid.”

    Dean: I am older than you all!

  3. Prison break is hard way Bail is easg way but you cant forgot he was 13 when he got in prison fuck thats real hardcore to bone

  4. Wait! Shouldn’t these 3 prisoners be without arm or leg. I don’t remember in what chapter… When Dean was in jail he was glad that he was placed in first layer coz of u r good hunter and got prisoned then guards will cut your arm or leg. Something like that

  5. It is a bit interesting, that such high-profile prisoners can be bailed out, esp. considering their past /n.1 or n.3/ If it was me, I would never release them, or just on very strict terms I guess. Like you bail out everyone for 50k? A bit funny.
    The other thing that keeps pestering me is about the reality of novel: how a kid invents one after another things, which they havent been able to in 300 years /the churches may have kept it in secret/ in different fields of physics, yeah the first two are not really major inventions, but pls…, it would certainly attract a lot of questions, but the author doesnt really explains it how it is possible. Anyways it is an interesting novel, reminds me a lot of *the count of monte cristo*, although a little bit irritating how the author keeps telling** that its necessary that Dean plays the game / politics and so on/.

    1. the funny stuff is, the mc who has done jailbreak and was bailed for 10k gold coin, while his jail mate on the same floor and didn’t done any jailbreak need to bailed for 50k gold. and yeah it is skeptical when they put the same price of 50k for the prisoner from the first floor down to the third floor.

      1. who said the guy on the first floor costed 10k, its no specifically said, you’re just guessing because of mc bail.

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