DK – Ch 268

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The Dark King – Chapter 268

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Dudian didn’t care about the noise. He walked towards the deepest cage. Inside there was a fragile old man. He was leaning against the wall. His thick prison uniform was washed spotless, and he was not unkempt like other prisoners. The old man didn’t participate in the laughter and cheering and had quietly leaned against the wall as if isolating himself from the crowd.

Dudian knew that the old man had been looking at him since the moment he had entered the place.

“No. 7, someone is here to bail you out.” The young guard came and stood about two meters away from the cell.

The old man didn’t reply to him but indifferently looked at Dudian: “Do you know me?”

Dudian smiled: “It is our first meeting. My name is Dean. Frankly, my purpose to bail you out is for you to work for me. I need someone with good management ability and experience.”

The old man looked back at Dudian: “You should know that my master didn’t have a good end if you had really investigated my past.”

Dudian smiled: “They were just ordinary mortals.”

“Oh.” The old man’s lips curled as he sneered: “Kid, you seem to be very confident.”

Dudian stared deeply into his eyes: “I have to live up to your expectations.”

“Will you?” The old man slowly stood up and patted the dust off his body, said: “Would you be able to sleep well at night if I work for you?”

Dudian quietly replied: “I will protect you and not suspect you. But I hope that you won’t let me down.”

The old man looked up and down at Dudian as he inspected him: “You aren’t big, but your courage isn’t small. The power behind you should be great so that you can come over to bail me out. I cannot control who you trust. But I can do a thing or two for me to prove my loyalty.”

Dudian smiled: “Come out.”

The old man smiled: “I have something to deal with before I go out.” Afterward, he looked at the young guard with brown hair: “I had said that wait for me as when I come out, I won’t let any of you stay alive.”

The guard shouted in anger: “Do you dare?!”

“My hands are already stained with more blood than there is flowing in your body. Why wouldn’t I dare?” The old man sneered.

The guard’s body overflowed with cold sweat. He took two steps back and looked at Dudian: “H-e-He is a madman. Do you still want to bail him out? You can change your choice.”

Dudian patted his shoulder and said to the old man: “You are a wise man and you should be aware of how a wise man acts.”

The old man looked at him and nodded: “Alright.”

“Are you going to open the door?” Dudian looked at the young guard.

The young guard’s face was pale as he looked at the old man. He bit his teeth as he opened the cell’s door.

The old man indifferently smiled as the guard opened the door. He looked at the young guard and softly said: “Take care.”

The guard’s face was ugly: “You crazy old man! If you dare to break the law and come back, then it won’t be so simple the next time.”

The old man laughed. He came over and stood in front of Dudian as he deeply looked into his eyes. He said: “Was your arm injured? Kid, it seems you are quite a troublemaker.”

Dudian looked at him and didn’t say anything. He turned towards the young guard: “Take me to the bottom layer.”

The guard locked the cage and led them.

The old man saw that Dudian didn’t care much about his existence. After Dudian had turned around, he sneered in ridicule. The old man looked back at Jin and Scar: “You have also bailed out two guys from the first layer. A lot of resources…A lot… Although they are not up to standard but at least can be useful for small jobs.”

Scar and Jin looked at each other. Scar looked back at the old man: “Old man, what do you mean?”

The old man stared into Scar’s eyes: “I didn’t know that IQ of the people from the first floor is this low. Do you need a translation?”

Scar’s face changed as he clenched his fists: “The moment you try to misuse the chance given by Dean then you are a dead man!”

“Is that so?” The old man laughed: “That is what I wanted to say.”

Dudian stopped and looked back at them. He said to the old man: “Do you want to test my tolerance?”

The old man looked back at him: “I just want to make a suggestion or two. You have bailed me out. Don’t you want me to give you advice?”

“I believe you are well aware of and clear about what advice I need.” Dudian indifferently glanced at him. He turned back and continued to walk forward.

The old man’s face changed as there was a flash of coldness deep in his eyes.

Everyone followed behind the brown haired guard. They walked along the steps to the bottom of the prison. After several check-ups, they ultimately reached the bottom level.

Dudian felt that the air at the bottom was much colder in comparison to above sections. The light was weak, and few lamps were in the corridor. It was a ghostly quiet place. The cells were separated from each other by concrete walls.

“Please, this way.” The guard said in a trembling tone. Dudian felt from the guard’s subconscious little moves that he was afraid and full of dread as he was leading the way in front.

This section of the prison was totally different to the second layer. It was extremely quiet. It was so silent that the footsteps of the crowd echoed out.

Dudian looked around the place. Each cell had thick steel cast plates as a door. The pillars were bigger in comparison to the first and second layers of the prison. Dudian saw a face revealed from behind one of the cell doors. The man had an extremely hideous and twisted face. There were lots of scars, and only one of his eyes was working. The man was looking at him.

Dudian suddenly stretched out his tongue.


The man attacked the steel door. The dust burst out of the wall because of the shock from the steel door.

The guard was scared. He pulled out his baton in a hurry and looked at the cell. He was relieved when he saw the iron gate was safe.

The man didn’t speak but stared at them.

The guard felt uncomfortable as the devil stared at him. He turned towards Dudian in a hurry and said: “Mr. Dean let’s continue.”

Dudian nodded and winked at the prisoner. He thought secretly in his heart about the condition of the senior hunters. Even though they have gone through hellish torture in prison but they were still strong enough to show such a reaction.

Dudian couldn’t help but look forward to the two prisoners he was going to bail out.

After a moment, the guard stopped in front of a cell and said: “Number 3, stand up. Someone is here to bail you out!”

The sound of an iron chain being dragged resounded. A person with scattered hair all over his face stood in front of the iron cage. His sharp eyes lit up as he swept over the people. He looked at Dudian, old man, Scar and Jin: “Bail me out? Who?” His voice was husky.

Dudian replied: “My name is Dean. I only ask for loyalty. Would you be able to comply?”

“You?” The man’s eyes lit up as he looked at Dudian: “Alright, I will.”

Dudian smiled: “I hope you will comply with your promise in the future.”

“I will, I promise,” the man replied.


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  1. new characters and they are all interesting, fiece ! I LOVE THIS NOVEL
    please if you take a new novel after this one, take one as dark as this one !

  2. So my predictions was right of what is the meaning of Dark and King lol hahaha though it is an obvious one =d

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