DK – Ch 266

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The Dark King – Chapter 266

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Dudian stepped down along the wooden stairs. He entered the torture room. A young guard was sitting behind the counter and reading a paper book. There were six of seven meters of distance between them, but Dudian was able to see that it belonged to a category of indecent books about love between men and women. He frowned slightly.

The young guard heard the footsteps and folded the book in a hurry. He thought that his colleagues had come, but as he looked up, he saw a strange boy. He stuffed the book into the drawer and took out a whip with a bit of excitement. However, he suddenly found out that there were no handcuffs on Dudian’s body and there were no knights of the magistrate who escorted him.

“Who are you?” The young guard frowned.

Dudian glanced at him: “I’m going to bail out prisoners.”

“Bail out?” Young guard thought about the notice that was posted today. He didn’t expect that the person who was going to bail out the prisoners would be such a young man. He put away the whip and pulled out the keys from his waist: “Follow me.” He thought that the boy might be the person who was sent by the noble family to do the dirty thing in their stead. The guard walked in front and opened the heavy iron gate for the first layer of the prison.

Dudian entered through the door. It was the same pattern, and nothing had changed. It was a familiar corridor which was dimly lit. The smell of urine and human feces was floating around. He looked around and saw many familiar faces.

The young guard walked through the promenade and stood in front of a cage. He used a baton to hit the iron pillar and cried: “23rd there is someone here to bail you out!”

The whole prison felt into a short silence after guard’s words. However, in the next moment, an uproar which burst out to sky echoed out.

“Bail out?!”

“I have seen few times people getting bailed out!”

“Is it actually possible to be bailed out from this place?”

“Lord I beg you! Please bail me out! I’m willing to follow you with loyalty! ”

“Sire, bail me out!”

Some of the prisoners who were a bit more cunning than the others had noticed Dudian. They immediately appealed to him as they used emotional gestures.

Dudian quietly looked, but he didn’t reply. He went to the cell where the guard was standing. His eyes swept over the prisoners sitting inside the cell. He saw the stunned blonde youth sitting with four other prisoners. Apparently, the youth hadn’t expected that someone would come over to bail him out.

“Jin have you already forgotten me?” Dudian smiled.

The blond youth looked at Dudian as he tried to search his memory. But he had never seen such a man before: “Y-ou… Do you know me?”

Dudian replied: “It hasn’t been long that I broke out of the jail. How come you have forgotten about me?”

Prison break?

The blond youth’s pupils shrank as he heard Dudian’s words. He was lost: “Are you D? The one who escaped from the prison?” Dudian was nicknamed ‘D’ in prison.

The prisoners in other cages suddenly turned silent. Everyone was shocked to see the tall and well-dressed youth was the ‘D’ they remember who had escaped from prison.

The young guard standing by them was stunned too. He had spent five years working in the Thorn Flower Prison. He had heard about the kid who had escaped from the prison, but he wasn’t working in the first layer at that time, so he didn’t recognize Dudian. He didn’t think that such a person would appear here again and even stand in front of him!

He has escaped from the prison and now dares to come back?

Moreover, he wants to bail out other prisoners?

The young guard was startled and stood frozen on the spot.

Dudian smiled: “Has there been anyone else who broke out of this jail after me?”

The blonde youth looked at the appearance of Dudian which was lit with weak oil lamps. There was a difference compared to the original skinny youth, but the eyes and lips were the same. Especially the tone and smile were exact. He seized the pillars of the cage in excitement: “Of course not! You are the most ruthless person I have ever seen in this life!”

The people in other cells also reacted.

“D you came back! Bail us out too!”

“D we are old acquaintances! Bail me out too!”

There were at least few in other cells which were begging him.

Dudian slightly raised his hand, and everyone went silent. They looked forward to him and didn’t dare to cause unhappiness.

“This time I can only bail out five prisoners.” Dudian looked calm: “Bailing out a prisoner is not an easy task. I have to ask a noble family to vouch for the prisoners. Also, it costs me fifty thousand gold coins.”

“Fifty thousand gold coins?”

The prisoners in the cells were shocked. The majority of the prisoners except a few haven’t seen tens of thousands of gold coins. The Piggy who was originally a cell mate of Dudian’s was once a wealthy businessman. However, his assets were only close to twenty thousand gold coins. Fifty thousand gold coins for them was an astronomical figure.

“D you will do well in the future …”

“D …”

Some of them still kept begging Dudian. Although they would never be able to come up with that amount of gold coins to repay Dudian but they still kept pleading as they didn’t want to lose hope.

Dudian raised his hand and interrupted the prisoners who kept pleading: “Gentlemen the quota for bail has already been set. Naturally, I will bail you out in the future if I can raise money.”

The young guard’s eyelids twitched as his heart bled. Fifty thousand gold coins to bail one of these garbages!?

Dudian looked at him, and the young guard immediately reacted. He took out the key and opened the cell. He looked at the blonde youth: “Come out! Sire Dean has bailed you out! Show him loyalty.”

The blonde youth went out of the cage. He had heard young guard’s words and couldn’t help but look at the boy in front of him. He clenched his fists as he deeply took a breath: “D, you let me regain my freedom. I know that you have bailed me out not because of my face or past friendship. But you need me, but you can rest assured that I will plead my allegiance to you forever!”

Dudian indifferently replied: “I believe you!”

The blond youth’s head was down.

Dudian turned away and walked through the promenade. The blonde youth followed after him. The young guard quickly locked the cell and caught up with Dudian. He said in a ridiculing tone: “The second one is number 36.” He trotted over a cage and spoke up: “Thirty-six get up. Someone is here to bail you out!”

A tall, burly man sat on a mattress in a dark cell. He looked at the boy who walked and stood in front of the cage. He was shocked the moment he heard the young guard’s words. Blood rushed up into his brain. Although he wanted to request bail from Dudian, but didn’t go for the chance because of his pride. He didn’t expect that he would be one of the five that would be bailed out!


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  1. 50k per person?!!!! WTH!!! Even that life saving medicine costs half that but it costs that much to bail out some trash!? If it was 10k even that would be bullshit ammount but 50k!?

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