DK – Ch 265

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The Dark King – Chapter 265

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Dudian retracted his eyes and followed the guard all the way to the jail’s entrance through the stone road which was covered by lake waters on both sides. Once in a while huge waves would hit the road and water would splash and pour onto the stony road.

It didn’t take long for them to reach the entrance of the prison. The guard approached a guard by the gate and said a few words. Afterward, he handed out the envelope given to him by Dudian. The other one checked the content of the letter and opened the door as he indifferently looked at Dudian.

“Please.” The guard turned back to Dudian and said as he led the way.

The hall at the entrance was as lively as a tavern. Many guards were sitting inside and drinking tea and chatting. The topic of their conversations was about prisoners and women.

The jail guards sitting inside paid attention to Dudian but the excitement in their eyes calmed down the moment they saw that there were no shackles on hands or feet of Dudian. One of the guard’s blinked the moment he saw Dudian. He felt that this cleanly dressed youth was familiar but couldn’t remember where he had seen him.

“Old man there is someone to bail out people.” The guard called out to the man who was sitting at a counter at the back of the hall.

Few guards were playing cards behind the counter. The guards who were playing cards looked back at them. One of them responded the moment he saw Dudian. There was a trace of surprise in his eyes as he said: “The little devil…”

“Black chicken, do you know him?” The guard next to him asked.

Black chicken rubbed his eyes and cried out: “That is the kid who made the jailbreak!”

The guard who had found Dudian to look familiar was stunned. The hall soared up into an uproar.

“No wonder he felt a little familiar!”

“Does he actually dare to come back here?”

“He is dressed like a gentleman so I almost couldn’t recognize him!”

The middle-aged man who was called ‘Mad dog’ reacted the moment he heard the words of others. He put down the cards into his pockets and got up to walk towards Dudian. He stood in front of Dudian and said: “Little devil, are you, Dean?”

Dudian heard his words but didn’t reply. Instead, he suddenly kicked his knee. Bang! Kacha! The knee is the hardest bone in the human body, but after Dudian’s kick it broke as the sound of shattering bones echoed out. Mad dog’s body leaned forward as he threw himself at Dudian.

Dudian lifted his right hand and grabbed the man’s body: “I don’t need a welcome back gift.” Afterward, he threw his body sideways.

The guards who were chatting about Dudian were shocked the moment they saw what had happened. Nobody would think that Dudian would dare to hit a guard in the jail. Moreover, the middle-aged man was not an ordinary guard but the director of the first layer. In prison attacking him was equal to a small level riot.


“You little devil! Do you want to break the law?!”

All the guards stood up and walked towards Dudian.

Dudian’s eyes swept the audience: “It seems that your food is not good.”

“Bastard! Sneak attacking a guard?!”

“You are a dead man!”

“Quickly! Call a knight of the magistrate! Inform them now!”

One of the guards turned away and ran out through the side door. Apparently, he went out to inform the knights.

Dudian smiled and walked towards a nearby table. The three guards standing by the table hurried to walk backward. Their legs tripped, and they fall.

Dudian didn’t even spare a glance at them. Instead, he bent over and grabbed a chair. He patted the dust above it and sat down.

After a few moments sounds of iron, boots echoed as the door was pushed. The guard had come back with a dozen of knights from the magistrate. The guard saw that Dudian was sitting on the chair, he pointed at him: “He is the one! He is the one who attacked a guard and prepared to rob the prison!”

The team of knights looked at Dudian. Afterward, they turned towards the guard who stood up as he trembled. The middle-aged man’s leg was fractured, and he couldn’t even stand properly. The young captain pulled out his sword. The knights behind him pulled out their swords too as they saw their captain act. The sound of dozens of swords scraping their scabbards echoed out. All of the swords were pointed at Dudian who was sitting on the chair.

Dudian smiled: “Why are you acting like this before hearing me out?”

The young captain said in a cold tone: “He didn’t break his own leg, did he?”

Dudian shrugged his shoulders: “Maybe!?”

“Nonsense!” The youth exclaimed: “You have attacked a guard. I advise you to lift your hands so that we can capture you. If you resist then your crime will increase!”

Dudian asked: “You said that I had hurt him but you haven’t personally seen it. You didn’t even ask him. Are you directly convicting me just like that?”

The captain asked the middle-aged man: “Mad god, did he hurt you?”

“He did! It was him!” Mad dog leaned onto the table and moved towards the young captain. After he was far away from Dudian, Mad dog pointed at him and growled: “He is the one! That little devil! He attacked me! Kill him! ”

The young captain stared at Dudian: “Do you have anything to say now?”

Dudian shook his head: “Nothing.”

“Well, give me handcuffs!” The young captain waved his hand.

“I have something to say.” A gentle and dignified voice echoed out from behind the hall. An old man dressed in a suit walked down the stairs. The guards who saw him were surprised and bowed in respect: “Butler…”

Peter didn’t pay attention to the guards on both sides as he went straight towards Dudian. He looked at Mad dog who was standing by the young captain: “Your legs were broken! Why do you falsely accuse Mr. Dean?”

Mad dog was shocked.

The guards were stunned as they looked at each other in surprise.

The young captain was startled too.

Peter’s look implied warning as he turned towards the young captain: “It only a misunderstanding. You can disperse now. Mr. Dean is here to bail people out. How can we accuse him of misconduct?”

The youth looked at Dudian who was smiling. He turned to look at Mad dog. After a moment he bowed: “Yes, sire.” He sheathed his sword back into the scabbard and waved the others to follow him.

After the knights had gone away, Mad dog felt the temperature in the room became chaotic. He looked at Peter: “Butler, this kid obviously…”

“Ha?” Peter looked at him as he cut Mad dog’s words off.

Peter turned towards Dudian. There was a gentle smile on his face: “Mr. Dean, you have become an architect of the ‘Temple of Elements.’ Your every move represents the will of the glorious God of Light. Why would you care about these small characters?”

Peter’s eyes lit up: “Mr. Dean would you let us know which people you would bail out? Should I lead the way?”

“No worries.” Dudian stood and patted his pants: “I remember the way.” He went towards the door at the side of the hall. It was locked with an iron lock. His right hand lightly pulled the lock. This thin iron lock broke down, and the door gently opened.

The guards in the hall looked at Dudian who easily broke the lock of the door. Afterward, they recovered their eyes and looked at Peter.

Mad dog bit his lips: “Butler, this kid is too arrogant. It doesn’t matter that I was hurt and lost face… But… ”

Peter snorted: “Even if we detain him, he will be released by the end of day. However, if he sues you for slandering then you will be locked up then. Who do you think has more power? You or him?”

Mad dog was startled: “Butler, this kid …”

“You are an idiot. Once in a while read a newspaper instead of sticking to playing a game. That way you may rub off the feces in your brain!” Peter’s eyes were cold as he said. Afterward, he turned away and walked upstairs.

The atmosphere in the hall was frozen after the butler Peter departed. Everyone looked at each other when one of the guard’s exclaimed: “I have read about the kid in the recent newspapers! He is Dean who is an intermediate architect in the Temple of Elements! Moreover, he won the ‘epoch’ medal! Oh my god!”


The others were shocked.

Mad god was stunned.

He never liked reading newspapers. Although he would occasionally hear the news from the mouth of other guards but he would never think that both of those names referred to the same person. One of them was a hunter who was imprisoned, and the other one was the architect of ‘Temple of Elements’! The difference was like that of night and day!

There was cold sweat flowing down Mad dog’s spine as he thought about butler Peter’s words. Even the pain from his leg was forgotten. He knew that if they really caught Dudian today, then the only one who would go to jail would be himself.

He remembered the cold and calm look at Dudian’s face. Maybe Dudian really planned to attack him so that he would bring people to arrest Dudian.


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  1. Thanks you sexy mofo, just nit picking here but in first paragraph you have ‘in a while huge ways would hit the road and water would splash and pour onto the stony road.’ shouldn’t it be ‘huge waves?’

  2. Thanks for the mass release!

    PS. Also, it seems Dudian is still, VERY, resentful towards the guards. Which is extremely understandable.

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