DK – Ch 264

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The Dark King – Chapter 264

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Dudian opened the cap of the bottle. He followed the instructions and dripped the liquid on his left arm. He used his right hand to smear the mucus-like liquid evenly over his left arm. The ‘fountain of life’ exuded a smell which was similar to flowers however there was a bit of a very vague smell of blood. Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to detect the blood’s smell. Moreover, there was this little rancid odor. It seemed that those particles were especially scarce. Even for someone like Dudian with an extraordinary sense of smell, it wasn’t easy to feel it.

“The ordinary people would need to apply the liquid directly to their wound. Fountain of life would be absorbed through the skin and will grow the flesh and heal the wound. A bottle of ‘fountain of life’ can be used up to ten times.” Dudian poured out half of the bottle over his whole left arm. He applied a layer over his fingers too. There was a shiny layer over his skin which exuded rich aroma.

Dudian was worried as he looked at his left arm. The ‘fountain of life’ was absorbed and evaporated at speed visible to the eye. However, he wasn’t sure about its effects as his left arm was unconscious.

This was the worst part of his left arm. He didn’t know how much strength he should use so that he doesn’t break his arm. Dudian thought that if he didn’t want to go through such an experience again he had to avoid close combat unless a life and death situation occurred. He would have to specialize in remote archery and perfect his style as soon as possible. Moreover, he had to perfect the control over his left arm even if there was no perception touch or pain.

“Archery… Even if I’m perfect at it but the archery will be mainly used outside the giant wall to hunt. If I’m in a situation where someone wants to take my life through assassination then I have to rely on close combat!” Dudian wasn’t worried about the dangers that he could face on the outside of the giant wall but the hidden ones inside of it. He was going to exercise and strengthen himself as soon as his arm rehabilitated.

Three days later.

“Are the bones completely healed? Is there a possibility that some internal injuries will be left? “Dudian looked at the middle-aged doctor and his fifteen-year-old girl assistant who were standing close to his bed.

The middle-aged doctor was preoccupied with Dudian’s left arm. He replied: “I have checked thoroughly. The cracks have completely healed. Now the problem is that you have to wait until the newly formed bones adapt to your constitution. It is best not to be involved in violent activities for some time.”

Dudian nodded in confirmation. If an ordinary person wanted to confirm the recovery rate of their arm then they would understand through the feeling of pain. However, his perception of his left arm wasn’t working and he could only ask the doctor who had checked his bones through testing. The doctor had cut his arm in few places and checked the bones. Right now some parts of his arm had nothing but stitches.

After some time the operation on Dudian’s arm was finished. The middle-aged doctor put away the bloody gloves and needles back in the box. He erased the sweat on his forehead and looked up at Dudian. He saw that the youth was calmer than himself. Although Dudian’s shouldn’t have felt pain because of the anesthetics but the bloody scene of the surgery should scare the hell out of anyone. He wryly smiled: “Make sure that your left arm doesn’t come in contact with water. If the wounds itch then try to hold back and don’t scratch them. The wound may get infected with another disease. I’ll come regularly to check the situation. However, if there are other abnormalities then you have to immediately notify me.

“Good.” Dudian leaned against the bed.

The middle-aged doctor put back the tools into the medicine box and left the room with his assistant.

The next day.

Dudian’s left hand was bandaged. He came to the Ryan castle and went to the second floor. After the surrounding servants left the room he looked at Old Fulin: “Have the procedures been taken care of?”

“Yes.” Old Fulin took out a pile of envelopes from a drawer and handed them out to Dudian: “All of them are in here. None of them have tried to jailbreak so it was easy to bail them out. Now you have to go and take them out.”

Dudian nodded and reached out to take the stack of letters: “I will go alone. The distance is long so it won’t be convenient for you to travel.”

Old Fulin looked at his hand. “Your arm…”

Dudian smiled. He put the envelopes away and went downstairs. The carriage had long been prepared for his usage. He sat in the carriage and ordered the coachman to drive.

There was a low-lying shelter a bit far away from the border of the commercial district. The periphery of the place was full of thick jungle. After the thick jungle was a lush green grass plain. At the center of the plain, there stood a ten-meter high castle. The castle was surrounded by a spacious blue lake which reflected the silver-gray radiation clouds in the sky.

This was the most notorious prison of the Silvia. Thorn Flower Prison.

On the top of the castle in a spacious office.

The warden Jones and his butler Peter were standing on the balcony observing the plains and jungles outside the lake. Warden Jones whispered: “Do you remember the little devil that escaped from here?”

Peter replied: “I don’t think anyone in this prison will forget him.”

Jones couldn’t see through Peter’s emotions: “Do you remember how long it has been since the jailbreak?”

“Two-quarters…” Peters said: “I have heard that he had joined the New World consortium of Ryan family. Moreover today he is coming over to take five dirty pigs that were bailed out!”

Jones nodded: “In these two-quarters of time Burong family couldn’t get rid of this kid. But he had joined the ‘Temple of Elements’ which is under the Holy Church’s protection. We had made a big mistake when we took the kid into the prison. His strength should be close to an intermediate level hunter or even close to a senior hunter’s.”

Peter was startled but soon understood why Warden Jones said so. Because if the little devil didn’t have such a strength then he should have been the target of an assassination a long time ago.

“Was he just thirteen years old when he entered the prison?” Peter couldn’t help but ask. Although it had been over five years that the little devil entered the jail but he was clear about the records of every criminal who had entered the prison.

Jones nodded in affirmation: “The Burong family shouldn’t have known that a thirteen years old kid would have such a strength. The little devil had camouflaged himself very well. Now, after the baptism of Thorn Flower Prison if he can survive for another ten years then Burong family won’t have a future.”

Peter was surprised: “No, that’s not possible. It doesn’t matter how smart or cunning the little devil is. The Burong family has established itself over various industries for a long time. If he is clever enough then he would reconcile with the Burong family. Otherwise…”

“Reconciliation is impossible.” Jones whispered: “You should be aware better than anyone what the kid has gone through in the prison. If by chance the little devil becomes a senior hunter then the Burong family’s neck would hang by the blade of his sword.”

Peter nodded: “It’s way too hard to become a high-level senior hunter. Moreover, the hunter’s life is very hard to predict. Even a senior hunter’s chance of falling dead outside the giant wall is possible. So speculating at this point is a bit senseless.”

Jones saw that a little black spot appeared outside the plains. He whispered: “Let’s go.”

Dudian removed the curtain and looked around the plains. He recalled the original rainy day as he fled away from the prison. His heart was filled with emotion.

It didn’t take long for the carriage to reach the lake.

“Stop! Please show the proof of your identity!” The guard by the bridge shouted out. If he didn’t saw the flag of the noble family on the carriage then the carriage would have been attacked from the observation tower a long time ago.

Dudian opened the door and got off the carriage. He handed out a letter.

The guard reached out and grabbed the letter. After a moment of reading, he looked at Dudian: “Follow me! Don’t look around as we pass the aisle!” He went straight to the prison.

Dudian saw that a shadow about ten meters long swam across the lake as they passed through the aisle. Even if a senior hunter would be dismembered and face a tragic death if they fell into the lake.

Suddenly, he felt that as if someone was observing him. He looked up and saw two figures standing at the top of the castle. There was an extension which seemed to be a balcony. There was a middle-aged man wearing a black suit. There was a man with white hair behind him.

Dudian guessed that these two should be the warden of the Thorn Flower Prison and his butler.

When he was doing his time in the jail he had heard from prison mates that warden ‘Jones’ had personally killed a senior hunter. He had strong combat ability. Moreover, Warden Jones had connections in the magistrate. As a result of such connections, he was able to suppress the voices that were against such a brutal prison.

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  1. So is he going to start recruting prisoners to become his fighting force? Honestly, it’s a good idea, not a great one, but decently good one.

    He could gather death row inmates, as no other consortium will try to casually recruit them. He gives them a way out, and they are stuck with him, it’s not loyalty, but mutually calculated benefit.

    Thanks for the chapters!

    1. Well dudian really don’t have choice considering how many eyes are on him. Plus unlike the hunters from outside, the inmates has more brutality and fighting experience compare to them.

    2. Well they will certainly be clean atleast. No chance of them being an associate of another consortium and even if they had association with a consortium why would they help someone who abandoned them to die before? Besides they are just bailed and not proven innocent like Dudian. So they don’t have any standing or supporter other than Dudian and Ryan family.

    1. Ikr? They’d be quite loyal I think if he gave them the chance to become a hunter. But then again he needs more high end help atm

  2. Wasn’t there a Scar character in the prison? Was he a hunter? Anyway, great read! Thanks for the chapters. You are awesome 🙂

  3. Now that i think about it what happened to his arm? Wasnt the arm full of frozen scales? I vaguely remember that he dient want to show the arm to the doctor and now the arm is ok ?

    1. He bought a bottle of that magical healing ointment/slime from the church and applied it on his arm. Supposedly it grew back his skin; not exactly sure how it has any effect on his arm that’s constantly at below zero temperatures and covered in a layer of scale like ice crystals (i mean, would the medicinal properties even be able to penetrate into the skin?), but hey, it’s a fictional novel 😛

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