DK – Ch 261

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The Dark King – Chapter 261

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Rosie giggled: “Mr. Dean I took the liberty to come over to mainly greet and congratulate you. You have just joined the Temple but were able to create a top grade four-star item. It is a creation that we at the Scott consortium admire and respect. We were misled by master Celsus’s evaluation and thought that your work is a three-star research. But we didn’t think that master Celsus’s eyes had become old and can’t see the real value. He has underestimated your work.”

Dudian smiled: “I would not dare to say so. Master Celsus didn’t check the research in-depth but took a look and evaluated in less than an hour. Being able to assess the work and giving such an evaluation is the thing that we should admire.”

Rosie looked at him: “Mr. Dean didn’t promise to sell the rights to me earlier which was a wise move. Right now we as Scott consortium have come to a decision to offer you a price of a top grade four-star item for the military crossbow. What do you think?”

Dudian didn’t expect her to give the highest possible price: “But your consortium is going to suffer from this transaction.”

“We are not going to make a loss.” Rosie laughed: “We will just earn a bit less. Moreover, we are showing our sincerity as a consortium. We have cooperated in the past, so we are old acquaintances. A small concession will not hurt us.”

Rosie had natural abilities that made people quite relaxed and feel good just by talking. However, Dudian still hadn’t forgotten about falsification of accounting books by the Scott Consortium. So he wasn’t at ease: “I will think about the offer.”

Rosie was confused: “Are you not satisfied with the offer?”

Dudian slightly shook his head: “I have to discuss it with the old patriarch of the Ryan family. I was previously employed as a hunter by their family. Moreover, they bailed me out from the prison. Although according to the terms of the hunter contract they don’t ask for the right of my research, but I can’t forget the kindness they have shown towards me.”

Rosie had full information about Dudian’s background. She was well aware of the few years of experience he had in prison. After she had heard his argument, she knew that he had told the appropriate thing. For a moment she couldn’t find the right words to speak. After thinking for a bit, she quickly said: “Mr. Dean you should be aware of the financial situation of the Ryan family better than us. Even if you gifted the product to them, they don’t have the ability to produce the product in bulk. Ultimately they would be looking for business partners for cooperation to manufacture the crossbow. I can promise you that if you sell us the right for sales and manufacturing of the crossbow, then we can give a share to Ryan family from the future profits.”

Dudian didn’t think that this girl had so much authority in the consortium that she could promise such a big concession on the spot. He pretended to be pondering the issue and after a moment said: “I don’t want to be rude, but I’ll talk this thing out with Old Fulin and afterward decide the issue.”

Rosie didn’t expect that Dudian would hesitate even after such a condition was presented. Her face slightly changed: “That being the case if the old patriarch agrees to a sale then Mr. Dean, please consider the Scott consortium as the first option. If you have any other needs, then let me know. I can go back to the consortium and make sure that they are satisfied.”

“Thank you,” Dudian replied.

Rosie saw that there was no intention to agree on Dudian’s face. She knew about the matter which could affect their deal, but she wasn’t able to do anything to change the predicament. However, she wasn’t going to throw the towel just like that. Rosie continued: “Mr. Dean, please tell Old Fulin that if he agrees then our consortium is willing to make an alliance with New World consortium.”

Dudian’s eyelids twitched for a moment, but his heartbeat quietened down as he thought through. Alliance was certainly the most powerful form of cooperation that New World consortium needed. But in practice, Scott consortium would not ally themselves with New World consortium on equal rights. If it were going to be an unequal treaty, then the meaning of the ‘alliance’ would lose its purpose greatly.

“I’ll make sure that Old patriarch of the Ryan family is aware of Scott consortium’s intentions,” Dudian answered.

Rosie sighed, but she suddenly thought of something. She whispered: “By the way, I would like to reveal some news to you that I got my hands on. The market in the Pine town is not founded by Mellon consortium but Burong family alone. Its purpose wasn’t to pressure New World consortium, but they are plotting against you. The market in the Pine town would suppress you through economic means, and they intend to find an insider who would get close to the Ryan family. Afterward, their aim is to trap you and make sure that your reputation is damaged.”

“Reputation?” Dudian eyes lightly looked at her.

“As Burong family would use the economic means through the Pine town to pressure on Ryan family some other wealthy family will step up to help the Ryan family. They will get to have a close relationship with Ryan family and you. Afterward, they will design a series of traps for you to fall in. As far as I know you and Burong family’s young Miss Jenny have a history. The purpose of the patriarch Rudolph’s move is not to frame and imprison you but to discredit. He wants his daughter to give up on you completely.”

Dudian silently looked at her: “Scott consortium is quite well-informed. Your intelligence network is top notch!”

Rosie smiled: “We are enemies with the Mellon consortium, so naturally we check their every move. In the future regardless if you are willing to sell us the right for the crossbow I will pass you the information if Burong family tries to frame you or Mellon consortium tries to suppress New World Consortium.”

Dudian looked at Rosie. She was sent to do business in Scott consortium’s stead, and she indeed had a commendable ability. Although he took into account that Scott consortium had falsified books, but her current behavior influenced him too. He was no longer a child. He knew that any goodwill shown to him had to be repaid with kindness. It was the rule of the jungle, and the fittest survived in these conditions. But fittest doesn’t mean the one who got the most benefits on the spot.

“Thank you!” Dudian once again thanked her.

Rosie was about to leave, but she saw the black metal objects at the back of the room. She hesitated: “Mr. Dean, are you creating a new item?”

Dudian saw that she had noticed the lightning rod. He replied: “Yes.”

Rosie surprised: “Those seem to be … metal bars. Are you not from the wood element faction? Are metal elements used your new item?”

Dudian smiled: “You will know when it is out.”

Rosie saw that Dudian wasn’t going to disclose the details: “Mr. Dean, can I book the rights to buy this new item at the price of a three-star item?” However, there was regret in her heart as she uttered the offer. Although Dudian had produced a four-star product but who knew what the new item was? Even the most famous masters would produce one-star or two-star items most of the time. Occasionally their research results would be assessed as three or four-star items. As for the production of a five-star item that is a rare creation a master produced once in a decade.

Dudian shook his head: “The price is too low. If you offer the price of a five-star item, then I promise that Scott consortium will get the product.”

“Uh, oh…” Rosie almost choked. She smiled: “Mr. Dean, you are humorous.”

Dudian shrugged his shoulders.

Rosie bid farewell and left helplessly.

Dudian closed the door and narrowed his eyes as he thought about the information that Rosie had provided. He didn’t expect the purpose of Pine town market was buried so deep. It was possible that it was made up by Rosie after all he couldn’t verify the validity of the information. But the plan seemed like the style of the Burong family. From an objective point of view, he could fully understand the way Rudolph acted. But from his own perspective, he couldn’t tolerate such a move again.

“The Mellon Consortium, the Burong family and the Mel family.” Dudian gently rubbed his fingers as he thought about the issue.

That night

Dudian’s carriage went back to the Ryan family.

Old Fulin asked: “You have refused Rosie. Did you tell her about our assumptions about the false accounting of the revenue of new textile machine?

“No.” Dudian leaned against the chair and rubbed his temple. “There is no meaning to fiddle in the past.”

Old Fulin was relieved: “We have no evidence, and it’s only guesses. Even if we voice out our suspicion, we won’t get compensation. It is pointless.”

Dudian closed his eyes: “What about other consortia?”

“In the afternoon people sent by the military, Green consortium and Huasheng consortium had come over to discuss the rights for your crossbow. The prices and conditions given by them were almost same as with Scott consortium. After the assessment had been made, they didn’t have a choice but to increase the price of their offers. Moreover, I have inquired about the battle that is happening in the border. The barbarians are very active, and your crossbow will come handy in such a situation. Most probably your crossbow got top grade evaluation because it was produced at a time when the war was getting more intensive.”



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  1. when did these barbarians appear from the story? are they humans? do the live inside the walls? is there a map of the walled city?

    1. Barbarians should be those who dont follow the church of light. Whether its inside the walls or outside, I have no idea XD

    2. I know, right? Where the hell did these ‘barbarians’ even come from? lmfao Did they even have a ‘border’? Wasn’t this supposed to be a singular city-state that was within a giant wall/dome?

      1. The giant wall is really a GIANT wall. From what I can get, inside there is a desert, a large city, some towns, farms, and mines. So… the wall is really gigantic.

        1. maybe the wall is like wall in attack on titan, inner wall at the center, then other district at the sorrounding, then inside wall wilderness which you must passthrough to get to some keep,prison, and passage gate

          between giant wall and central city it wilderness where they farm, mine, village, and barbarian

  2. Rosie will regret not getting Dean’s new item deal for the price of 5 stars XD
    The lightning rod is guarantee to be shocking news XD

    Thanks for the translation!

  3. The contrast menu is the best update of all!! I always like to read in black background.

    Does it even storm a lot inside the wall? He should make a hydro-powered generator beside a river/waterfall when he is more famous. That would be one heck of rediscovery.
    Thanks for the update

  4. Thanks.
    I think that giving too much invention to a single consortium might give them too much economical power in the long run, what do you guys think, should he have good relation with a single consortium and anger the others or should he change each time.

  5. The lightning rod os the same as the Machina he First made It is something that Will change the way they think
    And It Will be a 5 star because it needs to be legendary and this means thst It needs to change the concecpts and way of thinking and It Will because It Will introduce eletricity to they

  6. what is lightning rod? is it weapon or things that on building?
    or is it just like tesla coil that emit lightning arc just for show
    then after that he will expand so he can reap more point or gold

  7. “There is no meaning to fiddle in the past.”
    Yes there is. This is a very good bargaining chip. You are in the middle of a negotiation, you can leverage the fact that the other side owes you money and it is very useful to show them that you aren’t dupe, thus need to be taken seriously.
    Rosie was trying to leverage the fact that they had a history of cooperation in the negotiation in order to get a better deal. You should use overturn that argument of hers in order to get a better deal for yourself!

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