DK – Ch 260

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The Dark King – Chapter 260

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


The youth’s face was complex as he said: “It is not a three-star item. The results of the evaluation are surprising as they have concluded it is a top grade four-star item!”

Tiffany’s heart was relieved as she heard the first part. But the second part shocked her.

“Top grade four-star?” Tiffany looked at the youth who was meters away from her. She suspected that she misheard him.

The youth smiled: “Yes it has already spread around. This is the first military item in the last five years to reach the four-star category. Moreover, this crossbow has reached the highest level of craftsmanship and can be used in melee combat.”

“Melee combat?” Tiffany’s brain was in chaos. She remembered the proud youth who was standing opposite to her a few days ago on the stage. Although she couldn’t remember his face but those pair of deep dark eyes she couldn’t forget. They were like two demonic stars that could be seen in cold and gloomy nights.

“Four-star top grade … … close combat crossbow … …” Tiffany whispered.

The news of the military crossbow swept the major consortia and all the castles of the Temple of Elements like a hurricane in just half a day. After all, a top grade four-star product was invented. Although it wasn’t a legendary item that could reform the world but it would promote a large influence in the military sector. It may even create a new strategy.

Moreover, the top grade four-star item was invented by the winner of the ‘epoch’ medal. He was the most prominent newcomer to the Temple of Elements. In a sense, the architect was in no way inferior to the masters who had produced five-star items.

On the slopes of Church Mountain.

A carriage slowly drove through the mountain road.

Five young men dressed in robes assigned to primary architects were walking and eagerly discussing things together. The carriage passed by them. They didn’t recognize the insignia on the carriage or the owner of it.

“Huh?” Dudian’s hearing was good enough to understand what they were talking about: “Four-star top grade?! Crossbow?” The primary architects were walking back from the hall. Dudian expected that the military crossbow would be very practical but didn’t expect that the Temple’s evaluation of the crossbow would be so high!

“Top grade four-star crossbow. Even the senior architects would be facing hardship to produce such a thing. After all, a senior architect would be eligible to upgrade to a master level if they produce two top grade four-star products. But the premise was that both of those products have to be exchanged to points in the Temple.” There was a trace of a smile on Dudian’s face. He was certain that his crossbow was going to achieve an ordinary or top grade three-star assessment. This range was within his expectations. Now it seemed that the value of the crossbow was much higher than his own assessment!

Moreover, in addition to the new type of a textile machine, this was his first official work after joining the Temple. It was enough to suppress all criticism. Although he didn’t care much about the gossip of others, but such valuable products would increase his status too. However stepping so high was not good news for him. Because of this military crossbow, there won’t be a transparent air around him. The consortia would note such a harvest and on the surface would praise and tout him. But there would be knives accompanied through the darkness.

However, everything was within his expectations. He had refused the invitations by the nobility for entertainment and dinner and tirelessly buried himself in his castle to produce the lightning rod.

Dudian ordered the coachman to change the direction. He didn’t continue to go to the Temple’s hall as the place would be overcrowded. There will be a tumult if he gets recognized there. Moreover, he didn’t want to waste time by trying to get out of the limelight.
Dudian went back to the seventh castle where his study room was located. There were six or seven figures standing by the gate of the castle as his carriage closed on. Dudian saw Bernard within the crowd but couldn’t identify the rest. He was slightly stunned but immediately guessed the reason of the visit. He jumped off the carriage and took a few suitcases out of it. He was going into the castle when Bernard and the others recognized him and came over to greet him.

“Dean, Dean!”

“Mr. Dean!”

Bernard took the lead and enthusiastically said: “I came over to help you.” He raised his hand eagerly to take one of the suitcases from Dudian. However, his arm sank the next moment. He was speechless: “What’s inside the suitcase? It’s so heavy! Is it metal?”

The others also caught up with them. There was a tall white skinned woman who was part of the same castle. Her eyes shined as she stood behind everyone and carefully looked at Dudian.

“Let me help you.”

“I will.”

Several young architects enthusiastically came forward to help Dudian.

Dudian was afraid that they would ruin the parts inside the suitcases: “No need! I’ll carry them on my own. Thank you very much.”

The architects stopped as they saw that Dudian was not planning to let them carry the suitcases. They turned to look at Bernard who was struggling to carry a suitcase: “Little B, you seem very tired.”

“Little B is acting.” Another youth laughed.

The blue veins had popped up on Bernard’s arms and neck: “Is that sarcasm?”

The youth smiled at Bernard’s comment. They saw that the atmosphere was warm, so one of them said to Dudian: “Congratulations Dean! You are really worthy of the ‘epoch’ medal! You have created a top grade four-star item! Praise the God of Light!”

Dudian looked at the youth. It seems that it was the first time Dudian was meeting him. He replied in a modest tone: “It was luck.”

“Dean it wasn’t luck. I’ve seen you going to the library every day. Architects invent through the accumulation of knowledge. That was why you were able to create a four-star item!” Another one pretended to correct his words.

Dudian smiled but didn’t say anything.

The others followed them all the way into the castle and praised Dudian’s accomplishment. One of them asked: “Dean did you sell the crossbow to the Temple or a consortium?”

Others watched Dudian in envy as they heard the question. If he sold it to the Temple, then he would immediately become a senior architect! If he sold the rights to the consortium, then it meant a huge amount of wealth!

It had to be noted that most of the architects weren’t from noble origin but from ordinary families. They were selected to the Temple of Elements because of their hard work and knowledge. They would step by step climb the ladder. Moreover, even a noble family would be envious of the wealth that could be acquired from the sales of a four-star item. For them, it meant that their lives would be worry free.

Dudian looked at him: “I’m still considering the options.”

“I suggest to you to sell it to the consortia. As far as I know the Green consortium would be willing to give a good price for the product. If you want I can help you with contacting them. ”

Dudian asked: “Do you have a relationship with the Green consortium?”

The youth saw that the others looked at him with surprise in their eyes. There was a trace of pride in his face as he continued: “My uncle works as a coachman for the Glendon family’s patriarch. The family is under the Green consortium. If my uncle pulls strings then through the Glendon family you could get a good price.”

Bernard laughed: “Why would Dean be worried about getting an offer that he wants when his product is a four-star top grade item?”

The young man’s face reddened: “Of course he would be able to sell, but if there is an acquaintance then the price will certainly be better.”

Dudian saw through the youth, so he replied: “I’ll contact you if I need to.” He brought back the suitcases into the building. Suddenly he saw an old figure coming down the stairs.

Haisong also saw Dudian enter the building. He was a bit surprised to see the crowd surrounding him. There was a bit of embarrassment on his face as he looked at Dudian: “So many boxes! Are you working on a new project?”

Dudian nodded and did not say anything.

“Congratulations … …” Haisong said in a bitter tone as he passed by them.

Dudian smiled. “I was lucky.”

The others observed the dialogue between Haisong and Dudian. They thought it was weird and speculated in their heart, but their facial expressions didn’t change. However, they were eager to know what the matter was about.

Dudian bid farewell to the others and brought the suitcases back to his research room. He shut the door, grabbed the pen and began to draw the design of the lightning rod on paper.

However, as he was preparing the drawing the door once again was knocked on by a guest.

Dudian was able to sense the smell and knew that it was someone who he was familiar with. He opened to see that it was Rosie who he had met a few days ago. She was wearing a black low-cut dress which radiated the mature woman’s charm off from her.

“Mr. Dean.” Rosie’s eyes lit up as she saw Dudian open the door. She earnestly smiled: “It has been a long time. I’ll bother you again.”

Dudian slightly smiled: “You aren’t disturbing.”


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