DK – Ch 258

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The Dark King – Chapter 258

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


The Mellon Consortium, the conference hall.

A dozen figures were sitting across the table. They represented the various upper-class aristocratic families of the consortium. Mark and Rudolph were sitting in the middle. They were the two men who had created their own brilliant strategies and plans and had conquered the business world of the commercial district. Both of them were operating their own business dynasty which commanded many industrial complexes in three regions and thousands of small towns. Even the people in the Meishan orphanage were aware the status of Mel family eight years ago. It was a clear indication of how far-reaching their influence was.
“The convention is happening this time is mainly to discuss the news my assistant has already passed to you. We have acquired news about the new military product, crossbow.” Mark gently leaned against the chair. He was a bit fat but not bloated. There were dignity and pride in each word he had used:” According to the news received from the Temple this divine product has been submitted by master Celsus to the Temple for assessment. The initial knowledge we have about the crossbow is that there is more than a 70 percent possibility the cross would be evaluated as a three-star item!”

“We are aware of this knowledge so I assume Scott consortium and military should have gotten the news too. We must grab the chance to win the rights for production and sales. The recent war with the barbars is getting tight. If we could acquire the crossbow, then we can get miraculous results in the war. The actual benefits acquired from this crossbow should be worth up to a four-star military product!”

“Moreover if this new crossbow can replace the snake crossbow then our consortium will have the upper hand in the future of warfare.” Mark’s fingers gently tapped the table. He smiled and said in an authentic tone: “Snake crossbow was already bought by the Green consortium years ago. However, if the new crossbow really does as it is predicted then we will get the chance to squeeze Green consortium out from this business and get a massive market share.”

Mark looked around at everyone and smiled: “Now, I would like to hear your thoughts. What would be the appropriate price for the product? What is our bottom line?”

A lady with a graceful temperament spoke out: “We are talking about possibilities right now. So if it really overlaps with a three-star item, then I think the minimum price offer should be a three-star evaluation. After all, seventy percent chance is a good pre-evaluation.”

Many nodded in confirmation. Her words made sense.

“I second that.”


“The recent offense by the barbars increases the consumption of military weapons. Although it may not reproduce the results of the snake crossbow from that battle, but I assume the return will be great for any possible outcome. I recommend that we should grade it as a top three-star item.”

“Yes, I agree.”

Everyone voiced out their thoughts and made statements.

One of them asked: “I heard that the young man who has invented the crossbow has a conflict with our consortium. Would he even think about our offer if we go to find him?”

The rest of the people sitting around the table were stunned: “A conflict? What kind of conflict? Why would we have a confrontation with an architect?”

The former man shook his head and looked at Rudolph: “Patriarch of Burong family has more information on this issue than me. I have just heard few rumors.”

The eyes of the audience gathered on Rudolph.

Rudolph glanced at the man then swept around the crowd. He spoke in an indifferent tone: “Years ago this person was a hunter under the banner of our consortium. He had committed quite a few sins including hatred to the nobility. I severely punished him. Afterward, he abandoned our consortium. The kid found and mislead Old Fulin for support but also attempted to revenge out consortium. My opinion is to refuse all kinds of cooperation with him!”

Soon after the speech everyone regained their usual calm and looked at each other. One of them spoke out: “An expression of total despise and disdain for the aristocracy cannot be tolerated. The humble civilian has forgotten his identity. I suggest that all kinds of cooperation not to be taken into account with this person. Moreover, New World consortium should be taken as our enemy and target. Now this person is part of the Temple. If he grows up, then he would be a hidden danger to the consortium in the future. Early eradication of the problem is in the interests of the consortium!”

“Well, I also agree with that.”

“Even if we cooperated with such a rebellious person then he would have inevitable bite back at us in the future.”

There were four or five people who agreed with such a stance.

Mark’s eyes lit up as he looked at these people. His facial expressions were unreadable.

Others looked at each other. There was regret in their eyes as they shook their heads but avoided talking about the plan. Some people have been offended, but the potential business was going to be taken away by other consortia or military. They could raise the price because of the previous conflict… But their side was not planning to compromise so they could only give up on such a tasty piece of cake because of a conflict.

Rudolph slowly got up and said: “The loss of interest happening today is because of the Burong family. Please forgive me.” Afterward, he slightly bowed.

The people who were not decided up to this moment were shocked. Nobody would think that man such a Rudolph would make a public apology. Most of them rushed up to persuade him.

Mark’s eyes narrowed as he quickly stood up and patted Rudolph’s shoulder: “Brother no one blames you for this thing. It is just you have gone too soft. You should have directly executed the kid back then rather than letting him live until now. In short, from now on the New World consortium will be included in ranks of hostile parties. They will be killed in the cradle before they grow up. Paying a price of three-star item is nothing much. Hopefully, master Crowe will come up with new products and our consortium will usher to glory once again!”


“Let’s make sure to pressure them from the economic side. The New World consortium has rented the ‘death passage’. We will see how they will be able to stand up to us! ”

“I have a plan that can be used to wreck them!”

“Oh, go on, let’s listen.”

In the blink of an eye, three days passed.

In the castle by the river.

Dark red curtains covered the light trying to pass through the window. The breeze would fluctuate the curtains one in a while, and a white shadow could be seen from the gap. That shadow was Dudian. He looked around the middle of the room where the tall mechanical assembly was placed. He inspected it from all angles so that nothing would be left out. He had integrated all parts of the lightning rod. The only drawback was that the wires were not long enough. It was only enough for a three-story castle.

“The cost of the plastic materials have to be taken into the account in the future when the lightning rod is mass produced …” Dudian murmured. He checked the parts once more to confirm the rod. Then, he dismantled them and packed them into a few suitcases. Afterward, he came towards the window and opened the curtain. The sun rays spilled onto his body.

“It has been three days.” Dudian looked at the sky. “It is rare to see such a good weather in the sky. The Temple assessment should be out. What kind of evaluation have they given?”

He pulled the window and closed it. He turned and lifted the suitcases and went downstairs. He was only one person in the entire castle. That’s why it was dark most of the time, and the castle had a gloomy atmosphere. He wasn’t afraid though since as a person of scientific background he didn’t believe in spirits and ghosts.
Dudian put all the suitcases into the carriage and went to the Church Mountain.



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  1. Wait? Why are you saying that releasing 3 chapters are “I’m in holidays” kind of type? That’s your normal speed, and a fast one at that.

    You just had 2 mass releases followed back to back, is it okay to have another one so soon?

    Thanks for the chapters!

  2. So….. how many chapters until we finally learn the evaluation?
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    Thanks for the translation!

  3. I don’t know why but I feel that’ you said you’d grow old with me ‘describes Dean’s situation. Whatever, thanks for the chapter.
    Ah and for those who are wondering, its a song. Although I only know the nightcore version =p

  4. Uhh why even build a lightning rod? What’s even the point of such a thing? Why not build a simple coal/log steam engine to generate electricity instead? It would be too hard to use lightning as a reliable source of energy. Rather can he even downgrade the voltage and store the energy from a lightning with the current materials he has? But steam engine isn’t that hard to make. You just need to make a quality boiler. Even if you don’t make it quality just burry it in the ground so it can take the pressure.

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